They just came out with a new instruction booklet which is a huge improvement and definitely helps with the applications. For the most part the tracker works like it should, however, the blood pressure numbers are way off. I have a professional cuff and the difference in the upper number is 10 numbers higher with it over the tracker. The pulse seems accurate within a couple of numbers and the sleep track works good. That being said and again with the help of the support, angela lee, i can give it a 4 star. I would like to give it a higher rating but the instruction booklet is a disaster. It tells you little and not very well. Thank goodness for the support on line. Angela lee was prompt and very informative. I have only had the item for less than a week and still testing it out.

Update: the customer service for this watch was phenomenal. They gave me more info & tips. You’ve really got to sit & tinker to get the full use of the watch. Now my only downside is the bp. After general research about fitness tracker capabilities, thus far they are really made for accurate bp reading. Though they look to be coming soon as some patents are up for approval. I’ll definitely buy another tracker when that tech is out. I bought this tracker for health monitoring mostly. It does a fair job at monitoring heart rate. It buzzed me once & showed a heart with an exclamation point.

Besides heart rate and running steps, this fitness tracker can even check the blood pressure. I have no idea how it does about the blood pressure, but it works according to my mom. Suitable for an senior for daily checking.

He has heart problems and i wanted him to exercise more, so this was a perfect fit. He’s actually pretty big, 6’0, 300 lbs and this fit his writsts nicely.

This is my first time to give a review on amazon. Smart bracelet has been packaged very well.  it came in a good protective box and i received the product without any damage or whatsoever. The bracelet itself has been shipped with a protective film over its screen. I’m satisfied with the strap on which there are many holes to fasten them for i have a very thin hand, but i did not have to make any extra holes on my pen.  the seller is sociable nice. At first i could not figure out how to connect the bracelet to the phone, the salesman helped me at once in this issuebracelet is easy in use when you once figure it out to charge it with a usb charger and fully charged. It is functioning with app h band 2. 0 version, you must download it on phone to synchronize with bluetooth. Push touch at front to activate the watch.

I really like this tracker watch. I bought it to track mainly my blood pressure and heart rate. It does a great job performing this task. I don’t have a cell phone but the hband app works well with my ipad. Be patient, it takes two to three days for the watch to accurately synchronize with the app. The hband app is not 100% user friendly but the customer service was very helpful and explained and walked me through questions i had.

The smart bracelt with ips lcd screen, high contrast and wide color gamut bring superior experience, the visual angle of ips high-definition screen is wide too with the difference are small looking at the screen from all directions. In outdoor sunlight, the screen show the contect still clearly visible, and it does inclue all weather blood pressure monitoring, the bpm method can measure it without connecting to the phone. The battery have longer standby and severe around 5-7 days, if lighly use can be up to 10 days long. The box include: smart watch, bracelt, protector screen, manual book with different language on it.For charging the watch: take out one side of the bracelt (with the charge logo) , plug into usb cord, that’s it.

Key specs for DoSmarter Fitness Tracker, Color Screen Activity Health Tracker with Heart Rate Blood Pressure Monitor, Waterproof Smart Pedometer Watch Band with Step Calories Counter for Kids Woman Man:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 0.96 inch TFT color screen crystal clear display offers excellent HD image quality. Supports steps, calories burned and distance tracking; Heart Rate, blood pressre and sleep monitoring; notifications, clock and sedentary alert; camera control, countdown, wrist sense, connect mobile GPS to map the run path, etc
  • Monitoring of heart rate and blood pressure using the latest optical sensors. Continuously tracking your BPM and BP throughout the day as well as during workouts
  • Display message notifications like texts, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatApp in short vibrations and incoming calls in long vibrations. Without the fear of missing an important alert you could leave your phone in pocket
  • Automatically detect your sleep at night time, analyze your sleep quality with deep sleep, light sleep, awake time, when you fall asleep and wake-up time. The silent vibration alarm can wake you up without disturbing others
  • New design with USB plug at the end, just charge with any USB port (no cable needed). One full charge gives you up to 7 days of working time
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Comments from buyers

“Proved I didn’t need BP meds!!!
, good shopping
, Quality Product. Excellent Support.

After receiving it, the tracker is very easy to use, step counting, heart rate, blood pressure are very accurate, as well as sleep detection function, wearing sleep without feeling of discomfort, sleep detection data is very accurate, powerful, steps, distance, calories, heart rate, and other functions are perfect, making your movements visible. More dynamic, the wristband feels very good, i hope to develop more practical functions, the quality looks excellent. Many data calculations are very accurate.

I wanted to try this fitness tracker because it tracks the different cycles of my sleep. When i received this product, i borrowed my boyfriend’s fitbit alta for comparison. I wore both of them on the same wrist. I found that, for every 10,000 steps on the alta, this tracker was 14,050. When setting up my account on h band, their recommended daily steps was 14,000 – the difference in steps must be on purpose. As the step difference was consistent between the two each day, i did not dock a star. I loved seeing my different sleep cycles throughout the night. It helps me figure out how to get better quality sleep. For instance, if i drink alcohol before bed, even with the same number of sleep, i will be more tired than if i don’t drink because i have less deep sleep. I can also see the difference between when i stretch before bed vs when i don’t stretch.

When i bought it, i didn’t really think much. I just want something that can monitor my heart rate during workout. However i discovered that it has so many functions.I just have wear it every second. It counts my calories, bp, hr even sleep quality. I also submerged it into water. It is still doing the job under water. I just have to post these pictures here.

One for myself and one for my husband. They work great for tracking blood pressure, steps, heart rate, and sleep. The app must be open on the connected phone in order for phone call and message alerts to go to the bracelet. The husband keeps the app open and gets all call and text alerts, and his battery has to be charged for about 2 hours everyday. I do not have my phone notifications connected to the bracelet and do not leave the app open, and i only charge for about 2 hours ever 3-4 days. The app collects all data without being open. I’ll add that the husband dropped a 100 lb solar panel battery flat onto his hand a week after he got it. Broke the hand, cracked the bottom of the watch screen, required some superglue to reattach the band.

This does almost everything its supposed to. I used it for blood pressure, and that works good. You need to download and get the app set up, but once you do that, its all good. The app doesn’t have very good instructions, it took me a while to figure out how to have it automatically take my readings throughout the day. However, it really sucks for the ‘sleep’ portion. It literally can’t tell the difference between asleep and awake, it often shows the ‘wake up’ time to be 2 or 3 hours after i have arrived at work.

I wanted the features of fitbit, but didn’t want to spend the money so i decided to try this. Overall, i’m really happy with the device, but below are my pros/conscons:the instructions are terrible, but i could figure out the functions pretty quicklythe default for step goals (can be manually changed) are insanely high (24k steps)there are limitations to how accurately it logs your steps such as if you’re pushing a cart. I wish it had more advanced programs such as mini goals or let you know when you’d hit a certain percentage of your step goalprosthe app is great. Easy to use and lots of datathe blood pressure seems to be accurateperiod/ovulation trackingcontinuous heart rate monitoringcost.

My first smart fitness watch. Not the most accurate with steps etc. But its a start, and it gives me motivation. Easy to charge and charges quickly.

It only cost 1/2 of the fitbit and works exactly the same. Can measure my heart rate while i’m working out. It is very convenient and i can find how many steps i walked each day. If you don’t want to spend 100+ on a fitness tracker, try this one.

This one is way better than anything i’ve ever tried: dosmarter activity tracker band.  amazing and vibrant color lcd with 5 levels of brightness.  heart rate, blood pressure monitor, sports modes, gps distance tracking, pedometer accuracy feature, sleep tracking, calls / sms / sns notifications, smart alarms, raise wrist to view screen, waterproof rating: ip67 level: sweat-proof, rain and water-proof, nice app h band that links apple health, easy charging & long battery life (5-7 days on full charge), replaceable straps, compatible with android 4. 4 and above, iphone ios 8. 0 and above, and bluetooth 4.  amazing product that works amazingly good stop buying overpriced fitbit people, don’t pay for names.  all these trackers use almost the same parts inside, even fitbit that you will easily hand out $150 – $250.  definitely a good smart tracker to start with.

Received my dosmarter tracker and the battery was already charged almost full. Any questions i had were answered very promptly by [email protected] They were fast, courteous and helpful. The alarm woke me up this morning at the prescribed time and the sleep function listed all my sleep functions on the app. Heart rate and blood pressure are easy to perform. A few hints: to change from metric to u. Measurements wait until the tracker is paired with the phone via bluetooth, then the setting appears (choose imperial).

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I specifically wanted something to check my blood pressure without me thinking about it, because it is always high at the doctor’s office because i am nervous. I checked its accuracy against 2 doc office cuffs, and it was right on. You have the option to adjust under ‘personal bp’ if it’s not accurate for you. I used the app to turn off the heary rate and some other functions that i don’t care about, and ser it to automatically measure bp. It does so every 10 minutes. Sure enough my bp goes high under certain circumstances but is good most of the time. I can see all of the readings on my phone. I created a spreadsheet for the doc with average waking + average sleeping, and sure enough it kept her from pushing bp meds. Although this is not expensive (40’s?), i had tried 2 less expensive bands ($25 -30s) with bp function and didn’t like them. I got frustrated with 1 that would turn back on but missed the return period.

I bought this mainly for the blood pressure monitoring. I expected it to be off, but it is totally useless for this. I was hoping the that it would be off in a systematic and consistent way i could easily calculate and more accurate reading. But this device always reads the blood pressure as 105-110 / 70-80, no matter if it is actually 120/75 or 145/90. I’ve checked it against a very accurate omron device several times a day for over a week. There is no correlation between the two devices. Other functions, like heart rate and steps seem to be moderately accurate.

5 star in materials, 5 star battery life before i bought this one i went over more than 6 watches, i sent them all back. The reason i am giving it 3 stars are as follows. Heart beat is not precise, you can use it as guide, i did test it, and it is very precise if you test it on the tip of a finger, on my wrist it tests lower maybe depends on the wrist so i rate it 3, blood pressure, way out, not surprising this is a new feature i have not seen any watch yet to give it accurately 1 star, sleep is good, 4 stars, sports it is ok, not better or worse than any other watch 4 stars. Steps 4 stars interface regular, could send more data but i repeat, it works better than many other watches.

Band is a dark, rich purple and very comfortable. Clear, large enough to see amazing screen that is also in color. Tons of settings and capabilities.This is the first one i’ve gotten that was able to send my notifications to me and take my blood pressure. . Which is exactly what i needed. The app for the device itself works well also. The clasp is a buckle instead of a button.

Edit: when the first watch wouldnt pair i contacted customer service(took a little while for them to get back to me) and they sent out a new one. When that wouldnt pair i went back through customer service and they worked really diligently to help me, when the problem couldn’t be resolved a full refund was credited to my card. Throughout everything(almost a month of back and forth ) they tried to help. Even though in the end i dont have the product i still rate this transaction as 5 stars just because of the customer service. (both watches were sent back, they are trying to figure out why it didnt want to pair with the note series)easy to find app, easy set up, works great but i recieved it this morning so problems may show up but i have really tech savvy people in my life that may be able to save it if something happens. Has tracked my steps, taken bp and showed heart rate. I haven’t gotten any texts or had anyone call today so as far as i know it’s on. My only complaint is the blue tooth stuff, it’s always been a battery drain. Oh well i carry a power pack with me everywhere so i’m not to worried. I’m using this as a seizure watch, since before i have them bp goes up and so does heart rate, will be first alert besides the warning signs i get.

Comfy fit and does what i wanted it to (blood pressure). Not sure how accurate bp is yet, but that’s not what i wanted it for – i wanted to track general trends, which i think works well and is interesting to me. Next doc apt i will see how accurate it is. I also wanted it for the sedentray reminder, which is nice. Sleep function doesn’t really work, though. It thinks i’m sleeping if reading quietly, and doesn’t always record a nighttime bathroom run as being awake. Step/activity recording doesn’t do well for tai chi, either, but probably ok for other things. I wish the clock display has the colors reversed – hours which, minutes colored because that would be easier for me to read at a glance. And i wish they was a way to download and keep data. I love the phone finding option, though.

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The unit seems to show correctly, but the hband app needs some work. Yesterday i tested with a short walk of 3. 6 miles, the app ‘h band app’ showed. 5 miles at 379 steps, thought the dosmarter showed it correctly at around 10,000 steps. Today i hit the stair climber for 30 minutes and reached a max heart rate of about 130bpm, the ‘h band’ app showed max 64bpm, but the do smarter showed around 126bpm. Blood pressure ‘sometimes’ records to app, but works great on the do smarter. Heart rate seems to record all of the time and shows accurate on the do smarter, but not on the hband appoverall this wrist band works great, just can’t get the app to sync all of the time.

I have never had a multifunction watch like this before and i have taken up running so i thought it would be a good to try. Since i never had one, i did not want to spend a lot at first. I read these reviews including the ones asking if it would fit a child and the answers were yes it is adjustable and would fit. I guess it all depend on your opinion of ‘fit’ – the watch had enough notches that i could tighten it but the face certainly sticks out beyond my wrist and does not lay nicely – seems like it is clunky and will not fit under long sleeve clothing for me. Switching or entering modes requires pressing on the face for 5 seconds. In running mode, it is nice that they give you lots of info on the screen, but when you are running you need to glance at the watch and see the time and the text is too small with too much else it is hard to see. If you stop during the run it requires you to wake screen and hold screen to pause. I tried to pause it at the end of the run so i could look at the info after i walked to cool down. My sleeve brushed screen and unpaused and i have no idea the real time/distance for my run. I used the application to configure the watch and my phone kept complaining the app was using battery.

This is a very good bracelet, it can give me some important information, such as: how many steps are taken each day, how many calories are consumed, how many miles are taken, how much heart rate is, etc. Installation is very simple, download the app ‘h band’, open the phone bluetooth, pair in the app, and quickly link. I will recommend this bracelet to my friends. Compared to fitbit, garmin, the price is reasonable, but the function is complete, very good.

Display:the smart watch comes with 0. That’s a lot larger than the small oled screen watch, which is capable of showing just one line of text. Its screen includes the time, day and date, with the indicator of battery.  each screen also has a small icon — a heart for heart rate, a running man for sport mode and so on. The swiping feature is quite sensitive. This means you can swipe while wearing winter gloves, which is a nice bonus for anyone accustomed to pulling off a glove to use a smartphone.  sync:the watch syncs to the phone app via bluetooth. On the phone,you can swipe dashboard that provide a summary of your day,steps, sleep, heart rate and blood pressure.  notification:device provides three main types of notifications.

At first this watch looks and feels awsome then it started to go downhill from there. First the watch will disconnect from your phone without the app being open at all times also you can not control a lot of functions from the app. Pretty much just a watch the perodotmer is not accurate could not even track my sleep like its suppose to.

My wife has had a few fitbits in the past, so i was curious to see how this tracker would compare to those. *the pro’s*when opening the box, i was impressed that the tracker was already charged with what looked like a full battery so i could start using it right away. Also, it comes with its own screen protector which shows that someone put some thought into what customers would want. Whenever i get a “tech” gadget, i try to read as little as possible of the instructions initially to see how intuitive the product is on its own. I was able to easily navigate and figure out how to operate the key functions of the tracker without any instructions. Then i filled in the gaps with the included instruction pamphlet. The dosmarter fitness tracker’s width is fairly thin and the rubber is sturdy and smooth which makes the band comfortable without feeling tacky on your wrist. Though i still have not needed to charged it yet (after three full days of use and testing), i really liked that it doesn’t have a proprietary charger like fitbits do. This is a huge bonus, since it means i will not have to carry around extra chargers (or lose any) when i go on trips.

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