Little hard to put in at first but it stretched out a little over time. I’ve never had my gotcha fall off of it.

Beware that the cutout that the actual gotcha goes in in this wristband is slightly larger that the cutout in the original white band that comes with the gotcha. I have already lost one gotcha using this aftermarket wristband and have not used this wristband since. I have used the one that comes with gotcha and have had no problems. I loved the color though, but it’s pretty much useless to me now.

The bands fit my gotcha perfectly. All the colors are great, and a free band with a floral pattern was even included. Very happy with my purchase.

Fits nicely on my datel gotcha.

I loved getting this band to use for the pokemon go-tchasimple, works, and sleek.

It works for my go-tcha device :)i tried to make it pop out while i was wearing the band, and succeded a couple of times, but only with the use of rather extreme force. So as long as you are careful enough, it doesn’t pop out. What i mean is if you’re, let’s say, wresteling with a todler, it will come out, but not if you’re out walking in the park.

The the pokémon go-tcha device perfectly. The original band is looser and has the possibility of the device popping out or being snagged. This replacement band feels more secure. The band is also slightly larger so it doesn’t feel as tight or like i’m wearing a kid’s watch.

My husband has been using this for the pokemon go gotcha and it fits perfectly. He likes the black color a lot better than the original one. It has not fallen out at all and he’s been wearing it for about 2 months.

  • but it works fine. The OEM band was starting to tear a
  • Perfect for Go-Tcha
  • Fits device very snug and secure

CUMILO HONECUMI XiaoMI Band Colorful Replacement Wristbands for XiaoMi(No Tracker)

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 100% high quality and new replacement band for XiaoMi ONLY
  • The size can be adjusted according to the circumstance of individual wrist
  • Choose different color to change mood in daily life
  • Perfect replacement for lost or damaged band

I went ahead and ordered the big pack and i have no regrets. All of the bands are bright and comfortable, will be going through all the colors.

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This is an acceptable replacement band. It is not made by xiaomi, and the material is slightly different from the original, but it works for the purpose and after a few weeks of wearing it, it doesn’t seem to be bothering my skin at all.

Works very good for the pokemon go gotcha. Cheap, and has many colors to chose from. Better quality than the actual gotcha bracelet and lest overtly obvious that you’re wearing one.

Fits great and quality seems top-notch. Couldn’t stand the go-tcha’s default colors. Had this fall out twice ever, but it was because i put the band under extreme stress. Only reason it didn’t get 5 stars, but again: only under extreme stress.

Turns gotcha into something that looks like a fitbit, rather than a 10 year old girls bracelet. When people ask if my fitbit counts my steps, i say ‘yes, and it hatches eggs’.

I ordered a four pack of xiao mi band 1 that are black/grey with silver or grey designs. They fit my pokémon gotcha perfectly. My boyfriend and i have been using them daily for about a month and they are holding up well. The gotcha is secure in the band; his fits more securely than the original white band with red and black spots. I am so glad i finally ordered these bands as i find them so much prettier than the original.

These fit really well for the gotcha. The knockoff version of the go plus fits quite nicely inside. The overall look and feel of the bands are great. They certainly look better than the obnoxious design from the stock band. The best part about these, is the fact that they become discreet. They aren’t as flashy as the stock band and draw less attention.

I cant really give a perfect review because i bought the item for a pokemon gotcha. The only reason i did was because amazon suggested it based off of other buyers trends. It does not fit the gotcha better then its normal band it comes with. The locking portion does release a little to easy for my comfort. I just carry it so not to loss it. Overall the only reason to get this for the gotcha is to have a black non distinguishing item. I really don’t want my fellow pokemoners to see i wussied out and bought a gotcha.

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Replaces the colorful wristband included with the gotcha. All black wristband looks like a fitbit on your wrist instead.

I have it on when i ride my bike and go to the park with my kids. Definitely a must buy for the gotcha pokemon go.

I would buy these again perfect for gotcha fits way better than ones that came with it. I lost gotcha with wrist bands that came with it. So i bought these way better.

I love the coloration of these. It is way more adult than the pokemon gotcha default bracelet. But the material seems to be weaker. The device in the pokemon gotcha is a repurposed fitness device just with a different os. These bracelets get a little weak after many uses and the tracker/gotcha can pop out if you aren’t careful. But they do look better at work than the kiddie colored bracelet. These are pretty cheap though, so when they wear out, i’ll just throw them away.

These are perfect for using with a gotcha. They hold the device snugly so there’s little to no chance of losing it. (i know of 2 people personally that have lost their gotcha.Devices because they fell out of the bands that came with them – only one was able to find hers afterwards.

I bought this band as a replacement for my codejunkies got-cha device for pokemon go. The fit seems a little tight, but it works fine. The oem band was starting to tear a little, and i like the variety of colors you can get. I’ll be buying more for sure.

I just received these today, so i will update my review if there are any issues as far as coming off or anything like that. I am super happy with the quality of these replacement bands. They are soft and flexible, so it’s not hard getting my gotcha into it like others i have tried. Some others that i purchased from different sellers feel too stiff, you can feel secure that your gotcha won’t fall out but it feels like i am damaging the sensitivity of the device trying to shove them in there. These bands do not feel that way. It was easy to get in and has an adequate “lip” that seals around the gotcha so it feels secure. The snap button is a nice shiny silver and feels like it snaps into place nicely to give enough security. I ordered a multi set of grey/black toned bands because i wasn’t seeing a pattern that i liked anywhere, and surprisingly i received an extra colorful band for free (which i happen to really like) it is the one pictured.

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These are a perfect fit for my datel go-tcha device for pokemon go. It actually holds it in better than the band that came with it.

I actually bought this for an xiaomi mi band 1. My og mi band device is still doing great, i just needed a new band. I was looking for something as close to what was included with the original mi band as possible, and so far this seems great. The device fits perfectly, and sits very snugly in the hole. The material seems a bit more flexible than the oem strap. (which is nice)i just got it, so i can’t speak to longevity. But it seems very well made, and was exactly as described.

Bought this to replace the gogotcha band. It definitely made it look and feel better.

These bands perfectly fit a pokemon got-cha. A simple and easy replacement to make the device a little less noticeable and a bit more fashionable. Easy to install, they fit to the same standards as the factory original, but look much better.

I see the most common issues with aftermarket bracelets for the gotcha are the unit continuously comes out. Not the case with this bracelet.

I bought these wristbands to fit the go-tcha device that pairs with pokemon go and they fit perfectly. I dont feel worried about it popping out of these wristbands. If anything, they fit my go-tcha so snug that im afraid to break the device when i pop out the device to charge it.

Bought this set for my husband, who only wears shades of grey/black for some unknown reason (even in summer. In texas), to use with his go-tcha. These fit very snuggly around the device and are definitely a lot better suited for use in the office than the brightly colored strap the go-tcha came with. Even came with a bonus colorful strap, which i took to use with my own go-tcha.

Works perfectly with the pokemon gotcha device. It is very comfortable and is adjustable to a number of sizes to fit varying wrist sizes.