Works nicely with my phone, supported app and nike run app. Delivered earlier than proposed window.

Could not find an accurate hr watch for running. I am looking to run intervals with heart rate targets, and this monitor was just what i was looking for. Fast and accurate, user-friendly. Only complaint is that the strap is a bit small – i’m 6’1” 250lbs and somewhat barrel chested, so wearing this was a bit of a squeeze.

My husband uses this for cycling. It paired right up to iphone, and the seller sent very detailed instructions on how to set it up, which i thought was very cool. He says it works really well, and he’s very happy with the purchase.

It was ’93 when technology started getting ahead of what i could comprehend. And the gap has continued to widen. So it was no real surprise that i could not get my dash heart-monitor to connect to my iphone. On their amazon page dash said they would help, so i called them. A nice man named josh answered and walked me through making the connection. Technology can be difficult for me, even with help. And josh was patient and polite through the process, allowing me all the time i needed to absorb his direction (he even helped me download the wahoo fitness app–i used it because dash had written somewhere that it is pretty simple to use). The dash heart-monitor is very accurate (i have compared its readings with two high-end blood pressure readers that include heart rate). I ride a bike (1,400 miles since late april), and the monitor has let me see just how effective are my two different ride routines. Basically, ten miles over rolling terrain, or high-intensity interval exercises (forty versus twenty minutes).

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Works perfect with wahoo’s “runfit” app.

This heart monitor is awesome only 2 days of use very accurate.

Shows your heart rate and gives you a better way of measuring output.

Pairs great with the apple watch. Very pleased with the purchase and i highly recommend.

  • Accurate Heart Monitor, Excellent Technical Support,
  • Great option, easy to use, once you figure it out!
  • Wicked Awesome

Dash Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap & Health Sensor for iPhone. Tracks HR Zones & Calories Burned – Perfect for Running, Cycling & Fitness Activity

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • ★ FOR IPHONE & ANDROID. THE BEST WAY TO TRACK YOUR RESULTS: Stop Guessing What Your Training Intensity Should Be. Our Heart Rate Monitors Provide Real Time Analysis of Your Heart Rate and Calories Burned During Exercise.
  • ★ TRAIN SMARTER NOT HARDER: Train Like a Pro by Knowing When To Push Your Heart Rate Zone Harder and When to Back Off. Experience Results Faster and Prevent Overtraining or Injury with a Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap.
  • ★ CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE COMPATIBLE APP: Heart Rate Monitor Strap Bluetooth Connection Allows You to Track Workouts on Your IPhone or IPad Using Apps Such a Wahoo RunFit, Polar Beat, Endomondo, Runtastic, Sports Tracker, MapMyRide. Works with iPhone. *Wahoo RunFit App Most Recommended.
  • ★ NO HASSLE CONNECTION & COMFORT: Long Battery Life, Easy Strap Clip and Reliable Syncing Connection to Your Smart Device is Essential. Feel Better Knowing You Can Focus on Your Workout Versus Solving Strap or Connectivity Problems. Fits All Small To Large Body Types and Designed Not to Become Loose During Rigorous Exercise Like Interval Running.
  • ★ 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE & COMMUNITY SUPPORT: We Are Passionate About Helping People and Guarantee Our Heart Monitors to Support Your Next Workout. If You Are Not Fully Satisfied with Your Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap We Will Refund Your Investment! If You Have Training Questions or Concerns We Also Would Love to Hear From You.
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Although this is relatively old technology, it is still the best way for monitoring your heart rate when exercising. I have atrial fibrillation in the form of an irregular heart beat. Exercise wrist monitors have trouble getting an accurate heart beat. Having the dash sensors right over the heart is by far the most accurate for my condition. Pairing with the wahoo run/fit app on my ipad provides an excellent monitor that i place on the exercise machine that i am using. Did i mention that i am 84 years old.

Has worked perfectly with the wahoo app so far, first set of batteries lasted over 20 hours of use (maybe a lot more than that, i didn’t track it all that well). Has lasted through hour-long boxing workouts, running, elliptical, cardio, long walks.

Once i realized that the way to connect/power the monitor on was to physically put it on, i’ve loved it since. The directions didn’t specify, and maybe that makes me seem dumb, but a little blurb that said “to “power on” simply place the monitor on your body” would’ve saved me a lot of frustrationnow that i’ve realized this, the monitor is great. I do wish there was an option on the app to just choose strength training with no guided workout. I do my own strength training program but can’t i really track my heart rate during my workout unless i choose cardio. Otherwise, the app is really easy and i love that it keeps my results stored. Overall, i would recommend this monitor for anyone looking for a less expensive option.

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This is an accurate and easy to use heart rate monitor. I am not a tech savvy person but the monitor is everything i need. I use it mainly for making sure i am in a heart rate zone that gives me a beneficial workout. The recommended software has many workout options and saves them for my reference. I have to swipe the contacts with a little water on my finger tips in order for the monitor to get an initial reading when starting a workout.

Really enjoyed communicating with the seller, intelligent health – they were great setting me up and they went above and beyond with some of my personal training needs. These guys and gals do a great job relating their products to what i actually need it for – getting health and training results. The heart rate monitor itself fits perfectly, connected super fast to my smartphone apps and gives me the heart rate information i need instantly at the start of my workouts. This heart rate strap is great value for the price when compared to other brand names heart rate monitor straps like polar that i used to use. Overall, 1)great price, 2)easy connection and 3)free personal training advice.

I used to have a similar strap that connected to a wrist band. I never wear watches so the band bugged me. It finally died so i ordered this one. I love that it connects to my phone. Heart rate/calorie trackers are the perfect motivation for me. I totally push myself more when i use them. They are also way more reliable and accurate than the stupid ones on treadmills.My treadmill just said i burned 200 calories while my monitor said 507.