Haven’t had any issues with the go-tcha falling out since i bought it. I recommend it to someone who doesn’t want to use the band that comes with the go-tcha.

Did not like the multi color band that came with the gotcha. This one makes it look like i have a nice fitbit on my wrist.

They held the device just right.

These are really decent for the price. I’ve had others that the device fell out of all the time, but these seem like the rubber is decently stiff to keep them in.

Works well, my gotcha kinda feels looser on this band compared to the one that comes with it. It actually fell out before and i has to retrace my steps to find it.

Good replacement, like it better than original band.

Works perfectly, i do a lot of outdoors stuff and this wristband has out survived everything else with minimal wear and tear. I’m impressed with the durability for such a good price.

Comments from buyers

“Fits Gotcha
, Good Quality for these
, Perfect fit!

Fit my gotcha perfectly, hasn’t fallen out yet.

Works just as intended, however the device itself likes to pop out. I suggest wrapping it in a small hair band or rubber band.

Works just as good as the original but seems a little softer than me. Plus i was tired of the original wristbands colors.

Perfect fit and they are way more professional looking than the band it comes with if you choose to wear it out or at work.

I’m already using these black bands instead of the one’s that came with my go-tcha.

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The original is ugly and stiff, this makes it look like a fitness watch.

Fits the go-tcha perfectly like the original band. The only downside is they are a bit smaller than the original so if you have larger wrists, they might not work well.

The sizing is slightly different but overall it functions perfectly for what i need it for. Some might consider it better since you can pop the unit in and out easier.

Holds my go-tcha securely, hasn’t come loose once in the 6 weeks i’ve had it. But still easy to remove/reinsert for charging. I often wear it all day, the original wristband was white/red/black which made me self conscious and i took it off when not playing. I am happy with this purchase.

It works great and it is light weight.