My old band was starting to come apart and i wanted to upgrade the band to something that would be a bit more stylish. Saw this band and thought i would give it a go. It is well made, doesn’t look or feel cheap. Best of all, i love how the band holds the tracker. With the old silicone bands, you had to worry about the band twisting and the tracker falling out. I have had that happen and lost the tracker so i had to get a new one. This band securely holds the tracker in place so you don’t have to worry about losing it. I love this one so much that i ordered another one in black so that i can change up my look depending on what i’m wearing.

Bought for hubby, gorgeous, well made, worn 24/7 doesn’t know it’s on. He’s building house, cement brick didn’t scratch it and sweat hasn’t changed the color.

This band is extremely well crafted, and fits my tracker perfectly. The hardy leather construction will undoubtedly give years of service. I recently purchased another “leather” band from amazon, only to find that it was really just silicone.This band isn’t inexpensive, but clearly worth every penny.

I love the slender look and fit of the flex 2 but have been frustrated with the flex 2 bands. Many of the silicone bands twist on my wrist, exposing the underside, and the tracker falls out. So i like that the tracker is securely enclosed in this leather band. And the quality, as most reviewers agree, is above par. However, this band is not as slender as i would like. But, to be fair, i don’t think there’s any way to meaningfully reduce the size of the part of the band that houses the unit. I’m also irritated by the buckle on the m band (and larger sizes). There’s a piece on the buckle that slides slightly and i hear it in a quiet environment. The buckle also hits and rubs the desk when i work. Therefore, i don’t see myself wearing the band to work each day.

I purchased this as a gift for my daughter (in her early 20s). It’s very high quality leather and looks great. It’s a bit stiff but like all new, good leather, that means it just needs to be broken in. I’m very pleased with my purchase and highly recommend it.

This product exceeds my expectations. I was comparing similar goods on etsy, but ultimately decided that this one was the winner because it is made by hand in the usa and hits an excellent price point. I love that it makes my tech look un-techy.

This is a beautiful, well made band. I have small wrists and it sill fits perfectly. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a stylish, functional band for their fitbit 2.

I recently got a flex 2 because i wanted something to track my steps but i also wanted to keep wearing my analogue watch. Getting this leather band was perfect for making the fitbit match the rest of my accessories.

  • Worth the money.
  • It was a little stiff/uncomfortable to wear for the first
  • Real leather, fantastic ruggedly outdoorsy look, much more comfortable and stylish than silicone!

Fitbit Flex 2 Real Leather Band – Replacement Band for Fitbit Flex 2 – Full Grain Fit Bit Flex Band

This is so well made and stylish too. I’ve received so many compliments on this band.

This fitbit holder is gorgeous, and so well made. I love it, i have gotten several complements on it as well. The leather is thick and no nonsense, the stitching is perfectly done. No loose threads or anything.

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At first it was stiff, but a couple weeks later it feels soft.

This is my second band as i lost the first one. This is so different from usual tracker bands and i get a lot of compliments. The leather is stiff in the beginning.

The quality and craftsmanship that went into making this band is amazing. I gifted this to my father and he absolutely loves it and he is very peculiar with these types of accessories. The leather is great quality and it is soft.

I really like this band as a more ‘bracelet’ looking option for my fitbit. When it came (about 45 days ago), i was a little skeptical as the leather was very raw looking, but as i’ve worn it it looks better and better, and has darkened a bit too. My fitbit is very secure, to the point where i had to develop a knack for getting it out of the band to charge. I don’t wear it to work out, i keep the band it came with for that and change when i go to the gym/pool, but this band is great looking for just counting steps.Great product for the price.

I have some holsters made by this company. I do like the band and wish i could give it 5 stars but seeing some loose stitching on the area that holds the fitbit is disappointing. Should the stitches get worse, i will have to replace it with another type, which would be a shame as i really like the look of this one.

Great band, i’ve worn it now for little over a week. It was stiff for a the first couple of days. But like a good quality pair of bootswore in ,and i find very comfortable now. The band looks great ,also and slit lines up perfectly with fit bit lights. If your looking for a great quality leather band for your fit bit, this is it.

 i wanted to wait a few months before i wrote this review and i’m happy to report i am still very pleased with this band for my fitbit. I was wary of spending so much and couldn’t be happier i did. Many are shocked it has a fitbit in it and thought it was a cool leather bracelet. I was initially nervous it would look or be perceived as feminine for a guy to wear it but that has not been my experience. Although it fit great from day one, after a few weeks it started to adjust more to the shape of my wrist and became even more comfortable. I wear it nearly 24/7, only removing it to shower or charge the fitbit. It really has become that comfortable. I’m impressed with how it is holding up after landscaping, camping, multiple building projects, auto repair and general rough use. If you could fit two different sizes, i’d choose the smaller so that the tail doesn’t get to long and catch on stuff. Unlike others who’ve had issues removing the fitbit to charge or swap bands, i have not.

No weird skin problems, fastens and feels safe with the buckle, and it looks really cool.

I recieved the leather band for my fitbit flex 2 today, right on time as expected. The band was packaged up nicely. It was double bagged with a bubble envelope as well as wrapped neatly in tissue paper. There was a business card as well as an actual handwritten thank you note inside. The sizing was perfect based off their size chart. I’m glad i measured my wrist because their chart stated i should get a size large which is not the size i typically get with massproduced items. My wrist is generally a small/medium in other products. Again, measure your wrist & review their chart. The quality appears to be very fine with nice thick leather. Stitching is clean & neat as well. Fantastic design as to how my tracker fits inside. I’m very happy with my band & i believe the quality should hold up well. If there is any issue over time with the quality i will update my review.

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This is a quality product made with care.

It was a little stiff/uncomfortable to wear for the first few weeks, but it eventually broke in, and i prefer it to the silicone bands. I get lots of compliments, and it goes with everything. My one piece of feedback for the manufacturer is that somehow you should make it a little smaller/less bulky for female wrists, about the size of a narrow watchband that you typically see for women. I was on the cusp of the small vs med. I went with the medium, should have probably gone with the small.

Its nice looking and you want see to many people with one of these.

This is a very nice heavy duty band. The quality of the leather is definitely good. However, it is too big for me personally. My wrist is too big for the small size so i got the medium. It fit perfectly, but it was too much for me. I have no complaints about the band other than i was hoping it was smaller. If you are looking for a good, heavy duty, leather band, get this.Your fitbit will be very secure and this show last a long time.

Wow i cant believe how nice and classy this band is. Bought it as a replacement because my original one broke and so happy i found this one. It’s made with this really nice high quality leather, so far very durable as i work in construction and comfortable too. Very happy with this buy, definitely recommend this to anyone that needs a band for their fitbit.

I really liked the look, but mine was crooked–one side was straighter than the other. I also have a small wrist (got the small) which fit in the second to last hole, but the leather was too stiff and the buckle too bulky such that it bulged in an unsightly manner. If it were a simply a snap rather than a buckle, it would have worked better. I returned it really due to the first issue.

I bought this as a gift and it is very sturdy and well made. It’s very evident that it is well made when you see the stitching. It comes nicely wrapped in a box. I will get the red for another gift next time.

I’ve been burning through the silicone wristbands because they stretch out and get so loose. My husband has also lost his fitbit too easily when the silicone rolls over and it falls out. I’m surprised at how light it feels. I feel confident it can get wet just fine. It’s easy though to take on/off anyway. I usually take it off for showers anyway. I’m sure it will take an ocean dip one day and then i’ll just rinse and let it dry afterwards.

A little stiff at first, but softens up over time. Looks way better than the strap that comes with the flex 2. I even weave this into the laces of my shoes and buckle it when i go on walks.

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I ordered this band because i just love to be different from others. The band has a “slit” and leather cover for you to slid in (or out) your flex 2. It is – of course – heavier than the silicon band it comes with, but this band is hand made in the usa and is far more comfortable than the bad – when i’m not wearing it clipped to my bra. I am very please and will probably order the black one (if still in stock). I highly recommend for those considering.

Leather is a little stiff, assuming it will loosen up a bit with some wear. Color is exactly as pictured. Looks very classy for when i want something other than the cheap plastic band. Inexpensive considering it’s real leather.

Let the oven get fully preheated, turned it off. Put the leather in and after 15 minutes took it out and wore it for 2 straight weeks doing everything with it on (outside of getting it wet in the shower). The leather is loosing up nicely and it’s getting softer every day. It’s a great compromise for work when the rubber band isn’t as appropriate.

Fabulous leather band for your fit bit. Slot lines up perfectly so you can see all the lights. I have it in the second to the last hole, leaving the last hole unused. I still have room to easily stick one finger under the band without forcing it, so the band is not tight at all but i still easily feel the vibration from it. Very thick leather that will most likely last longer than me. Use a good leather conditioning cream, like bicks, (also sold on amazon) as soon as you get it and it will make it much softer and easier to wear without waiting for the several week break in period needed. I would expect once this breaks in from wearing it, i might get it one more hole tighter, but either way i am not on the last hole and i don’t need to add holes. Despite it’s thickness, the weight is almost nonexistent. Hardly tell i have it on and to me is much more comfortable than the non-breathable silicone rubber ones once conditioned. Returned the medium, because it was way too big, even though the sizing specs said it would fit. It did fit my wrist, but the end of the strap was far too long, so it would stick out, get hung on stuff, and it made the band look too big for my wrist. Highly recommend for men or leather loving women.

I love this fitbit bracelet more than i expected to. It’s comfortable and attractive. I wear it any time i don’t expect to get it wet or dirty. Very nice product and very nice sellers.

Band fits really well, looks great and holds the fitbit unit firmly in place.

The product was good quality and arrived quickly.

The leather is rather stiff, making it challenging to insert the fitbit module, so i expect it will soften/loosen over time. I would actually like to see an xs size (i have really tiny wrists), there is a lot of overlap on the band. But, overall, very happy with my purchase, it is very nice quality leather, and i would look at it again.

Fit a little tight at first, but it has curved to my wrist over time.