Well made and secure ankle holder for my fitbit. I find it much better for me than the standard wrist strap.

I like to have a regular watch on my wrist and i prefer to have my fitbit on my ankle. I am using an alta hr and it seems to work just fine 24/7 (except in water). The heart rate monitor works properly when set inside the strap in the thin mesh pocket. Only drawback is that the snaps are 3/4 inch apart so it can be hard to decide on the optimal size for my ankle. I tend to wear it a little looser than i think would be ideal because the next setting in is a little too tight.

I love this one its way better than the velcro one i had that wore out. This one has snaps that have a better hold.

Just what i needed to record steps while pushing a cart, cycling, anything you do where you are not swinging your arms.

I work with my hands, so i cant wear anything on my wrists. This ankle band is perfect for wearing my fitbit charge 2 while i work. I can still get accurate info on heart rate and steps taken with the device on my ankle. The snaps are ideal for getting a good fit.

Only issue is having to check daily step progress on cell phone or computer. Progress on unit isn’t visible when attached to ankle.

DDJOY Ankle Strap for Compatible with Fitbit & Garmin, Ankle Band for Compatible with Charge 2/3 Alta/HR Flex/2 Fitbit One or Garmin Vivofit/2/3/4, Ankle Band for Men and Women

  • ACCURATE STEPS – Allow your steps be counted more accurately when doing some exercise that your hands are stationary (ridding a bike, carrying bags or pushing a stroller, etc.)
  • COMFORTABLE FIT – Lightweight and smooth against the skin. Fits comfortable on your ankle and no issues with wearing it all day, sometimes you even forget you have it on.
  • SAFETY HOLDER – The touch fastener on the pouch will ensure your fitness tracker stays securely inside and the band has many snaps that you will holds it sturdy around your ankle, so you don’t have to worry about your tracker loosing.
  • TWO SIZE OPTION – Small/ Medium size fits 7 ½ to 10 ½ inch ankle circumference, and Large/XL fits 9 to 13 ½. It has many snaps on the band, you can freely adjust the size to fit better.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDE – Only 1 x ankle band sold by DDJOY, not include other parts
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I do a lot of walking/jogging/stair climbing. This thing always stays snapped shut and my fitbit has never once slipped out. I remove my fitbit charge hr2 at least a couple times a week (to wear on my wrist) and in these few months i have had this ankle strap, the netting that holds the fitbit has remained fully intact. This was such a good investment for getting a higher level of accuracy when exercising on a treadmill/stairclimber/elliptical machine. I took a star off because it is kind of bulky. I think some improvement can be done to make it more stylish. From a distance someone jokingly asked am i under house arrest (lol).

I bought this is multiple colors because it is so convenient and i never worry about my tracker falling out or off. Great design and high quality.

Works well, so i no longer lose ‘steps’ on my fitbit when i can’t swing my arms for some reason. Snaps are very secure (difficult to close sometimes). Maybe it’s just me, but when wearing this on my bare skin (rather than over socks), and undersides of the snaps irritate my skin. I finally put a piece of doeskin fabric over them and that solved the problem.

I used this to wear my fitbit charge 2 around my ankle, very comfortable actually forgot i was wearing it.

I think it makes my step credits more accurate. Very comfortable, i wear it day and night.

I holds my charge 2 great and its so comfortable . Sometimes i forget i have it on. I certainly recommend this .

I hated the fact that my fitbit didn’t record my steps if i was doing something so that my arms were still when i walked (like pushing a grocery cart or carrying an armload of books), so i was thrilled to see there were ankle straps for my fitbit. This one is pretty close to perfect. It is much softer than i expected and once you put it on, you very quickly forget you are wearing it. I like the snap closure because it gives me more of a sense of confidence that it will stay on when i hear them click into place. The fitbit itself slides into a little pouch that is solid against the skin for comfort, but mesh on the outside. The only thing that concerns me (and this is a minimal concern) is the possibility of the fitbit sliding out of the pouch. The pouch is fairly deep, so you can push the fitbit pretty far in, away from the opening, and the opening secures with velcro, so i ‘think’ it is secure – but there is still a tiny bit of doubt. I will report back it turns out otherwise. At this point, i highly recommend this product.

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This is exactly what i needed for my fitbit. I can’t stand that i have to move my arms for steps to count. . What about all the times i push a stroller or a shopping cart or i’m holding my phone to my ear and walking around the house???. This ankle strap holds fitbit perfectly, stays in place and isn’t uncomfortable to wear. I sleep with it on too and doesn’t bother me one bit. The only thing i wish were different is the width of the strap, i often have people tease that it looks like a house arrest monitor. I don’t care though, because i love not having to wear my fitbit on my wrist and i get very accurate results.

Detached the fitbit from the band and inserted in the mesh pocket of the ankle strap. Now my steps get counted as i walk rather than depending on the swinging of my arm. Since i don’t really care about the heart rate and other things monitored by the fitbit, the ankle strap works for me.

DDJOY Ankle Strap for Compatible with Fitbit & Garmin, Ankle Band for Compatible with Charge 2/3 Alta/HR Flex/2 Fitbit One or Garmin Vivofit/2/3/4, Ankle Band for Men and Women :