It fits my fitbit zip perfectly and i purchased the blue cover because i can find it easily when i put it down – the black cover ‘disappears’ to easily on furniture.

It seems that one of a set does not last very long, but the others seem to be fine. I am on my second set and had about 2/3 of each last several months.

This is a cute fitbit zip holder. It feels similar to the one that came with my fitbit zip. The clip is strong and seems to have the identical strength as the regular zip case. I will probably be ordering some more colors.

Since i wear my fitbit mini every day, these are fun to wear. Also a starting point of converstaion.

I like much better than the fitbit ones because they are all one piece so don’t come apart but they do slide off the waist and of pants easily so have actually lost it twice.

Excellent product, much better than original holder that came with the fitbit, which came apart in less than a month of use. Love the colors but mostly the quality of the product for the price.

Super replacement for my beat up broken orignal holder — and it’s way cuter to boot. Easy to slip over bra middle and looks like it will hold up for a while — and since i bought the two pack, i have a spare.

I like the band, but the color is not as described. The band is comfortable to wear and it’s easy to insert the fitbit zip. I have this particular band in several colors, my favorite.

I love my little fitbit but the holder started to fall apart after a year. Being able to replace only the holder and not have to replace the whole thing is so awesome.

The clip part does come off of clothes on occasion if it is pulled just right. However it has held it’s tightness on the zip itself, so that isn’t falling out. And the plastic tip hasn’t come off so i can easily get it onto clothes. I’ve had this 6 months which is about as long as my fitbit cases held up, so as of now, for the cost, this is proving to be a better purchase.

It fits the fitbit perfectly. While it fits on my clothes, it is not as tight as the original, which caused the rubber to roll. So far, this one is a better fit for me.

My wife’s original cover gave out she wanted a bright purple; she also likes green so this purchase was a winner. Product came as advertised and would buy again from seller.

Being an off brand, it does not fit as tight when clipped. However consider the price for one genuine clip vs two generic clips. Your fitbit zip will wear out before you pay for additional orders of these. I stayed with black in color and the zip tracker fits in the case very well. Here are the specifications for the Dunfire Replacement Clip Case:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Colorful replacement clip/case for your FITBIT ZIP, not include the tracker
  • 10 pure colors and 8 colors with white dots are available
  • Clips easily to pocket, belt and bra to track your activity
  • Made from durable material to keep your FITBIT ZIP tracker safe
  • Just come and get these clips to personalize your FITBIT ZIP to change your daily style everyday!
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I don’t think the clip is as tight as the original one, however it has not fallen off and stays clipped well. I also like that it comes in so many different colors.

If you have a zip – you know the shortfalls. The plastic tab falls off the holder. You can pop it back on a few times, maybe even try to glue it. But sooner or later you lose it. And then the rubber starts to ride up the clip and it gets harder and hard to put the clip on. And then the zip itself (if my history is any indication) seems to always go wonky around the year and a half mark, so it’s not worth replacing the clip, because you know you will need a new zip eventually anyway. (i’m not the only person having this experience, am i???)to be fair – fitbit is great about replacing things within a year of purchase. I’ve had then send a new case once and a whole new zip another time. But for whatever reason, they don’t seem to want to fix reported flaws in their design (that little plastic tab – also the battery cover’s little prongs being prone to breaking off) so i seem to be in this endless cycle of buying and replacing. Right now my zip is well past its expected lifespan but my case was beyond hope, with the tab gone and the rubber sliding up the clip and ripping (i ended up just cutting the rubber off the metal arm part which at least allowed me to use it, but it was hard to get on.

Does the job and easier to use than the original holder. My original clip fell apart and these have lasted longer.

I like this very much but worry that since the clip isn’t as ‘tight’ as the eom version and moves around quite a bit on my pocket that there is an increased risk of accidentally loosing both. Still, not bad value for the price.

I had my fitbit in a replacement holder. It worked for months, but then the fitbit came out a couple of times so it must have loosened up. I picked these because they are bright colors, and should i forget to put it on, or lose it, it’s easier to find. Really like the cute perky colors.

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The clasp isn’t tight enough. It slipped right off of my pants. Thank goodness i was in the car and was able to find my zip. Had it been outside, it would probably have been lost forever.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I’ve been waiting for this clip!
  • Gets loose
  • Great alternative to the clip holders sold by Fitbit

So far, i’m loving these replacement holders for my fitbit zip. The clip is easier to manipulate than the the original holder which came with the zip. Love that it came in a two pack. Hoping they will last longer than the seven months the original lasted.

Don’t wait for your fitbit case to break, this holder is so much more comfortable, flexible, easier to take on/off, a vast improvement from the default fitbit case. I wish mine had broken faster, this case makes me forget i’ve got the clip on my waistband.

Been using this replacement clip holder for about 4 months (that’s why it doesn’t look so new in the pictures) and can’t complain. It’s a snug fit on my fitbit zip – i’m never worried about my tracker falling out of the holder. Compared to the fitbit brand ($14. 95 for one), i’m happy paying $8.

I liked that i got three holders for my fit bit at a reasonable cost. The work good and i can change to the color that fits with the location.

Easy to find my fitbit now with the colored case, all black and little it sometimes got away from me.

What i love the most (other than it functioning well) is that it’s bright enough to find easily despite clutter.

I didn’t know they made replacement holders for the fitbit zip. My old one was so hard to fasten on and off my clothes.

I’ve used my replacement holder for fitbit zip now for a couple of months and it is holding up well. No sign of the bottom of the clip coming off. Zip slipped into the holder easily and snugly.

These are so cute, love my clip holder. The company is great to work with too. I wear mine every day and so far the only problem is the metal rusted, most likely from sweat as i wear it on my jog bras while running, as well as my regular bra too (hence, less one star for the rust). But honestly, i would buy it again (no other quality problems noted).

I have an older samsung activity tracker that had a similar case but it broke and unfortunately because it is a non-us model, i cannot get a replacement. These seemed to be about the right size and shape as my tracker so i gave it a try and they actually work better. The fact that they are silicone and more flexible makes them much easier to use and not having to worry about it breaking from taking it on and off of my belt/pocket.

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The polka dots rub off over time and the rubber eventually breaks, but they will last you months if not years. Alright product, would purchase again.

I found myself having to buy another replacement holder for my fitbit and decided to try an alternative. These are fun and colorful; the clip slides onto my garments smoothly; and they hold the fitbit securely. The added bonus is i got two for less than the price of one fitbit holder.

I have been using these clip holders since i got my fitbit and i love it. This clip holder allows me to attach my fitbit to clothing when i don’t have a pocket. It also make my fitbit easy to grab when in my pocket.

An excellent replacement for the factory supplied holder. It fits great and is nice and tight. It is easy to remove the fitbit from it to change batteries, but i no longer have to worry about it falling out.

I’m very happy with my purchase, these hold my little fit bit better than the fit bit sleeve that came with the fit bit. With the stock sleeve, the fit bit was popping out quite easily. With these, securely held in place. Of course, that does make it a bit of a job squeezing the fit bit in place, but once in it stays put. I bought the two colors shown, black and blue. I wear this on my belt and it is held securely by the embedded metal clip.

Super cute and fit the fitbit perfectly.

These are so much better than me fitbit original. It’s so much easier to put on my clothes and take off without ripping off the back of the fitbit cover definitely would get another one of these if i need it but i don’t think so.

Have been using it for several months now, holds the shape/fit.

So nice to have a holder with some spunk to it. I was looking for a holder that was more than just the solid colors generally offered. I was hoping to find designs similar to those for the other fitbit bands/holders/pendants – so was happy to find these. They are well made and the perfect fit.

Does the job for a good price. Fitbit clip holders get hard use. I’ve replaced mine about twice a year with a variety of products. I expect i’ll get the same wear out of these.