I got the light pink one and it fits like a large, so i just wear it on the 2nd to tightest hole. Buckle matches my rose gold fitbit great. Two bands hold the flap down great. I’m an aerobics instructor and wear it in class, works great.

I am pretty pleased with this band because it is a soft material and nice design. I gave it only 4 stars because 2 things about it bothered me. First, the rose gold is shiney and not matte like the fitbit tracker. Second, it is almost impossible to get the bands off once they are put on, which is super frustrating. I wear a size small in the fitbit bands and this one is a tad bit longer than a small but still fits perfectly. Overall, a good band for the price.

I just received my black fitbit charge 2 straps today and i love them. Hey feel great (not too stiff) and they clipped on perfectly. The rose gold matches really well. Please note- this strap is larger than the typical fitbit small straps, but even so mine fits well.

Easy to put on and it’s lasted a long time. This is my second time purchasing it. I bought one two years ago and it is just now starting to fade enough to where i want to buy a new one.

I like the look and the fit. The band feel softer, a little more comfortable and more flexible than the original band (to me). There are plenty of notches on the band for various sizes. I have a small wrist so i wear it on the 3rd and 4th to last notch for a more comfortable fit.

The band is ok for an aftermarket replacement. The problem with all aftermarket replacement is that they dont have the smallest detail down; the original fitbit band all have a single band slot and there is a nub there to keep the band secure and to prevent from the band coming off and there is reason for that. They do come off and it is quite annoying but for $7, you cant go wrong and provide you with a lot of options when you wanted to change band as often as you like. I brought the palm, light grey and a leather one. The material looks like the price, a bit silicon looking for my taste though.

  • Super cute! Works great
  • Works for me
  • Get it lol 😃

Just what i was looking for and half the cost. These bands are a bit more flexible and easy to change out.

This band feels so good and snapped in perfectly. Love the gold buckle cause its shinier than the original. Y’all don’t hesitate to buy this you’ll love it.:)) i like the black color too it’s more of a matte finish and a nice tone of black. Love my black and gold band.

I have a medium size wrist but the small fitbit band fits me perfectly this band is very large with a lot of extra band hanging off. I can make it work but i’m not a huge fan. Someone with a larger wrist would really benefit. The color and style was exactly what i was expecting.

As a fitbit band, this worked just fine. It attached to the fitbit, latched, all that good stuff. But the color is not true to the photo – when it arrived, it was an organe-y red, not a cherry red.

I have a fitbit charge 2 in a size small – this doesn’t get close enough to the same sizing of the original fitbit strap. Though the hardware is rose gold, it is a little shinier than the original fitbit strap, so it looks a bit tacky.

I’m seeing some spots that look faded. ? other than that, i really like it & i love the rose gold buckle.

I just want to clarify that the add says that you will be receiving 2 bands – there are two pieces but it is one complete band set. You get one set of bands to be able to wear your fit bit device. The size is not the same as the fitbit brand, but it is similar. It runs a bit smaller than the fitbit large size. However, the color is the same and it still fits well. You do receive 2 of the sliders that the band slides into to keep band from flipping around. I just put it on this morning and it seems to work fine. One of the things that it doesn’t have is a hook on the plastic wrist band clasp that holds the end of the band. The fitbit one has a hook that fits into the holes where the bank hooks that keeps it in place.

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*edited* 5/31/18 two months later the shiny gold buckle broke. Not sure if it’s the quality or if it was me since i have it on all the time. I ended up trying a different brand that i am so pleased with from the fit for small wrists, the matte buckle, and to the band securely staying in place as there is a knob to hold the strap in place in the loop. *needed a replacement band for my lavender rosegold band as it keep falling apart and off my wrist. The price of this product is awesome and lavender color is on point with original fitbit hr 2 band. The gold latch is shiny gold unlike the original fitbit band which was matte gold. I prefer the matte gold, but can’t really complain about the price and quality. I wear a small fitbit hr 2 using the 1st or 2nd hole so my wrist is really small. I was nervous about the fit for this since it was one size.

The strap is bigger than the original one. It looks bigger and it is long (the tail of it does stick out and i may end up cutting it); however, i have a pretty small wrist and i can use the first or second hole and it fits fine. The clasp is not the exact same color as the fitbit; it is slightly pinker. This doesn’t really bother me but other people may have an issue with it.

This is the perfect color match for my fitbit charge 2 in rose gold. It makes it look cute and girly. Fits like a large so on my small wrist it has a lot of extra but not bad.

So what stood out for my wife on this one was the secured snap of the item when connected to the fitbit. The rubber band itself was soft and playable. Also very light if that makes any sense. My wife easily wears this all day long. Color of the metal matched with the rose gold finish of the fitbit. So far no problems and the design on the face of the band matches the factory design. Very good option if your looking to switch up the color without the cost of the licensed parts. Definitely recommend this product.

Super cute strap, but be aware that the color is more on the gray side than it is lavender. Took this photo in natural light, next to my old straps which are a deep purple.

This is a great band for the price and i love the color options. If you have to wear it on the larger side, it might annoy you to death having to constantly resit the straps that hold the band in place. Because it doesn’t have the little tooth to hold it in place, it has 2 straps and they constantly slip off the end of the band. Sometimes it has come off my wrist at night. However, since the oem one broke after just 2-3 months, i will just keep repositioning the 2 straps all day. Hopefully i will keep stepping and my arm will eventually get small enough so i don’t have that problem 😄.

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I love this band for fitbit great price, the only thing i dont like is the little things to keep the strap in place keeps moving and the band makes my hand extra sweaty but then again expect to get what you paid for. Over all te band looks really nice and i have a small wrist and it fits perfectly.

Only complaint is that is smells for the first little bit, just the rubber smell or whatever. Great quality compared to the other fitbit bands i’ve bought on amazon. It has a nice sleek diamond pattern, and is super similar to the real fitbit band. It’s almost a tad bit too large for me, but i’m using the last hole available. Definitely will buy another one if i need too, but i would love for the smell to go away.

I was hesitant to buy an off brand band, but this was so cheap i figured i would try before going to fitbit directly. The band seems well made although i’ve only had it two weeks. The strap is much longer than my original one which means there is lots of extra rubber on the outside of my wrist which is a little annoying and it fits a bit wider at the top of my wrist than the og band. But it works, and keeps my fitbit on, and i like the gray color.

The red color has more orange in it than i like, but i can live with that. The frustrating thing is that the two small bands that slide along the strap to hold the end of the long strap in place do not have tabs to lock into the buckle slots, so they eventually slide off the end of the strap leaving it loose and hanging. The buckle on the red band is stainless steel colored.

Really impressed with the quality of this band. Looks just like my original band and the price is right. Nice feel, a bit larger than my other band though. I was on the 6th notch of my old band and now i’m on the 4th. Something to keep in mind for smaller wrists. The buckle is shiny rose gold as opposed to the matte rose gold on my watch piece but that doesn’t really bother me. No one can see the buckle and the watch at the same time, obviously.

Just received my band for my fitbit charge 2. It seems durable, its even softer than the original band, & though i have read reviews where people had issues attatching the band & face, i had none at all. The only reason i’m not giving 5 stars is because i have yet to actually test out the durability. I work on a farm, so i definitely want to see if it holds up there. If so, i’ll be giving that 5th star.

I bought this band in the diamond lavender color for my fitbit charge 2 and love it. I haven’t switched bands since i put this one on. It is a beautiful, light-greyish purple color. Keep in mind that this is a one-size-fits-all band, so if you have a fitbit with a small band, this will be longer than what you are used to. However, it has two bands to help hold that extra length in place. Those bands slip around some, but it hasn’t been too much of a nuisance. I have been using this band daily for months now, and it shows no signs of wear.

This is a great replacement for the original charge 2 band. Appears to be quality material and workmanship on a par with the original. It attaches firmly to my fitbit. Only had it for two days, so can’t speak to longevity. My original was a large and this band is very close the exactly same size. I also like the diamond texture.

I have the rose gold charge 2 and it looks so darn cute you can literally wear it with anyhing. Im ordering a few more soon.

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I’m a big fan of black and white patterned clothing, so i wanted this band. I probably wouldn’t wear it constantly because others have said it fades. That considered, i’m happy with my purchase. It’s cute, it looks good with my black/white clothes, and is very soft and comfortable.

Really great band for a fraction of the price. The gold on the clasp is shinier than the fitbit gold accents, but its not a big deal and looks great. It is hard to get off the tracker part, but i just used the end of a flat head screw driver to press it they came right off again. Fits similar to my ‘large’ size original band.

I ordered the white band with rose gold clasp, and i am very satisfied with it. The white band really classes up my fitbit and somehow makes it feel more sleek. It cleans up very easily and gets less dirty than the lavender band that came with my fitbit. One thing to note, the clasp is shiny and not matte like the sides of the rose gold fitbit, but the fact that it’s rose gold is good enough for me. If i could change one thing, it would be to put the little nub on the loop on the end of the band so that it stays in place better.

This was the exact quality and design as my original fitbit band. It was big for my wrist, so i trimmed the excess off. It does seem to be stretching out a bit. I was on the 3rd hole, and have since had to tighten to the 2nd. I am only way to tightening it to the 1st hole. Then i don’t know what i will do. I wish this came in sizes, because for the price it is perfect.

I wasn’t sure if i was going to like this but i have to say, i really do. The material is very similar to the original fitbit band, if not a bit more flexible. I purchased the rhombus purple with the rose gold clasp. The color is beautiful and as pictured. Though the rose gold clasp on this replacement band is shinier than the original rose gold of the fitbit, it doesn’t bother me, and nuances like that usually doi have not had an issue with the clasps that secure this replacement band, but i do miss how the clasp locks into the groove of the original fitbit band.

Material feels like the same as the name brand fitbit bands. I had no issues with the clips that hold the tracker to the band or the band yet and have been wearing everyday for about 2 ish weeks. The only downfall is free size. Wish they had small and large. I have small wrists and have the band is almost on the last notch. Also the plastic pieces that hold the extra part of the band (think i’m explaining it right) have no notches to hold the extra band material to the watch. It isn’t a big issue and doesn’t cause any issues. For the price and overall quality, it’s a nice band.

I own the limited edition lavender & rose gold fitbit. I broke the band roughhousing with my fiance. I contacted fitbit expecting them to sell a replacement band and they don’t?. Luckily i came across this on amazon and was reluctant to buy it as the original was super comfortable & didn’t bother my wrist. This one is just as good, if not better. It looks identical to the original & isn’t made of cheap material.

Love the color just wish it had the band style the original fitbit charge 2 bands have. The little pieces that are supposed to hold the bands in place don’t stay in place so the extra piece of band gets caught on things if you aren’t careful.

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