It’s cool when it works, though it’s a bit uncomfortable on the ear. The connection does die occasionally, and the battery does not last long. When it disconnects, i can usually restart the app, unplug the ear sensor, and readjust the ear sensor. And it usually will reconnect. Kind of annoying, but for the price, it does okay. Obviously cheaper than the heartmath sensor (though this won’t work with the heartmath app). But it does work with a few other apps like sweetbeat and the coherence trainer. Definitely more convenient to put on than the polar chest hr. I’d recommend it for a biohacker trying to save a few bucks and wants an ear sensor.

With the free pulsometer rr app on my android phone, i’m able to quickly check my heart rate variability and determine if meditation is needed to keep my anxiety and stress low. A great too to help with hashimoto’s.

Only thing has been that i skipped charging it between runs and it won’t work, so it looks like it must be re-charged after every run. The app it recommends (60beats) doesn’t work. The heart rate skips up to 20 beats. So i installed sport gear app and this one works great. The other deal is that the chord from the device to the ear is only like 12 inches long, so you can’t clip the device to your running shorts. Fortunately, i kept the band from my last heart rate monitor and now i clip the device to the band and everything is ok. So, taking the charging lim fact and the chord size into mind, then you will be very happy with this product.

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We use an app, hrv trace, to monitor heart rate variability. This device gave beat-to-beat heart rate data that had comparable accuracy to a polar h10 chest monitor, but only if i was not moving my head. Otherwise the accuracy was terrible. However, one of the uses for the app is for heart rate variability biofeedback at rest, and this device will work for that purpose.

I like it, i like to get another one.

The product will pair with the iphone, but only with the designated app. Initially we had some problems and then received approval to return the unit. Just sent back to the company today.

The instructions inside of the box say to download the application. I followed those instructions and attempted to pair the bluetooth device. Under bluetooth settings, this device does not appear. The pairing is unsuccessful. This monitor doesn’t have any type of button to trigger bluetooth so i cannot manually activate the bluetooth of the device. As a result, this device does not work with my iphone.

It looks nice and simple to use but i can’t actually use it. I’m returning it because it requires the app to even turn on. It says here that the app is ‘highly recommended’ not required and i saw that the app was on the google play store but thought maybe i could use it with a different app. It has no way to turn it on or pair it (i’m assuming that it’s only through the app) and i did google an article that you can install android apps on your iphone but that idea freaks me out and i’m not comfortable even playing with that. So i’m returning it but the packaging was nice and it arrived in good condition and everything, so i’m still going to give it three stars.

  • Not really for iPhones but looks nice – I just can’t use it
  • so it looks like it must be re-charged after every run
  • Not bad, not great
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DGYAO Bluetooth 4.0 Mobile Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Penetrable Ear Clip Heart Rate Sensor for Android4.3/iOS 7.0 or Later Real Time Heart Rate Variability Monitor

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Sync to mobile,Compatible APP:wahoo(Highly Recommended),60 beat,heartratemonitor,connect with your phone no need pin,and download the APP then it will get your heart’s signals from your earlobe and transfers that data into your phone beat
  • Compatible with IPhone 4S and later, and with selected Android devices including Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4, using Android 4.3 or later
  • With transmission / penetration ear clip heart sensor,For the mobile heart rate adapter,you can use our ear clip heart rate sensor or fingertip sensor
  • Recharge battery, Nominal capacity:150mAh,service time:20 hours Running,Sleeping,Cycling Or any Other Sports Modes
  • Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 version,Bluetooth standard connection distance is 10 meters, general within 5 meters is more stable

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