I ordered this to replace a my original dongle. As soon as i plugged it in my fit-bit linked up.

Qucik service, and this was the correct part.

Was perfect just what i expected.

My old wife likes the fitbit to track sleep. She isn’t getting any according to the device.

I have a mac and it would not sync with it. I’m sure it would work with a pc as it was sturdy etc.

Was having trouble syncing my alta hr device to my hp laptop (relatively new laptop with bluetooth 4. ) but could not get it to work. Bought this dongle, turned off bluetooth and the device synced on the first try. Fast shipping, product feels high quality.

The product is made well and works great, i received the product arrive on time, well made and works great.

Key specs for for Fitbit Wireless Dongle Replacement USB Wireless Sync Dongle for Fitbit Charge 3/ Ionic/Flex 2/ Charge 2/ Alta HR/Blaze/Surge/Charge HR/Flex/One Activity Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Trackers:

  • 1pc EcsemĀ® Fitbit Sync Dongle, Replacement USB Wireless Sync Dongle for Fitbit Charge 3/ Ionic/ Alta HR/ Charge 2 / Alta/ Blaze/ Surge/ Charge HR/ Flex/ Charge/ Force/ One Activity Monitor Trackers
  • This ECSEM Fitbit Wireless Dongle compatible with Fitbit activity trackers: Fitbit Alta/ Blaze/ Force / Charge / Charge HR / Surge / Flex / Force / One
  • Plug&Play: Plugs into USB port. Ideal for laptop or computer. Easy to carry; Notice: Please keep the distance within 1 meter between Fitbit Tracker and Dongle
  • Package include: 1pc Replacement Wireless Sync Dongle for Fitbit Trackers
  • Please NOTE: this fitbit wireless sync dongle replacement need win7 or lower computers. Order with confidence with a 1 year warranty for replacement or full refund without return the item.
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Comments from buyers

“No Windows 10 App
, Worked like a charm
, Works great

First one only lasted 1 month.

I works well- it connects the fitbit device to my windows 7 computer-still having trouble loading music onto my ionic, but that is another issue. On another note: i don’t understand why these usb devices need caps- i’ll never use it again and it is another piece of plastic that will be around for hundreds of years. Kind of wasteful and thoughtless. And- after i received this device, i must have left the cap on my laptop keyboard. Since the cap is black, it blended into my keyboard. I shut down and closed up the laptop at the end of the day, and when i opened it the next day, the cap had destroyed my laptop screen. It cost me $60+ to replace the screen (i did it myself).

Great product, as described. Nice backup charger that does what it’s supposed to.

I was pleased it did just what i wanted great job.

This is to operate your fitbit if you don’t have a fancy phone and want to use a pc instead.

Replacement dongle for hubby’s ionic. Works well and charges it just fine.

Allowed me to connect to desktop computer running windows 7 pro. Fitbit support really left me hanging when i couldn’t connect to a computer running windows 8. 1, a mac or my android phone. After 45 minutes support could give no reason even when they advertised compatibility with my equipment. The dongle did the trick but the fitbit synchs the best when full charged.

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I’ve got a fitbit ionic which i have linked to my tablet, and my mom has a fitbit alta hr. Having both linked to the same tablet was a bit inconvenient as i had to sign out of one account and then sign into the other, etc. So i bough this for our desktop pc (windows 10) in order to look at her alta with it. It’s been working perfectly – just install the fitbit app on the pc and it sync’s quickly and lets you view your data. At first it seemed like it was having a bit of a problem syncing, but that problem seemed to go away after the first day and for the last month or so, it’s been working without any problem whatsoever.

I had forgotten to charge my fitbit and it didn’t hold the right date and or time. I thought that i would have to replace it, but i found this dongle for just $11. 99 and it saved my fitbit and me quite a bit of $.

Dongle arrived on a sunday exactly as promised and in perfect shape – works great.

I don’t like a million apps on my phone. This makes it possible to do everything on my computer.

Got the product in the time i was told it would arrive. When i went to use it everything went perfectly. I am very glad to give a great report.

The dongle arrived on time and was well packaged. I am using it successfully with a fitbit app to track daily progress and provide weekly reports.

Great dongle it got my fitbit to work with my computer.

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This product is a great remedy for someone who doesn’t have a smartphone and needs to use a computer to sync a fitbit. This is the purpose for which we bought it. Great product and great service from this company.

A priceless accessory to any fitbit device.

Fast shipping and works great. Seller attentive to buyer great job.

I was unable to update my fitbit (change the time, etc) and after plugging this into our computer at home we were able to do everything we needed to get my fitbit up and running.

The wireless dongle works fine, but be advised that you cannot use the new windows 10 app with it. You have to use the older application no matter how much the pc prompts you to upgrade — do not do it. It just puts you in a loop of install and uninstall.

All i did was plug it in and it worked. Sent my fitbit dongle through the washing machine and this worked great as a replacement.

Plugged it in and ‘wala’ it works perfect.

I received the item quickly. It worked great and replaced the one that came with my fitbit.

Works, needed this replacement.

I received my fitbit wireless dongle within days of ordering it. It is so refreshing to receive something ordered in the amount of time promised.

Replacement band for my fitbit.

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