Fits the fitbit zip perfectly and has stood up to months of use without falling apart like the fitbit cases do. The pink is very vibrant, pretty much like what the pictures look like here.

My original fitbit clip was extremely difficult to clip on and pull off. Eventually the small plastic tab on the clip came off and it started becoming a hunt to find the piece which eventually got lost. Without that small tab, getting the fit bit clipped was impossible so i purchased this replacement. It is so much better than the original.It slides on/off my pocket much easier and the plastic tab piece on the clip is remaining intact. Its been a month now, and i’m always wearing the fitbit zip, so we’ll see how this continues to hold up.

Packaged well, arrived timely, the quality seems good, as expected. I hope the little tip on the clip part that always falls off to ruin the whole piece stays on better, though. I love my fitbit zip and the colorful options for covers.

My zip clip needed replacement and this was perfect. It seems just like the one that came with the zip when i bought it. I had no problem getting the zip into the holder as some reviews said. I am very pleased with the price and the delivery time. I have a green zip and i ordered a black holder.

Words simply cannot convey the degree of satisfaction i have with my new fitbit zip clip holder replacement. It is everything i had hoped for and more. The green color is a stark contrast to most of the clothes i’d hook it to which means i’m far less likely to forget it than i was the old black one. It’s also easier to spot on my nightstand or car floorboard or anywhere else i might temporarily lose it — if it ever fell off which by the way it does not. Yes, i know that a standard black model might be acquired for a buck cheaper, but you get what you pay for, people. Get with the program and keep steppin.

Absolutely love it – much less expensive than ordering from fitbit directly, i’ve gone through 2 of theirs. Love the color selection and love the pricing on it.

This is identical to the holder than came originally packaged with the fitbit zip. I wear it every day and after two years the original metal clip on the back starting pulling apart from the silicone. I was pleasantly surprised that it lasts so long and have every reason to think this one will as well.

Key specs for EverAct Compatible Clip Holder Replacement for Fitbit Zip (10 Color):

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Clip your loved Fitbit Zip tracker on your pocket,socks,belt or bra
  • Personalize your Fitbit Zip to match your daily style with these new color choices
  • Made of durable material to keep your FITBIT ZIP tracker safe
  • Third party accessory,not official replacement clip
  • Replacement Clip Only.Tracker not included

Comments from buyers

“This works for Fitbit Charge 2, thankfully!
, Great seller
, Good replacement holder, great price versus OEM

Appears equal to name brand. Like better color options than original, too. This is the second time i’ve bought one of these replacement clip holders for my original zip, and i would buy again as long as the zip continues to work. Very pleased with this product.

This is not fitbit brand but my fitbit zip fits perfectly. This also clips onto clothing a lot more smoothly than the holder that fitbit makes so i think it will last longer due to less wear & tear trying to get it on and off.

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This fits perfectly with my fitbit zip, and for the price i was worried about the quality. It’s not exactly the same color as my zip, and the material is a little more stiff than the clip that came with the zip when i bought it, but as it sits under my cl they clipped to my bra, i don’t really care. It does its job, and does it well.

My original clip the tip of plastic broke off. Now exposing the metal started to be uncomfortable.

Omg, when my clip originally broke, i thought i would have to replace the whole thing, but being able to buy just the replacement clip was amazing. The color is not a perfect match, but i don’t mind as mine is worn under my clothing.

The holder seemed to make a good fit with my zip and clipped on my waist securely. My original holder lasted 3 years before falling apart so i hope this one lasts a good while.

I’ve been waiting to review this until i saw how it held up after months of use. The original fitbit zip holders are junk. Ridiculous that i had to go to everact to get one, but, finally, i have a clip that doesn’t break after days of use. I will not buy the fitbit clip holder again.

It works with my fitbit even better than the original clip holder. The original lost the hard plastic tip when i took it off my bra and ever since tore several of my t-shirts and bras scratching me on the way. So this clip holder does the job of the old one.

The stock holder i had for my fitbit zip had fallen apart. I used super glue the first time, which extended it’s life by a few months. But eventually it came apart again. I bought this to replace it and it’s worked great. Holds together we’ll, fits the fitbit perfectly, and is close to the original. You can definitely feel a difference between this one and the stock one, but it’s not really a big deal. If your holder is falling apart, this will definitely let you keep using your fitbit.

I ordered a fit bit zip cover from everact and couldn’t be happier. My last cover bit the dust after years of being clipped to my jeans/pants/skirts. The cover came well-packed and arrived promptly. I won’t hesitate to purchase from everact again.

I like this clip holder better than the original one from fitbit. It clips on and off of my clothes much easier, and i don’t think the hard plastic bit on the end of the clip is as likely to come off as the original one. But we’ll have to see how that works over time. In the meantime, even though i keep it in my pocket most of the time, i do like to put it on my t-shirt pocket when i walk sometimes so that i can look at the numbers often for motivation and to see how much further i need, etc. , and i clip it to my shoe when i ride my bike so it counts steps as i peddle (and there’s no pocket in my bike shorts), so i’m very glad to have this, and of course it’s much more reasonably priced than the fitbit one.

Honestly, this zip holder replacement is worlds better quality than the one from fitbit. I’m on my 3rd zip and counting (have had one for many moons now) and have ordered several $20 or so fitbit zip replacement holders so i feel qualified to say this. I’ve had this everact holder for a while now (didn’t want to write the review until i gave it time) and it’s literally in the same condition as when i bought it.

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This case fits perfectly and the clip part is the same quality as the factory version. It stays put throughout my 10 hour workdays where i’m running around constantly (25,000 steps + in a single shift). The only reason for 4 stars is that the metal behind the tracker is already starting to rust from sweat (i wear the clip on the collar of my t-shirt, turned in). It’s still holding up and i plan on ordering more of these.

Perfect replacement clip for my fitbit. For me, the backend of the clips wear down from daily wear and tear, seems like an intentional design flaw to keep selling replacement clips. All that aside, this is my favorite replacement level holder. Minus the fitbit logo this is identical to the original.

I had to replace the original one because it fell apart. The clip on this one doesn’t seem quite as tight which solves a lot of the problems the original had. I’m hoping this one lasts a bit longer, but it’s affordable enough that i can always replace it again if i need to.

Based on the first week, i predict this will last longer than a fitbit brand clip. Time will tell but the clip portion feels more durable, and it is easier to slide on and off without feeling as if it will come off inadvertently. Fitbit should be embarrassed by the quality of their product; perhaps the zip is on its way out and they’re not putting any effort into it.

Only lasted a few months before the plastic clip on the back fell off. This worse than the real fitbit zip cases. Bought another 2-pack of replacement cases from this brand and the plastic clip fell of the back of one after 1 month of use. I had high hopes with all of the glowing reviews.

This little holder is great for the fitbit zip. The only reason i have it 4/5 stars is because the rounded piece at the bottom separates and comes off sometimes. I bought a second clip before i located the lost piece. Now i have two so i’m ready if it falls off again. It would be better if it were one piece. I do like it and it clips to my waistband easily and is not noticeable.

It is exactly like the one which came with the fitbit when i bought it. I probably wouldn’t need one except i have left the fitbit attached to clothing in the wash at least twice, and eventually the color faded and the plastic weakened. I will try not to subject this one to quite as much abuse.

Okay this is actually working for my fitbit charge 2. I was very annoyed that there are no clip holders for the charge 2. I am allergic to both the silicone and the leather bands and needed something that would clip to my clothes, so i didn’t have to spend more money to buy the fitbit zip tracker. Sure, the heart rate is not accurate while you are wearing the charge 2 on a clip, but it beats having to spend more money for a clip on tracker. If i really need the heart rate to be accurate i can always just put the charge 2 back on the leather band. For 30 minutes or so i will be okay. I was concerned that the charge 2 would fit so poorly into this zip clip holder that it would fall out. I’d guess that super strenuous activity might cause it to fall out (maybe) but i don’t do that type of exercise.

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Great quality, every bit on par with the original. Love the lime green color as it stand out and i don’t throw it in the wash accidentally. Not that i ever did that with the black clip.

I purchased this clip holder for my husband’s fitbit zip. He indicated that he actually likes this clip better than the original that came with the zip.

My old holder had lost its small cover for the metal clip, so it was a little rough on my clothes and skin. This was an easy way to make my fitbit ‘new’ again.

I like the vibrant color and it makes it easy to see if dropped. Clip seems strong and holds it firm in my pocket. My original holder only lasted about 6 months before the silicone started tearing. I am interested to see how long it lasts. I hope you found this review to be helpful, please click below to indicate that you did.

Actually fits tighter on zip than the oem and the clip on back is a bit looser so it just goes on snugly rather than having to be forced on clothing. And it matches my zip better than the one that came with it.

I didn’t realize it was not made by fitbit. It is made of a thinner material than the fitbit product and it has a looser grip. At first i thought it might slip off my clothing, but so far it hasn’t.

My husband uses fitbit zip and clip on his holder broke off. I usually call fitbit but they don’t replace holder besides, my husband is tarheel fan so carolina blue holder suits him better. So far no issues with this holder – stays put with my husband’s 20,000 + steps per day walking. He loves the color and durability of his zip holder.

I’ve only had it a few days & it’s good so far. I doesn’t feel as tight as the original when i clip it on but fits tight enough. I hope it lasts longer the ones i have previously ordered from fit bityesterday,after less than two weeks, i had to super glue the little tab back on to the bottom of the clip. Seems to be a problem, for me, with these, whether i purchase from fitbit or elsewhere. Though 10 days is now a new record. Curious how long the rubber will last now.

Purchased a used fitbit zip but the original clip was broken. I ordered this and it fits snug just like the original did. Has worked beautifully so far, and i’ve worn my zip clipped to my sports bra throughout boxing and muay thai sessions with no problems. My only concern is that the little hard plastic ‘end’ on the clip part looks like it could be a weak point and break off with lots of wear, so we’ll see. At the price though, i’d be happy to purchase another one if that happens.

Bought this at the suggestion of my doctor. Doc wants me to put 10,000-15,000 on a day. Pretty tall order but i can at least keep track. Unit seems to work as it is advertised. Holds onto my belt or pants at the beltline. Even works on the exercise bike if i put the fitbit in my sweat suit cuff or clip to top of sock (only counts the one leg so double the number for total steps on the bike). Bought an extra holder in case clip breaks, although this clip is pretty robust.

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