Pro:it really did came in the next day, so they wasn’t lieing about that. It auto catch pokemon and spins poke stops. It was catching pokemon that wasn’t even on my screen. I recommend this product for the people that want to play pokemon go but also has a life and friends and family lol. And yes it counts your steps meaning your eggs will hatch very fast. I love that i can be on ig or a phone call and its still spinning poke-stop and catching pokemon. I have kids so i can play with my kids and still play the game.

I purchased a second gotcha in early october of 2017 and received a gotcha with a white band. Not the speckled band that is shown in all promotional images of this device. It also did not fit its charger, and so would not charge. Another lady in my town experienced the same issue with the white band version. I returned the white banded gotcha and reordered from a different listing here on amazon. This time i received the speckled band version and it does fit its charger. So be sure you check the product as soon as you receive it to make sure you don’t get the lower quality iteration of the gotcha. I still highly recommend this item over the go+. Original review: i have been pretty happy with this device so far, i will update this review if it dies for some reason.

Ordered mine directly from the manufacturer just arrived to day. This thing is smaller than it looks i was actually kind of shocked so im uploading a picture of it next to my origional go plus. As a level 39 player i use the original go+ over 40 hours a week at my job i work on top of a cluster spawn 7+ pkmn pop up at a time needless to say i’m pushing the button nonstop. When i saw that the go-tcha had an auto catch feature i ordered it immediately. When you first pair the go-tcha is acts just like a normal go+ its actually called ‘pokemon go plus’ in the bluetooth menu. If it means anything i have a galaxy s7 edge and it connected instantly no fooling around with discovery mode it just worked the first time. Loaded up the game and after ejecting the old go+ i connected the new one once again with out issues. For a test run i drove down main street in my small town and. Well, it felt like i was cheating. =) as long as you stay under the speed limit and the pokemon stays in your range you can quite literally ‘vacuum up’ poke stops and pokemon as you drive along.

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Setting this thing up is difficult. I’ll try to explain what we had to do to get ours working. My wife has an iphone6+ and i have an android. The setup is the same for either. We had one defective charging cable and at least one other reviewer experienced the same thing. I recommend plugging it in for a good 30 seconds. Then try lightly tapping the red circle on the front. If you get a battery charging screen, you’re in business. Now let it charge for an hour. Now it’s time to turn your phone’s bluetooth on. Because you simply won’t be able to. Select/click your pokeball >select/click ‘settings’ >select/click ‘pokemon go plus’ >scroll down to ‘available devices’. On your go-tcha >lightly press the red circle/button (you should see ‘go-tcha’ flash across the screen.

This would get 5 stars, but as you can see from other reviews, it can be a frustrating out of the box experience. I thought mine had a bad battery when i received it. When i went to charge it for that initial hour, it would not hold a charge. The go-tcha would light up happily, pair, and then die. I was so annoyed since i bought this after losing my go+ ability to work after upgrading my iphone to ios11. But wanted something that worked asap since the equinox event was about to start. Everything i read said that the go-tcha works fine with ios11. . You bought one and find that it doesnt charge??. It’s the ridiculous charger cable. I ended up getting pliers and gently pulling the plastic down and away at the bottom near the two prongs.

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Key specs for DATEL Pokemon Go Gotcha Wrist Band for Iphone/Android:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Play Pokémon Go on the move without looking at your smartphone, simply run the app on your phone in the background and tap the Go-tcha screen when it alerts you to Pokémon and PokéStops.
  • Go-tcha provides on-screen animated alerts and vibration feedback when Pokémon and PokéStops are near or caught and items collected.
  • Select ‘auto-catch’ and you don’t even need to respond – Go-tcha will catch Pokémon and collect PokéStop items for you.
  • With it’s rechargeable battery simply connect the display unit to a power source with the USB cable provided and download the Go-tcha User Guide which tells you how to connect your Go-tcha.
  • Features Catch Gen I, II and III Pokémon, Collect Pokéstop items like Pokéballs, lucky eggs and lures, Auto-catch’ mode, Touch screen OLED display, Animated graphics, Vibration feedback

Comments from buyers

“I feel like I’m cheating! =D
, The instructions for this thing are horrendous
, Happy with it so far, beware of the white band version

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