Unable to wear jewelry in an operating room this clip holder did wonders being clipped on name badge.

This fitbit meets my needs, love it.

Love it good protection against loss.

I am a massage therapist by trade so i cannot always wear my fit bit on my wrist. I love the silicone clip because i can clip it onto my bra and it’s still with me all day long. Magnetic clasp is pretty tight. I did lose it temporarily one time because i had it clipped onto my swimsuit while i was doing some backyard cleaning but there is an app you can download to help locate it. I have had it for three months and i am very pleased with it.

I was agraid of loosing this off of my sock. It has a very strong magnet. It is usefull while walking the dog. Or at the grocery store while both hands are pushing the cart.

Love this thing, so much better than the wristband to hold my fitbit. The magnet is very strong, and holds closed tightly so it doesn’t fall off.

You don’t feel the reminders to move on the hour but i’m okay with that.

Flex 2 fits perfectly in this. It conceals well and the magnet is very strong. The step tracking is fantastic too, very accurate.

I’m very impressed with this product. The magnet is powerful, i’ve slept with it attached to my pj’s and it’s still attached in morning.

Was really frustrated with my fitbit being on my arm. It wasn’t tracking my steps at the gym on the treadmill so a friend told me a lot these and it’s been great. Accurate readings for my gym log.

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I really like it when i am going out to walk.

Great for work, much better than the bracelet if it’s a messy job. The magnet is very strong, very easy to lose, but haven’t lost it yet. Here are the specifications for the eGenPlus Silicone Clip Holder:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • eGenPlus Silicone Clip Holder for Fitbit Flex 2 ONLY.Track your steps in style wherever you go!
  • Quality silicone material and lightweight, Easy to install and carry around.
  • Fashion Silicone Clip Holder only!Tracker or other parts NOT included!
  • Multi color options, give you comfortable wearing experirnce.
  • 12 Months Warranty,replacement or full refund without return,RISK FREE.

Great when you don’t want to wear any fitbit bracelets.

Awesome gadget for holding your fitbit, super strong magnet but saying that you have to be careful, my wife lost hers for a day and we found it stuck to the metal dishwasher rack the next day. Good news is that it’s durable and no damage after running a cycle through the dishwasher.

She doesn’t like watch bands, so this was perfect for her. She wears it on her brassiere and is quite happy with it. I gave it a 4 instead of a five because it’s so small she sometimes forgets to take it off of her bra, and i forget to check for it when i do the laundry. Otherwise, it works great and as advertised.

I absolutely love this product. It is just as described, and if you live by your fit bit steps then you will love this. I clip it to my pocket and it stays all day and i don’t have any trouble with it, i’m a teacher so often my hands are busy but i am walking and wearing my fit bit on my wrist just doesn’t count my steps accurately enough for me. I also do stepbets and do you have to get a certain number each day and order to win and get your money back and make money, so every single step counts.The magnet must be neodymium or something similar because it is surprisingly strong, and yes you can get stuck to a metal surface which is very comical and funny to explain to people. Don’t hesitate to buy this product.

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Reviews from purchasers :

  • I absolutely love this product
  • I love the silicone clip because I can clip it onto
  • Great Fitbit accessory