Hard to get on, but work perfectly once you do.

Slightly wider than the original, tight fit over the buckle. I tried soaking in hot water but it was the liquid hand soap that really helped. Now to figure out what to do with 9 more.

So glad i found these replacement band strap loops for the fitbit charge hr. Read all the reviews here before i ordered them. So many reviews said they are much bigger than the original i found them to be a perfect fit. The only thing that is bigger is the width which makes it more secure and less likely it will ever break again. I have the plum/purple color band the black color loop is a perfect replacement color it blends in just fine. Be aware there are ones that are made by this same company they say they are purple but the color is way off much lighter almost pink. Do not make the mistake and get those you will be sorry. I’m glad i didn’t cause the black is perfect. The next thing that is the most important to know is do not listen to all the many reviews to heat the loop in hot water and stretch them over the clasp. The clasp on the band is held on with a spring loaded pin just like the ones that hold a regular watch on the band.

These were a great replacement for a broken fastener ring. They are a little snug to start with, but are easy to use and seem more durable than the original one on the band. They are a good value and it’s always nice to have a few extras.

This is a bit tricky to push on over the clasp buckle on my fitbit chargehr but i’ve now had it on for a couple months and it’s working perfectly. It totally saved me from having to purchase a new fitbit for awhile.

Happy to be able to replace this part.

These fasteners fit, however they are much bigger than the originals. It’s not something that you can’t live with, but make sure you are aware that they are not the same size as the original.

Key specs for ECSEM Replacement Silicon Fastener Ring Connector Security Loop Compatible with Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband ONLY(10, Black):

  • This silicone rings fit for Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband Only
  • Anti-slip design.This watch band Keeper fasteners design is Anti-slip, Can be well inserted into the buckle hole of the strap, not easy to fall off. (Tracker or Wristband is NOT included)
  • Package is only include silicone rings, not include the band and tracker. The rings are simple and very easy to use. Save your money to buy a new fitbit hr
  • Comfortable wearing experience and perfect fit the Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband very well
  • Package: 10 x black band keeper replacement fitbit charge hr safe rings silicon fastener rin connect security loops

Comments from buyers

“Near-perfect replacement for a Fitbit Charge HR strap fastener.
, Perfect Replacement Loop For Your Fitbit Charge HR
, Slightly larger than the original original that broke after 16

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Fits perfectly on my fitbit charge hr. I definitely recommend them. It took a bit of wriggling to get it on the over the buckle, as others have said, but you only have to do that once. I just worked it on, bit by bit, until it was on. So glad someone saw me picking up my fitbit off the floor (because i’d lost my old holder-band) and recommended these from amazon.

Tight fit for a while till rubber loosens up.

They are definitely had to get over the clasp. It has the tab inside to keep it from moving around, just like the original. The only reason i’m giving 4 stars is because i needed 1 not 10.

Like someone else stated in another review warm the silicon part in very warm water to allow it to stretch over the clasp. Very inexpensive way to repair your charge hr which fitbit claims is not repairable. They will only offer 25% off the purchase of a new fitbit watch if your watch is out of warranty. You are buying 10 pieces which should last you the rest of your life. It only takes one to get your fitbit up to speed.

Fit my fitbit charge hr perfectly. Took a few min to get the buckle off and back on, but security loop fit comfortably and securely. Do not heat, totally unnecessary, just follow the other reviewers instructions to remove pin, etc.

Slightly larger than the original original that broke after 16 months of continuous wear. Followed other reviewers advice and soaked the replacement band holder in hot water for 10 minutes to soften it. Uses liquid hand soap to lubricate and it slipped right on. I’ve had it on for a couple of months and do not notice any difference between this and the original.

The bands are well made and fit my fitbit charge 2 very well. I bought a package of 10 bands as it was a great price, and now i know i will have great replacements bands for a long time to come. The package arrived promptly and i am very happy with this purchase.

Fit my fitbit charge hr perfect. Stretched it over the clasp with no problem, slide it down the band, and it went back to it’s preformed shape. Great for when your original wrist band holder breaks and you don’t want to buy a new fitbit or complete wrist band.

I ordered these thinking they were for the fitbit surge but they are not, they are for the smaller branded fit bits, so i had to return them. Would have given 5 for price and quality of i was actually able to use them.

As others have mentioned, the plastic is pretty hard, and quite difficult to put on the band. What worked for me was to dip the part in some very hot water (nearly boiling) for 15-20 seconds, then hold with a dry towel while forcing the clasp through the now softer part.

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This is how watch companies get you for more money right?. The watch works fine but the rubber band starts cracking and then you have to buy a new one. The keeper for me is always the first to go and i haven’t found them sold independently. I replaced my keeper on my watch and also another old watch i had laying around.

Perfect, exactly what i needed. As good or better than original. Did not need 10 of them but still worth buying, got spares now. Not that difficult to put on but is very snug getting over the buckle. Used my car key to help push it on.

Perfect timing because the original one on my fitbit just broke.

These are hard plastic, but easily put on existing bands.

I used it on my old charge hr and it works as expected. I even put two on the clasp as my 11 year old son wears it now, and it provides extra support for making sure he won’t lose it. And it appears compatible with the new charge 2, as that is what i wear now.

I know that they’re only for the fitbit brand, but i used it for my garmin vivosmart hr. It’s just a little larger than band with a noticeable gap, but after my fastener broke, i purchased these, and it does the job well enough that i don’t need to bother purchasing anything else. So if you’re looking for something for that purpose and you’re not a perfectionist these will do the trick.

Hard to put on at first but overall work as they should.

My fitbit works great and has for a couple of years, but my band keeper (the little rubber piece that holds the band after you hook it thru the buckle) broke and fitbit doesn’t offer a replacement band keeper. Luckily i found your store and purchased the band keepers for a great price hoping one would work — and it did. It only took a minute or so to stretch the loop over the buckle and that was it. My fitbit is back to new and i expect it to continue on for some time. Thanks for offering such a great product.

Product was exactly what i needed after my original fastener broke off and was lost. However, i did not need 10 items and which the product could be purchased in a smaller amount, but i realize this amount of product is probably most effective and economical to ship. Side note: the fastener ring was a little difficult to get over the metal clasp, but it will fit. Just needs a little elbow grease.

Product fits, even though it was difficult to get onto the band.

Saved me a lot of money not having to get a new fitbit.

Tough to get on, but once you do, it’s awesome. Make sure to soak in boiling water for 10+ minutes (i did a 5 minute soak, heated the water again, then did another 5 minute soak). Would recommend you trim your nails beforehand too, otherwise you can slightly chip the plastic as you’re trying to wrench it over the metal. And not really worried about how long it’ll last, since you get ten of them.

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As has happened to many other fitbit users, the sliding band holder broke off my charge hr. Without it, it’s unwearable. Fitbit does not offer single parts like these for sale and because my warranty was a year overdue at the point it broke, all they could do was offer me 25% a new product (still great customer service on their part, but they should really just sell these little things instead). I remembered seeing colored band holders on here for the regular charge or the flex, but not for the charge hr. The hr band holder has a little extra piece sticking out on the bottom so it ‘snaps’ into place in the band slots. None of the listings i saw had that feature. I almost gave up until i stumbled onto this listing. It has the little extra bit of material so it will actually hold onto the band and not just sit on top. As another reviewer posted with a photo for reference, it is a bit bulkier than the original band holder that comes with the watch. But when you weigh the options, who cares about that.

I was grateful to be able to simply buy the loops to fix my still-operating fitbit charge vs. While it took a couple of minutes to work the loop onto the band, it was worth it.

These are a near-perfect replacement for the fitbit charge hr strap fastener. They are about 2mm longer (along the length of the band – see photo) than the original and these do not have the ‘fitbit’ text stamped on them. Other than that they work perfectly. Are these impossible to get on?. I soaked one in hot water for about 30 seconds to soften the silicon and then (with a bit of urging) was able to slide it over the band’s clasp. I read the previous reviews noting that these do not easily fit over the buckle/clasp. You want them that tight otherwise you’d be replacing them every few days when they slid off and got lost. I’m going to keep one more as a backup then all i have left to figure out is what i’m going to do with the remaining 8 of these things.

These bands are exactly as described. They help secure your fitbit and are comfortable to wear. Mine have lasted for months now.

It took time to get it over the clasp, but better than having to replace the whole band. Not sure if i’ll ever us up all 10, but this definitely was worth the purchase.

The size was a larger then expected, did not have an indentation to hold band in place.

These bands fit well, are easy to put on and provide the interior tab that locks in to the band that the cheaper versions do not have.

I needed the purple ones and of course i saw them after i already got the black ones.