Makes my fitbit look like jewelry and very comfortable too?.

Just received it couple of hours ago & already got so many compliments, very to put on.

Although i love my fitbit, i like neither the look nor the feel of the default band. The fitibit bangle band was appealing, but a set size and exorbitant price. I love that this band is resizable: i make it larger for work and when i need some breathing room on my wrist, and smaller to accurately track heartrate while exercising. I have had it a couple months now and the color doesn’t seem to be chipping or peeling, despite my wearing it every day and not treating it very well. When it arrived the ‘tooth’ to clasp the band together was weak, and it opened and fell off my wrist a couple times, but just a small alteration with some pliers fixed that issue. Overall very happy with this.

I bought the silver band (not mesh). This band was easy to open and put on my alta. It looks so pretty and stays shiny through wearing it for a few weeks. I had to have my husband help me take it off the first time. I took the band off of the alta and snapped and unsnapped it several times while it was not on the alta. ) now i just pry up the ‘buckle’ with my thumbnail or two fingernails.

I originally ordered the solid silver band in a small and it was way too big. So i was going to return it or exchange it and the seller told me to keep it (give it to a friend maybe) and asked me which one i wanted for a replacement at no charge. I thought this was a amazing of the seller to offer that. I got the silver mesh band and absolutely love it and have received many compliments on it and the fit is great and classy.Well worth it, thank you again seller.

Love this band because it looks more like a bracelet, and so much nicer than the rubber sport band it came with (which i replaced immediately) this is the second one i’ve ordered. The only down-side is that the metal on the inside becomes corroded after time when in constant contact with skin especially during the summer heat, which is why i replaced the first one after several years of wear and gave it 4 stars instead of 5. As far as looks go, i couldn’t ask for a classier band for my fitbit.

I purchased this band to class up my fitbit alta, and so far i like it quite a bit. Compared to the fitbit brand metal band, this third party version is significantly cheaper. I ordered the small, the same size i originally ordered with my fitbit and it fits perfectly. With the bangle design (currently listed as design #1), you can’t resize the band. Be sure to take good measurements so you can avoid excess band sticking out. My only complaint is that i found that it didn’t clip in as well as the fitbit original plastic bands. With the metal bangle, i had to hold down the clips and slide the alta pebble on (rather than just slide on like you would with the fitbit band). Grind a bit, like the fit is very tight. I’ve changed out the bands several times now though and it doesn’t seem to be a problem, just a bit of a nuisance.

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Comments from buyers

“Excellent band & Price
, Love it!!
, Worked out well

Fit is perfect and it looks really nice.

This item worked out better than i thought it would. I ordered this item to be worn mainly around the house and i’m always busy cleaning, washing, etc. It is a smooth bracelet and i didn’t really think about how it may show scratches once i start wearing it. It has held up great and i’ve been wearing it for weeks and so far i don’t notice any scratches. It’s actually a great buy for the price. I just like the alta to look more like a bracelet or watch then the black original band. I purchased quite a few of the ‘silver’ looking bands and they have all been great buys. Fyi when i first wore this bracelet the clip was really difficult to undo at first. After wearing it a day or two and practicing with clip it became no problem.

Nice looking band but i haven’t worn it because when i tried it i had a hard time getting it off. I finally had to unattached it from the fitbit to remove it.

This is the perfect accessory for my fitbit alta. The band is professional looking and great quality. It is the best for small wrists, too. I always get compliments when i wear this band. Most people don’t even know it’s for the fitbit because it looks like a great quality watch or bracelet.

I bought this to wear to work as an upgrade to the regular silicone band. This fits great and feels good on my wrist during the day while typing. I have a fairly small wrist and fit about halfway through the notches on each band. I get a ton of compliments on it too.My only complaint is that the band is more easily undone but it’s never been a problem where i’ve lost it. I am feel it come undone and fix it right away. This has happened maybe a handful of times since purchasing it a few months ago. It would not deter me from buying it again.

I love the looks of the band. It is sooo much easier for me to get on than the ones that came with the fitbit. I would work for 10-15 minutes trying to get the original one on and then sometimes give up.

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It took awhile for delivery but it was worth the wait. I like the ability to dress up or down my alta depending on the occasion.

I wanted a metal band to dress up my fitbit alta. The one that was listed through fitbit was $99 and it has proven difficult to get. I found this one on amazon and i love it. It took a while to receive as it was shipped from china, but so worth the wait. It is elegant and comfortable to wear. Because it has the buckle design it is adjustable, which is an added benefit. The price was right as well. I’m very, very happy with this purchase.

Difficult to put on and take off the alta tracker. Maybe it will loosen up with time. Also, the rigid band isn’t the most comfortable. I prefer a similar one i purchased that has a link band that makes it more flexible.

This band is very pretty and doesn’t scratch up easily, but it’s not comfortable to sleep in (for sleep tracking purposes) and after wearing it for a couple weeks the clasp became loose and it fell off a couple times so i took it off in fear of losing the whole fit bit.

I bought this replacement one for the original i bought awhile back. I got myself a new fitbit and gave this one to my daughter, she loves this band and is very pleased. I would definitely buy this again, it is a bit hard to unclasp in the beginning, but that is just the newness of it, but after a couple wears, it becomes easier to unclasp. I like the look of it, not too flashy, but can be dressy or casual.

I like that it can be worn with dressier outfits as well as casual. It makes the fitbit look much classier. I did not find it bulky or too heavy. I purchased this because i was tired of the original fitbit bands popping off. This band keeps your watch on securely. Though a little tough i get open the first few times it seemed to become easier the more i use it. I ordered this on my husbands prime membership. Review directed toward women.

I love the look of this band but it caused a rash on my wrist after a few months that i could not clear up while continuing to wear it. Sadly i have to find another band. If you don’t have any problems with metal allergies this would be a great band.

The band is as pretty as expected, however it does seem to scuff faster than i had hoped, and i have had it pop open on me a couple of times. Luckily i noticed it each time but could be designed a little better.

This band is very stylish and clamps securely to lock onto the wrist; when doing so i’for fitbit alta hr ,creategreat replacement accessory bracelet band strap for fibit alta/fitbit alta band/fitbit alta bandsve never been pinched. A tip- practice taking the band off and on to get used to the angles at which you need to hit in order to get the clamp to lock. Make sure you hear and feel the click. There are two clicking sounds and you will learn that only one securely locks it. Once you get it down, this band is 10/10. I own this in rose gold as well, which i even repurchased after 8 months. I wear this band everywhere and every night to bed (except to the gym of course). This band is extremely durable and securely locked- i can back this up because, well, let’s just say i’m young, enjoy the social scene and never have to worry about waking up without the band on my wrist. However, this will not make it out of a mosh pit- no band is made to tolerate that.

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I love how secure the latch is to adjust the sizing and the way the alta itself attaches. My last band broke and i love the sleek look of this. It had the resemblance of a watch but still has the elegance of a bangle.

I have a few replacement bands for my fitbit alta. I’ve had other metal type bands, but this bracelet type band is my favorite so far. It is a very solid bracelet and feels a bit heavy after being used to lightweight rubber type bands. It installed easily and adjusts easily. I don’t write many reviews and have to really love an item to give it 5 stars.

Very cheaply made, but it was inexpensive so i didn’t expect super high quality. I will only be using it for times when my normal purple band won’t be dressy enough though because for some reason when i have this band on, my alta can’t pick up my heartbeat. I think the solid band keeps it pushed off my wrist just enough for no contact to be made.

After a few weeks, it irritated my wrist. I have a nickel allergy so i alternate between different bands. . Even when i was in a pricey jewelry store recently.

I purchased this for a dressier version. It fit nice and was easy to use. I gave it 4 stars because it felt a little bulky but after wearing the rubber one for a year i suppose it was just a change.

I have small wrists and was a little concerned when ordering that it wouldn’t fit well. So far i’ve had no problems with the buckle. And it doesn’t feel super bulky either or cheap.

It is lightweight and comfortable. Gives that bangle look i was looking for and the watchband style clasp is very cool. I had another bangle style band that was too heavy and too large.