Update: i’ve had this fitness tracker for 2 weeks now and i still love it. The battery has lasted 2 weeks, which is twice the amount of time they say it will. It plugs into any usb port so that’s really convenient. It’s lightweight and i don’t even notice it during my work outs. The additional features are especially awesome. Definitely would give this 4. It’s awesome, especially for the price point. This thing packs a huge punch.I have to say i was pleasantly surprised at how great this fitness tracker is.

After i broke my fitbit charge 2 (note to vr players: don’t stand too close to furniture), i was hoping to find a replacement to tell the time/date, count my steps, and exercise with a less-painful price tag. Not ‘boxy’ and the one i got is solid black all over, including the edges. – no sticky-outy buttons or visible charging ports. It works with swipes and taps on the screen, and has a screen-touch ‘home’ button like my phone. – several main screen layouts to choose from. – not too large or ‘chunky’ for a fitness monitor. I took some photos to show how it compares side-by-side with my (cracked) fitbit charge 2 and my larger polar heart monitor (dp power monitor in the middle). – syncs immediately when i open the veryfitpro app on my phone (i often had to reset the fitbit to get it to sync).

I was unsure how much i would use a fitness tracker and didn’t want to spend $150. I ordered the dbpower activity tracker, ip67 waterproof fitness tracker based on price and reviews. Easy to read, except in bright sunlight. Includes a function that lights the face of the device when you rotate your arm toward you. I wore it for 2 weeks between charges. However, i do not keep it constantly connected to bluetoothnot bulky. Streamline designcan track a variety of activities.

‘this is a great budget fitness watch. I love the purple color, the many size settings it offers (that fit even the smallest of wrists), and the durability (which can withstand my 2yr old). It’s a very simple set up once you get the hang of it. I wish the instruction manual was just a bit bigger. It was slightly difficult to read the instructions with such a small font. On the watch itself there are many features. Exercise tracker (steps, bpm, kcal, stopwatch), mindful breathing, weather and time, music and photo buttons. It works well and records everything i am looking for. My only real complaint is that the bluetooth connection doesn’t always sync the watch to the phone.

I really like that this is a much cheaper alternative to the fitbit. I have gone through two fitbits already and they break within a year. Obviously, i do not need to be buying such an expensive product if i have to get one every year. This one came in a nice little package, but i was surprised to find that it didn’t come with a charger. (it is a usb so can be plugged into a computer but i’d prefer to plug it into the wall). It is very adjustable so you don’t have to worry so much about ordering the right size for your wrist. The activity tracker can also be taken out of the wrist band easily and be put into your pocket (or whatnot) if you want to use it but not have it on your wrist. I have yet to figure it if it has challenges or a way to connect with other people but it has its own app so i’m sure it only connects with those who would get a product this this.

I really do enjoy this tracker. I’ve been needing something that tracks steps and sleep. The instructions were standard/easy. After you have the app it’s pretty much smooth interaction from there. The extra teal band was an awesome bonus since it’s my favorite color.

DBPOWER Activity Tracker, IP67 Waterproof Fitness Tracker with Step Tracker,Sleep Monitor Calorie Counter,Pedometer Watch for Android and iOS

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    by entering your model number.
  • ✔ Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor: 24-hour continuous heart rate monitoring help you better know your heart rate details, such as peak exer, cardio exer and fat burning.
  • ✔ Auto Sleep Tracker: The fitness tracker will automatically recognize your state and monitor your sleep progress, identifying deep sleep and light sleep hours to help you adjust and improve sleep quality. You can also set sleep clock and wake up clock via the fitness tracker.
  • ✔ Larger Screen & Adjustable Wrist Strap: Swipe navigation on 0.96” OLED display makes the bracelet more fashionable and easy to control. Adjustable Wrist Strap Length is 6.7” ~ 9.4” which fits most teenagers and adults.
  • ✔ Activity Tracker & Message Alert: Daily activity tracker for running, riding, treadmill, spinning and yoga etc. See your workout stats, calls, SMS and SNS notification on your wrist.
  • ✔ Professional Customer Service: This IP67 waterproof fitness tracker is made from durable material and can be used in any circumstance. 30 days full refund, 12 months warranty and lifetime technical support ensures a riskless purchase.

Pleasantly surprised how good this actually is. For the price, its such a steal. Easy to use and charges super fast. The app has a lot of great features. So much technology this little device has👍 very impressed. My mother is currently using this to help keep her health in-check. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ordering one for my father too.

With this fitness tracker, i received two wrist bands. One in black and the other one is listed as green but i do think it is more of a mint color which is pretty but just not green. I only have some experience with a fitbit charge 2 to compare this to. I am quite pleased with this little device. It stays charged for several days even though i play with it all of the time. You will need a charger type device to charge the face with (see picture above. I got this at walmart in the nightlight section). This tracker charges very quickly and comes with a little instruction booklet. I find i am learning more by just practicing with it every day. I really enjoy seeing how much light sleep and deep sleep i am getting and i feel it is pretty accurate.

Today was the first day that i was able to wear it out at work and track my steps. So far all the functions are working and i’m pleasantly surprised how easy it was to charge and it’s held a charge for 3 days, and i still have 3/4 battery life. I did receive as a promo, but that doesn’t affect my opinion. I’d happily pay more than the listed price.

I have worn the watch for a week and love it. It is both lightweight and comfortable. The part that holds the extra length of the strap has a notch in it that fits into the watch holes, it is a fantastic feature. My wrists are small but this fits without needing to be on the last notch.I have not read the instructions and just messed with the watch and app. It is easy setup and functions. The only ‘problem’ i have is the messages on the watch always reads 5. Even after viewing them on the watch and opening them on my phone. The battery life is amazing. I plugged it in for a few hours before going camping friday morning and it stayed powered up until sunday night.

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Wow, i didn’t expect much for the low price but this thing exceeded every expectation i could have had. It has so many features (which i don’t need to list here as they are listed in the description), the pairing with the android app is seamless. The battery life is impressive (i’ve used it for about 2. The sleep tracking is useful, even the alarm function is underrated (i find audible alarms to be traumatizing, so the vibration on my wrist is a pleasant way to be woken up. )i like that it displays texts on the screen so i can see if it can wait or if i need to excuse myself and go use my phone. Using this combined with a food logging app will make tracking your caloric deficit or surplus effortless. (ps for tracking steps, heart rate, calories burns, distance walked/ran, etc you don’t need your phone. It can save several days of data and syncs with the app next time you connect to your phones bluetooth).

Easiest health tool to use when getting back to being mobile. Easy steps in plugging it to charge. Helps give me a notice of steps. Constant reminder of walking instead of taking the elevator. I was scared but it just cleaned it with a wipe and it was good to go for my walk.

I love the dbpower fitness tracker. It is slender and looks very nice on my arm. It’s so easily charged by just taking it out of the band and putting it in the usb port on the computer. No cords or chargers to keep up with. I can shake it and it tells the time and how many steps i have taken. It was very easy to install the app on my phone. It has different things on it such as activities, sleep, heart rate, calories, call alert, alarm alert and weather to name a few. The price is affordable and i am very happy with mine. Grab one today and check it out.

The only issue i had with this tracker is its size. I have very small wrists and it is too bulky and doesn’t sit flat around my wrist. I think it would fit better on larger wrists. Ignoring the size, i think the design is stylish and sleek. It’s easy to charge and i like that you don’t need a special charger for it. It connected to my phone easily and is pretty user friendly. I haven’t been able to test all the functions out but the ones i have work well.

This is my first activity tracker so i cannot compare it to other brands, but i have used it now for about 3 days and it is easy to use, it does count all my steps, it tracked my sleeping hours, and it works pretty good on my heart rate. I like the weather feature is really nice, but it will only update if you actively open the app and force it to sync, otherwise, the weather does not change. I like the alarms, i have it set to wake me up every morning. I have only tried it while walking and it works pretty good so i am happy so far. The only thing that i am not sure about is the app. It says that there is a newer firmware version to upgrade to, but i am not able to upgrade. But overall, it is worth the money.

This does everything a fitbit does and more. Like waking up to a silent vibration alarm rather them an annoying sound. I only have one issue with this product which is the extremely tiny print of the instructions. Do wish i could find bands for it in different colors.

I have owned the watch for about three days and believe i have experienced all of the options that were advertised for the unit. Upon opening the box, i first noticed the tracker was not excessively large. I am not a very big person, so it is easy to have things that look ridiculously large and out of place on my wrist. Along with it’s modest size, it looked very sleek and low profile. I think the fact that it has no raised external buttons greatly help that look. Wanted to charge the watch before beginning to explore it. It turns out there is no micro usb input for charging, (further adding to that sleek look). I was intrigued to find that the watch has to be removed from the band completely so the whole watch plugs into the charger.Any usb brick that has a removable cable can charge the watch as there was not one provided in the box.

DBPOWER Activity Tracker, IP67 Waterproof Fitness Tracker with Step Tracker,Sleep Monitor Calorie Counter,Pedometer Watch for Android and iOS : To connect the device was tricky. I love all the information you can get from this little guy. Easy to charge without a cord. Good tracker for your health. I have lost 14 pounds so far and the step counter motivated me to exercise more. I added more activities and feel so much better. I am motivated and don’t have problems to get up and down the stairs anymore.

It worked as it should,but stop working during 5th month after purchased. I called amazon customer service to get email and phone number of supplier to talk directly to them to solve the problem. With calling them is easier to solve the problem. Since this watch had one year repair or replacement warranty, talking with satisfactory conversation with mark and angel bert, they replaced it with improved one. They will send me new one this week, so hopefully as they promised it will be better and last longer. Over all nice people with better quick service. I just received replacement watch. So far it programed and works as good as it should. Hopefully will be enjoyed for a while as it promised.

Step tracker, like all step trackers, doesn’t work accurately on a run but does for walking. This is a common issue with all step tracking devices. However, i bought this for the sleep mode function and that is working out good. Also, to monitor my inactivity and remind me to move since i have a desk job. There are a lot of features that i haven’t started utilizing but it is serving the purpose for that which i purchased it.

Some of the options on the watch are a little glitchy. You have the option to receive notifications and read text messages, however, the watch won’t always display the message when you receive the notification. The other glitchy feature of the watch is the phone finder. It will make the phone vibrate to help you find it, however, getting the vibration to stop requires completely existing the phone finder feature. I really like how you can customize the training options and i like the mindfulness training feature. Overall, i think this watch is a great health tracker and is worth the purchase.

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I’ve been wearing the db power tracker since yesterday and i’m pleasantly surprised how accurate it is. When i woke up this morning, i immediately linked the tracker to my phone and checked my sleep record. From what i can see, it was right on target. I liked how it showed the various stages of my sleep throughout the night. Today was a light day so i didn’t log a lot of steps this morning. But what is seen on the phone (in the picture) is accurate. I have it set to alert me when i reach my goal which i should do by this evening. The watch is stylish and easy to view. It’s very easy to use all the functions and i love the notification setting alerting me to phone calls. This is important to me since i keep my phone on silence quite often.

I recieved this for free for an honest review. I mainly use this as a watch but have tested out the other features too. I cant say how accurate the step counter is since you have to know what your stride length is and input that into the app. The heart rate monitor is fairly accurate. I tested this at the same time with my galaxy s8 heartrate sensor using the samsung health app while at rest. The fitness tracker watch updates every 1/2 second while the samsung health app gives you 1 number after a few seconds but both were close to the same. The app for the tracker itself is ok but very basic. It has an option to use 3rd party apps in conjunction with the one for the tracker but only lists google health as an option. Like i said i use my samsung health app so that is a little disappointing. I havent tried out the sleep monitor at all because.

When i switched to this tracker from my previous one that was dying i was impressed with how long the battery life lasted. I also really liked the convenience of popping the unit in and out of the band for charging. The mobile app works well and is helpful for tracking steps, but i’m not convinced that the step count is highly accurate, particularly after gps stationary activities such as running at the gym. When i’m walking and it has gps and pedometer feedback it gives me an accurate count (similar to my iphone), but there have been days when there is a huge disparity between the two trackers, so i’m not sure which is correct and which is incorrect. For the price it is decent, but if absolute accuracy is important, it might not be the best (though i don’t have a way to test that conclusively).

I used to have a gamin, but lost it in peru. Now i am glad it happened otherwise i wouldn’t get this watch. I love that it is touch-screen and also amazed with the varieties of functions it has, especially the mindfulness breathing timer. It is also cheaper than gamin. A couple of things can be improved though. 1) somehow the watch is telling me i have been waking up every morning at 7 am, even though i woke up at 9:00 am. When i checked the app on the phone, i realized the default alarm was set to wake up at 7 am, but the alarm was off. I really don’t know if this has anything to do with it. 2) when you use the ‘find the phone’ function, make sure your app is opened, otherwise the watch cannot connect to the phone. If the ringer is off, it will continue to vibrate until you close the app, but when the ringer is on, the app will make a loud sound.

This amazing fitbit alternative is simply amazing. For a price this small, the functionality of this activity tracker definitely beats all expectations. The battery life is amazing: it goes down about 5% every day meaning you could wear this for at least two weeks before having to charge again. I love the alarm function as well, you can set an alarm from your phone and if you’re wearing the activity tracker while you sleep, it will vibrate when the alarm goes off, easily waking you up without loud and annoying alarm sounds. Wearing the activity tracker while you sleep is great because it can keep track your sleep cycle and also sync with the health app on your iphone. The heart rate monitor in the band is very useful and it is very accurate as well. The band is very easy to charge because you can plug the actual activity tracker into various usb outlets as well as your laptop. No wires so no tangling either. Also, this makes it extremely easy to charge on the go, if you ever need to given the amazing battery life. I would definitely recommend this band to anyone who’s looking to keep track of their workouts, calories, sleep cycles, heart rate, running routes, or just trying to get in shape.

Update: i’m changing my rating. I originally rated this product 4 stars, but after 6 days (yes, 6 days) from the last time i charged the tracker, i still have 43% battery. Ok, dbpower activity tracker. 5 starsi’ve done fitbit and polar fitness trackers. But they all basically do the same thing. This little tracker is awesome for the price an still does almost everything as the others. Is it going to blow your mind?. But it does a great job at tracking steps and activity. I like that it has the time display. I’m still figuring out the features and the mobile app. So far, it’s great and the battery life is awesome.

Today is the first day of using my new db power activity tracker but i like it very much already. It took only about half hour to fully charge and is at 75% after 20 hours of use. Very easy to download, configure the app, and pair to the device. I wish the instructions came in a readable size font though. The tracker appeared to capture sleep patterns accurately. I used the walk feature and noticed the functionality matches other expensive fitness trackers i have used before. The call alert, sedentary alert, alarm, and heart rate monitor, features worked perfectly. The unit fits into the strap as well as comes out for charging easily. Came with two straps – black and green – for variety. The tracker has lots of other nice features that i can’t wait to explore.

I’m on a weight loss journey right now, down 23 pounds and i thought it would be really cool to have a device to help me out. This was a really, really, really good choice. I’m super enthusiastic about it, haha. I was honestly blown away by how many features this has, especially for the incredibly low price. I’ve had multiple fitbits over the years and i always liked them, but i see now there was no reason for me to be so brand-specific. This does nearly everything a fitbit does, for a fraction of the price. I believe the sleep tracker is my favorite function, it was always my favorite function on the fitbit. It seems accurate, at least as accurate as the fitbit was, since i turn it on immediately before i plan to go to sleep. Pros:-i love the design, it looks expensive and the band is high quality. -it’s honestly a proper smartwatch. You can take photos with it, that is so cool because my hands fumble trying to hit the buttons on my phone while taking photos. -step count is really accurate, i took 36 steps and it counted 35, that’s good enough for me and significantly better than the fitbit zip i have. -sleep tracker is fascinating, like i said before. It confirmed my suspicion that my sleep quality is garbage and i’m only getting about 1 1/2 hours decent sleep a night, yikes.

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So far soo good, i have been using this product for about almost a month, received this product to try out for free and i like it, althought it doesnt replaced my apple watch but it works for its purpose, tracks my steps and can control my music. Definitely recommends to anyone who doesnt wanna spend a lot of money for apple watch or samsung watch. Only goving it 4 stars since the screen is a little too small and its a little hard for me to press the buttons.

This little fitness tracker is awesome. Why anyone would spent more $$$ on others is beyond me. Unlike other trackers this one uses a full touch screen and gesture based navigationthe battery life is great as welli get about a week and a half worth of battery before i need to charge it, and that take about 30 minutesthe app is great and helps you track you fitness goalsit also notifies you about calls, messages and other apps10/10 in my book.

So i was very intrigued by this activity tracker, especially given all the functionality they advertise and its comparatively low price, that i decided to try it out and wore it at the same time as my fitbit charge 2 for four days. Now to be clear, i am not entirely sure which is the most accurate results because my experience with fitbit is that it would always add steps when there weren’t any. My sleep data is quite inaccurate with fitbit either, so with that in mind here are my comparison notes:steps: dbpower tracker counted an average of 73% of the fitbit tracker steps, meaning that its sensitivity to count steps is different, more selective, if you will, than fitbit and was between 62% to 86% in these four days. What that means is that things like waving my arm that counted as steps with fitbit did not count as steps with dbpower. Heart rate: both trackers were very close to each other in the heart rate tracking category with dbpower tracker slightly higher rate than fitbit (consistently one or two points higher)sleep data: dbpower tracker does a nice job tracking stages of sleep similar to fitbit, and -again – i have not always been happy with the fitbit one, i knew i’d be laying down reading and fitbit would record that as sleeping oftentimes, or i would be sleeping and having a nightmare or something, and fitbit recorded that as me being up, so with the dbpower tracker, the tracker is typically an hour different than the fitbit data, 2 days it was less, and 2 days it was more. With all of these, absent actual medical recordings, it is hard for me to know which one is the most accurate one, but my feeling is that i would use either consistently to get a sense of how my day is compared to other days and i would be completely satisfied with the data produced. As for other features, i absolutely love that the dbpower tracker seems way more water-resistant than the fitbit tracker. Dbpower has a lot more notification features than fitbit, it allows me to add notifications from any app, whereas for fitbit charge 2, i can only choose one app per feature, i. I also appreciated the silent alarm feature more with the dbpower tracker as it gave me more flexibility, as well. In conclusion, based on the performance and the cost of both, i would recommend the dbpower tracker for its value for money, and its high performance.

I purchased this item in order to keep track of my hr. I’ve been using this for 2 days, and it still has more than half of the battery. I set up the watch to control my messages/songs, and it’s definitely working as i expected. This watch is extremely light, and very useful if you’re looking for the options they’ve listed. Highly recommend getting one.

Was pleasantly surprised by the look and feel of the tracker. Its sleek purple design rivals the fitbit and its lightweight. Testing it it captured around 85% of my steps and it seems like it captures my heart rate very well. Also has great battery life. Must download the app for the time on the watch to sink. Overall not as sophisticated as the fitbit but definitely worth the price.

Connects to my iphone via bluetooth and syncs with health app. Has encouraged me to increase steps (i received ‘party’ notification yesterday upon reaching 5k steps). I’ve increased moving more in general since i turned the ‘move your body’ notification to vibrate upon 15 min of inactivity. Offers ability to read texts, receive various notifications, and control music, but not complex like an apple watch.

The best part about it is that it will vibrate when you have an incoming phone call. I miss lots of calls due to having the phone on vibration mode only at work. I don’t really see any difference between this and a fitbit tracker.

I like the very lightweight tracker and configurable multiple functionalities. It features not only clock and step counter, but also heart rate, sms, music control and many of other convenient integration. To charge the device is pretty easy and simple, it has standard usb male connector, so you can just plug into you laptop or usb hub. Unlike my previous xiaomi fitness band, i always need to bring and look for its specific connector otherwise i cannot charge it when i’m on the move or traveling. The app use is also straightforward. After downloading the app, i just paired with the device easily within seconds, and only few steps to setup and you can start to use the device and sync. No need to doing complicated registration and account creation before you can enjoy and use your device unless you need more online capability later. And app ui simply let you know what you are doing and viewing the records of the fitness band.