Replaced fitbit flex original band that broke. Love colors, secure buckle with keeper. A great find, and easy color matches to my outfits. Sizing is very flexible – these would fit a large man, or can be buckled quite small.

I think that these wristbands somehow interfere with the accuracy of my fitbit. Other than that, they are durable, and i like that they can be adjusted like a belt. Also, darker colors don’t show dirt. My original fitbit band was green, and after months of use, it always looked dirty even when i tried to clean it.

My fitbit flex band was always so hard to clasp, then i wasn’t always sure it would stay on.

Like the watch-band type closure. It’s very easy to close and open. Didn’t notice if it comes in more than one size. If so, would have liked it better if it were a little shorter.

I wish i had found these earlier, like when i first purchased my fitbit flex. This is the third package of replacement bands for me. The big difference is it goes on like a watch band which is so much easier than the traditional fitbit band. Thanks for having a purple one.

Great quality and colors for the price. They run a little on the larger side. My original fitbit band is a small and i have to wear these on the tightest slot and still have a little extra space. Great bands, but if you have really small wrists they will likely be too big for you. I wish they made them in small and large options.

The original ones, would fall off when i was sleeping or just even walking sometimes. These are so much betteri haven’t had one of these fall off a single time. They also don’t cause sweat underneath for some reason. Other ones i have tried, my wrist will get super sweaty under the band. I have not had that problem once with these. They are strong and durable and wonderful. I highly recommend them, so you don’t lose your fitbit device. Sometimes i forget i even have it on. And the multiple colors are great, although i’ve only use my black so far.

These are better than the fitbit bands because of the buckle, but i have to wear it on the smallest size.

These bands are slightly wider wider than my fitbit brand original factory bands, but they are also sturdier and do not fall off because of the different clasp closure. Definitely a little bulkier, but more secure. I enjoyed the various colors and wear my fitbit more regularly now that i’m not afraid of losing it. I purchased a pack of five original fitbit bands from rei last year but the snap closure they offer is not nearly as secure as the ones here. I’ve attached photos of a side-by-side comparison of the slightly larger bands i got from amazon, versus the fitbit brand ones that i got at rei.

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Not only are the colors perfect, the fit and texture are really stylish. The value on these can’t be best either. The fact that they have a watch style band instead of the traditional fitbit band makes them exactly what i was looking for.

I’ve got a fitbit flex and the band that originally came with it finally wore out, prompting me to look around for a replacement. These four replacement bands do exactly what they were intended to do and now that i have four, i can color coordinate the bands to the clothes i’m wearing. The replacements are actually better than the band that came with the unit as they are thicker and have the watch-like clasp that insures you won’t lose the fitbit (the original band came loose on many occasions; i was just lucky i never lost mine). Buy them; i recommend them to you.

I had a lot of problems with the original fitbit band as they wear off in a few months of use. I have had these for a week of so now but are comfortable. I also like the watch strap mechanism, makes it a little more secure when playing sports.

Arrived super fast, easy to fasten, looks great, much more comfortable than the band that originally came with my fitbit. The purple one has pretty purple colored lights rather than the standard white lights for the indicator. This is more comfortable to sleep in because it doesn’t stick to my skin the way the original band did, and these look to be pretty durable. Here are the specifications for the EPYSN 4PCS Fitbit Flex Band:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • One size fits most wrists size length :5.5 to 8.25 inches
  • Secure watchband-style band for fitbit flex, prevent the tracker fall off
  • Made of top quality tpe and tpu composite materials. Comfortable, durable and waterproof
  • Classic and fashionable watch band highlights your unique taste and fits your business outfits
  • Replacement band fit fitbit flex Only,Package:4PCS fitbit flex replacement band.No tracker

There were a variety sizes but all but the smallest fit, as can be. Makes it nice because i tend to rip them.

I love everything about these bands. Several colors and they close securely. All my other bands came apart at the seam after a few months, but these bands don’t have a seam and that makes all the difference in the world. I would have saved myself a lot of money had i known about these sooner.

The push kind of clasp hurts my old lady thumb (smidge of ra) so i was really glad these 4 bands were available for such a great price.

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I’ve have had the purple fitbit flex band for about a month and it is working great. The reason for the 4 stars is that the color is starting to rub off and black is showing through. Not that big of a deal, and i kind of like the look. I have an 8 inch wrist and i have this on the 3rd to the last hole. It is not tight and able to move a bit. I like the watch like buckle. It feels more secure than the original fitbit band.

These are a bit stiffer than the originals but not bad at all. They hold the fitbit fine and the clasp is so much better than the original one. Not too excited about the purple one but the black and browns are fine. No problems with it irritating my skin.

Great product, hubby was afraid the fitbit would fall off with original band. This one is made with good material, strong, holds up well to our active lifestyle.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • I love these. I love that they buckle
  • Good replacement bands; good value
  • Fitbit Band

Definitely worth purchasing for this price. I lost my first fitbit when it fell off my wrist, and almost lost my second one after it fell off again. These are very secure, look nice, and feel like great quality. I can’t see how they could ever fall off.I also really like how the little light window is tinted so that when your fitbit lights up, the lights match your band. I have pretty skinny wrists, and they fit comfortably.

These are great and work well with the fitbit tracker piece. My fitbit band was falling apart after 3 months and i was constantly afraid it would pop off and i’d lose it. With this watch clasp band it’s sure to stay on secure. I love that there is a white and black band offered and at such a low price.

Love how the clasp is like a belt , instead of the “normal” fitbit band. The buckle on the band seems backwards. Love the quality, the colors.

Good, neutral colors, that go with any professional outfit. I wear these to work and it doesn’t draw any attention, which is great. The bands are adjustable, and fit like a watch. It’s easy to take out the fitbit, which is nice.

They’re a bit wider than the stock wristband that comes with my flex, so my flex at a glance doesn’t look like a cheap woman’s watch. They have a nice pattered texture which looks good and seems to resist scuffing. Oh, and most importantly – my flex doesn’t fall off my wrist anymore. The tinted screen over the flex leds is kind of neat too. For example, with the green band the flex lights look like green leds.

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After dealing with the bands that my fitbit flex came with, i must say i absolutely love this ‘watch style’ adjustable band. The colors are great and go well with my clothing. In addition, the price was right.

My fitbit flex module fits perfectly in these wrist bands. The bands are comfortable and they seem durable. Two of the metal buckles were detached wen i opened the package, but they are easily re-installed on the bands by depressing the spring-loaded watch band posts. 95 for four bands, i am very happy with this purchase.

These wristbands are very durable. I would have given 5 stars if they were more flexible. The wristband itself is a bit stiff.

First of all, i really like how secure these are. Just like a watch, no tearing off your flex or knocking it loose. As a guy i like the color selections too. Apparently the flex was geared towards women?.Seems like most of the colors are more feminine for bands available locally and online. Compared to other bands i’d have probably tore through one by now.

Perfect fit, very comfortable, well manufactured – a perfect upgrade to the awkward, original flex bands – highly recommended.

I am very happy with this band. It is easy to use with the fastener on it.

Bought these for my mother, and she said they were great. Now she has some different colors.

I don’t usually write reviews but i felt this product was definitely worth my time to write about. I use my fitbit a lot and was in the market for new bands since i have snapped the two out of three i owned. This is made out of strong, durable rubber. The band it is pretty long and adjustable so it should fit big wrists and little wrists. The closure is very secure so you don’t have to worry about it snapping off. I like the variety of colors you can choose from and the price can’t be beat.

It’s actually stronger and better looking that the original fitbit band. I will buy again when this one breaks, but that may be awhile from the looks of it.

The problem with the original band for the fitbit flex is that it is too difficult to latch and of not latched correctly, the band can snap off. This band is just like a regular watch band or the fitbit charge hr in that it has a metal clasp. This is a much better way to secure the watch. It allows the module to be very secure and is stylish with a similar pink shade as the original.

The colors are fun to mix and match with my outfits. They even fit my small wrists. They are a little bulky for sleeping. But comfortable for daily wear.

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