I just started using these to give them a try after i didn’t want to pay $15 for a new fitbit brand holder. It’s only been a week but i already like the fact that it is easier to put on and take off than the more costly fitbit brand clip holder. I will update my review if necessary after having used for a while.

This fits my fit bit zip perfectly. It actually works much better than the original one from fit bit. The clip stays snug on my waistband.

I’ve had my zip for only 4 months, and the original clip holder from fitbit has already fallen apart. It was always nearly impossible to get on as it the clip had very little give. I ordered these due to the number you got for the price. I didn’t care much about the colors, but it’s actually nice to have choices. But the best thing is how easily they clip when compared to the original. And even though they clip easily, they don’t fall off. I actually consider these to be an upgrade from what the zip came with.

I’m so glad for the previous positive reviews for this product. My original fitbit holder was ridiculous so tight i could barely clip it on and the tip literally broke. This clip holder is perfect.

Fit my fitbit zip perfectly. Have not had any issues with them. These seem to do the job quite well, maybe even better than the original that it came with. But, for now i am very happy with this product. I would definitely recommend it.

These are a little thicker than the original one that came with my fitbit zip. They are sturdier and my device hasn’t fallen out of them. They are also easier to slide on to clothing. Bought these because my device kept popping out of the case it came with and these are much better.

Seam much better than zip holder that came with fit bit. These are snug enough to feel secure, but not too tight where i feel it is going to ruin my clothes putting it on or taking it off.

Comments from buyers

“Better than the original clip
, I love it! As we all know
, Pink- Not Red

These zip holders are exactly what i wanted. They aren’t exactly the same as the original, but they work just as good. I have been using my zip for about a year.

Very pleased with the ability to slip the princess cruises ocean medallion into this. Fits snugly yet easy to slip in. Looked at lots of alternatives so we don’t have to use the bulky lanyard case while cruising for 15 days. Also ordered a wristband, should come tomorrow. Anyone looking for a case for om this one is fine and has a lot of color selections.

I cannot believe that i purchased a fit bit zip two years ago and the case for it was troublesome after two weeks and she suffered through using it every day with the clip tearing at clothing. Found this totally by accident and the difference is phenomenal. Fit bit needs to hire this company to make all their products that protect the device. When i purchase a new fit bit. I will return and get a few more of these as they are in different colors and my wife thinks that is ‘cool’. What a small price to have paid for satisfaction.

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The stretchy rubber covers on fitbits wear out after repeated usage. When it was time to replace them, i selected everact’s product. They arrived on time and are exactly what i needed.

I have broken 2 of the fitbit zip clip holders so far and found this one for much less $. It is plenty strong and stays in place. I have been wearing it for 3 weeks now and i’m completely satisfied.

I have two original clips that came with my fitbit zip. I have glued the annoying tip back on both of them many times. Finally decided to look for a replacement and found this colorful set of four. I honestly think they are much better than the originals that came with my fitbit. These slide on easily, stay firmly in place, and there is no sign of the little tip loosening up. Someone commented that they don’t stay in place but i have found that not to be the case. They seem to be much more comfortable and the price was excellent.

Didn’t get the colors described. Advertised white, red, green but received 2 with and 1 red. I wanted the green one for a special situation. These do work if you want a clip for a 1. 25′ medallion as in ocean medallion on princess cruises.

Only complaint is that the silicone is not as ‘sticky’ as the original, and the clip part is looser. With the original cover i knew it would stay put on whatever i clipped it to, and would have to forcibly remove it. This one slides a bit on it’s own and can work itself off if i don’t check it and resecure it throughout the day.

Needed some color to find where i had put my fitbit when i removed it, and also to keep mine separate from my husbands. These colorful ones fit nicely and work perfectly.

These are well-made holders for the fitzip. They are as good as the originals. I have bought these twice, and was not disappointed. Plus, i love having the different colors.

I lost my previous pedometer because the clip wasn’t strong enough. I’m very happy with the strength of hold this clip has.

This works as advertised and stays in place. After a few months the bottom tip fell off, and i super glued it back on. Every once in a while it rubs against my waist and irritates it. I just change the position or the side i’m wearing it on and it’s fine.

I occasionally need a new clip because these wear out. This package of three came on time and was perfectly priced.

As we all know, the little piece on the back of the original fitbit case falls off and gets lost, leaving exposed metal. This clip is less tight, not a struggle to attach to your clothes, so the little piece seems unlikely to fall off. I wear mine on my bra, and so far, i like this better than the original fitbit brand cases. Still seems to hold nice and snug.

My issue with the original fitbit clip holder was that the plastic end came off after just a few weeks. Part of the reason may be that the clip was way too tight — i had to pull the clip end away from the body of the holder to get it to slip over the edge of my clothing. This one has just the right amount of tension — not so much that it’s a strain to clip on, but plenty enough to keep the fitbit clipped securely. It has yet to slip off and the the plastic tip has remained attached. These clips are also a great value.

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I love that you get all of the color varieties for this wonderful price. I’m pleased with the product.

My son somehow snags his zip case, causing it to bend, and thus not hold tight enough not to fall off. While fitbit is really good at customer service and has replaced cases free of charge in the past, i do feel this was our user error and was fine paying for replacements. Glad to find inexpensive replacements that work just as well.

Little plastic end fell off of the original so needed a new holder for both my and my wife’s clip. These fit the bill and work as expected.

Basically the same thing you get when you order the fitbit brand but a whole lot less expensive. It does separate some where the rubber meets the metal end but you can push it back and get it to stay together longer. Tried super glue to keep it in place and it seems to be working so far.

Ordered these to replace the zip fitbit clip that came with the fitbit. The fitbit fits snugly in the holder and the clip is withstanding my many daily changes of clothing. The original clip lasted 2 years before the plastic around the clip broke off and revealed the metal inside. Will be happy if this replacement lasts as long. And, there are two in the package. Am very pleased with quality and purchase so far.

After reading the mixed reviews, was unsure how these would be, but thought i’d give it a try. On my original case that came with the fitbit zip, it fell out of the holder the first time i put it on my pants, so was concerned would lose my fitbit. I ordered the purple and black cases. The plastic is a little firmer- was a little more difficult to get fitbit in, which i took as a good sign. My fitbit is securely in the case, has not fallen out. Mostly wear on my slide shoe around the house, but also fits well/secure on waistband of pants. Very happy with this purchase.

After reading the reviews, i was mildly concerned about the quality of product i’d be receiving, but it turns out my concerns were unwarranted. My zip fits perfectly inside the holder and the fit is snug, despite the material being slightly less stiff. I’m also pleased that the clip isn’t quite so difficult to slide on and off of my clothing, but it isn’t loose and i have no issues with it not being secure. Who knows how it will hold up in long term, regarding the end of the clip, which is what prompted me to replace my factory original. But hey, even if it doesn’t last as long, i can get three for less than the cost of one made by fitbit.

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It is very well made and easy to get off and on. The original one that came with my device was so tight it was hard to get on and off.

I got these fitbit zip covers and they work just fine. Not quite as heavy duty as the original but so far (after constant use) they are holding up well (i’ve tried different colors for different days). The black one seems a little tougher than the purplish pink one- just fyi. I will certainly get these again if they wear out.

These hold up equally as well as the fit bit brand, meaning they break separate after a month or so, but i like the colors and they are less expensive.

Since the original manufacturer’s design is flawed – we’ll see how well these hold up. Could be better then the original.

As stated above, it is much better when trying to clip it on anything. Other than that, it looks exactly like the more expensive clip holders.

I was looking for a pink and blue set for myself and jay and the color descriptions for this particular zip case/cover all read red- but it looked pink in the product photos so we took a chance and i was thrilled to see it is indeed, pink. Of course if you want red, you might be a bit upset by this. I do agree that these grip better, and are easier to install than the standard zip case. I wear mine on my thick bra and it stays snug all day with no issue. I will update if i have any tearing or wear- so far, several weeks, so good.

A pretty good replacement for the original fitbit zip case. Seems to be about the same quality level but at a lower price (and you get 2). Just like the original fitbit holder, i had to use a tiny dab of gel superglue to keep the rubber flush with the little plastic tip at the end of the clip, after a couple months of daily sliding the fitbit into the watch pocket of my jeans at the start of the day, and back out at the end of the day. Still have the second one ready to go.

These darn things keep breaking- the ones i have gotten from fitbit- so far these have proven to be better than the original for a fraction of the price.

My wife reports: tried one from a christmas present to see how it functions. It does grip the waistline on most pants, but it slips off when wearing workout pants with a lighter waistband. This happened with all 3 holders in the package. The grip is definietly not as good as the original fitbit clip holder, and she ‘does not’ trust its security from possible loss. She will use the holders only as backups, while waiting for a fitbit original replacement. However, based upon the limited gripping issue, my wife would not recommend them to her friends.

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