I just got this and i like it. It’s pretty easy to use and does all i need which is keep track of 2 intervals for a certain number of sets. Only problem i got is the sound it makes. It mimics the bell sound you would hear in a boxing match, but it sounds like toy. I was hoping for a beep sound not this. Another thing is the belt clip. They don’t tell you how to remove it and you need to remove it in order to get the arm band on it. It got 2 hooks you just have to push it down (carefully; towards the bottom of the timer, not into it) till it comes off.

This timer makes the difference for me between doing my exercises and not. Pressing the ‘start’ button and running through a full routine is much better than trying to look at a clock’s second hand. Works great, however, the bell-noise is absurd (as other reviewers noted). You can set it to rumble-only and it’s fine. Simple to use, large start/pause button. Function buttons are simple and out-of-the-way. Only one ‘regimen’ at a time, have to reprogram to change it. Ok:it comes with cheap-o batteries. Not everything in the settings is intuitive, but the printed instructions cover that.

Does what it’s supposed to do. Stop watch and interval dual-timer anywhere from 00 seconds to 99 minutes. Where it fails:-first off the instructions for operating the device are in russian or some other unintelligible language. You will have to search online for a pdf in english. This search brings it up: everlast interval timer instructions sku 7011-secondly and most annoying is you can’t change the volume or sound of the alarm. The alarm is a very loud and shrill boxing bell. Perfect for a gym atmosphere, not so much when at home doing your own thing. Fortunately the vibrate function is very strong and will be audible if clipped on the right surface. In short it does what it’s supposed to do but i would look elsewhere.

In order to improve fitness and lose some weight i purchased an indoor bike to workout doing hiit spinning exercises. Since the exercises are timed and repetitive i started using a gymboss interval timer. The base gymboss model timer was ideal but the alarm sound was very hard to hear with old age hearing and a tv sound or music playing. The everlast interval timer reviews suggested the sound level was loud and yes it is and definitely solved my problem. Set up requires a little patience and practice but once accomplished the timer performs 100%. It’s big enough to handle, it is fastened to the handle bar stem on my bike with the strap and is easy to read while working out. This is the ideal solution for simple interval timing. Delivery was second day with std.

This is a great, easy to use timer. I recently started a mixed interval training program and works really well whether i am walking/jogging or lifting weights with timed rest periods between sets. I also like that it can be set to beep or vibrate to alarm when a period is nearly done. Now i can focus more on the activity i’m doing than trying to read a watch.

Purchased one of these to workout with a friend and it helped us keeping track of the timing of each exercise we do. You can set the length of time you want to work out and how much time for a quick break in between. I like how easy it is to use.

The boxing rounds are perfection and were already pre-programmed on the unit the way that i wanted it which was great. It is extremely accurate and the clang of the bell when i have 30 seconds left in my 3-minute boxing round is awesome. I would recommend it to anyone, especially if you’re like me and you’re trying to replicate what you’ve been enjoying in a structured boxing class on your own in your own garage with your own boxing equipment.

I have been using it for over a year on a daily basis, i totally recommend this product. Works great for tabatas, boxing rounds and a a chronometer. I also use set it to just one interval on manual mode to rest only 1 minute after an exercise. You can set it to time 2 intervals like rest and work or just 1 interval from 1 sec to 99:59. You can set it manual in order to activate it each time you press the button, for an amount of 99 rounds or to go for infinite rounds. You can set it to warn you 10 sec or 30 sec before the round ends, or no warning at all. The ability to attach it to the wall with the magnets is really useful. I use it probably 2 times a day for more than an hour and the battery seems to hold for more than 6 months, probably like 8 months. I have dropped it on multiple times and it always keeps working, on one occasion one battery came off and on other occasion both batteries came off, i thought my workout was ruined, but turns out that it will keep working without batteries for around 20 seconds, enough time to put the batteries back and keep training. I would buy this product again.

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You can clip it to your belt or strap it to your arm. I sit it on a stand near the bag i punch in the gym. Read the instructions carefully. Operating it isn’t as simple as you may think. I haven’t figured out the rest periods on it as of yet. That gives me 3 minute rounds with a 30 second rest period. If you want a 1 minute rest period, set the timer to 4:00. You can set it to warn you when to break and when your break is over. These are just bell rings to let you know the round or rest period is over. When your rest period starts, it’ll ring which ever one you choose. So, if you are in a loud gym, you can hear it. As small as it is, the sound is as authentic as an actual ring timer. You can choose to make it vibrate and ring. The rounds are there as well. You can set 2 different timers. The only reason i gave it 4 stars out of 5 is because of the instructions. But as for function, it gets 5 stars.

I am using this for galloway running method (6 minute run, 1 minute walk). It is exactly what i wanted. My setup:-pry the belt clip off and use the strap-put a couple of stitches in the strap so it fits on your upper arm-use the vibrate onlyi’ve used it for a run of a couple hours with no problem. I tried other devices, but the setup and functioning of the everlast are clearly superior.

‘come-on people’ – details make the difference. The unit functions nicely (no complaints) once you play around with it and figure-out that which the instructions don’t provide; how they define certain terms (at times using a term with different meanings depending on the mode. Plus, use/benefit of the different modes could be better explained. The belt-clip is too shallow to be functional (instructions weren’t provided on how to remove it – i was afraid i was going to break it). Once the belt clip is removed you can insert the strap; but the strap is so ill fitted that i had to order a different type of velcro strap altogether. Oh, and it’s not the size of a deck of cards – only 3′ long x 2 1/4 wide.

I think this is a solid, well-made product. It has lasted just fine for me for a year, using a lot to time rounds for my mma classes. I wish it were easier to change time settings (for example if you want to switch off different length rounds). As it is, it’s time consuming and if you mess up you have to cycle through all the settings again. However, it has lasted and it’s loud so i’m happy.

I had the first generation gymboss and used it for a few years until it no longer displayed numbers (when i took it apart i found that the strip connecting the lcd to the circuit board was really flimsy). It was small, simple, and effective. Fast forward and i am surprised that gymboss still has a monopoly on the stand-alone interval timer. Don’t get me wrong, i think the gymboss is a great timer, but i have a hard time justifying the price after seeing the internals of it. I decided to give the everlast timer a shot. First off, the everlast timer is less expensive and comes with both a belt clip and an armband. The first difference i noticed is the size. It is significantly bigger than the gymboss. Here are the specifications for the Everlast 7011 Interval Training Timer Yellow:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Features both dual interval timer and stop watch modes.
  • Interval training timers are the perfect boxing gear necessity for a core workout.
  • Adjustable rounds and rest periods.

The round end alert is super loud. I like the fact that the round end alert can be set to vibrate instead of ring. Comes in very useful when trying to stay fit while in hotel rooms.

One thing i really love about this timer is i can put it on the floor during battle ropes and put my foot on the stop and pause button. Then i can restart it the same way. This allows me to break the 2 minutes up into 4 sets. Seems well made but it is plastic and cannot be thrown around. I still need to learn all the custom settings, there maybe easier ones out there but i feel i selected the one right for my needs. My only one less star is because of the easy of use. Not sure if there is a volume for the bell sound but that would be a nice feature.

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I purchased an interval training timer, because i compete in horseback riding, eventing, and my horseback riding trainer recommended a ‘cross country watch’ that would allow you to set time intervals. The idea behind it is to improve fitness by working at a high difficulty level, and then lower the difficulty level for a set number of minutes. You would then increase the number of minutes at the higher difficulty level as your cardiovascular and muscle strength increases. I began working out at riverton health and fitness at the very end of june, but i absolutely hate doing cardio (i am a clock watcher, even when listening to music, or putting a towel over the timer). So for the first 2 months, i only lifted weights, and rode my horse, and used the excuse of, ‘i’m not in shape enough to do cardio yet. ‘ deep down, i knew i was lying to myself, but i continued with this excuse in my mind. My cardiovascular strength while riding barely improved, even utilizing the interval training timer. I thought that perhaps using the interval training timer while doing cardio would make doing a cardio workout easier, because i was so out of shape cardiovascularly, and i could barely do 7 minutes on the elliptical machine. I tried the interval training timer the first time on the elliptical machine. 5 minutes at high difficulty, and 1 minute at a lower difficulty. I set the timer to not only alarm, but also to vibrate indicating the change. I was told by my trainer mike colangelo, that my heart rate should remain around 120, and so. I started at a difficulty level at 1, then i started the interval timer.

I just receive my everlast interval training round timer. Without looking at the instructions, i was able to load the batteries, but with five different buttons it was not intuitive how to change the interval timing settings. So, i decided to read the printed instructions included in the package. Unfortunately, even with a graduate degre, i am unable to read the instructions. The reason is simple: they are only written in russian and i took french as my foreign language. I noticed on the amazon site that this package is approved for shipment in the us. Granted the package has english on the external packaging materials, but to only provide russian-language instructions for a product with fairly technical directions to change the settings. The setting change trick is that you have to hold down the ‘next & change’ buttons at the same time to move into the ‘settings change mode’. Then, the change button causes an individual setting to ‘change’ and the next button moves to the ‘next’ setting change. If you want to get a copy of the english instructions, i found the following english instructions on the internet: http://www.

I use it for kettlebell workouts to signal when i should change hands in the snatch, and to determine the half way point when timing the jerk or long cycle. I had problems with the first timer i bought, and it was immediately replaced by everlast, and done so very kindly and with integrity. The replacement works great. I love the sound effects of this timer in that they are more like a boxing ring bell. Super cool and easy to hear. This timer is far superior to others i have used. It i more rugged and the display is larger. However, i have yet to figure out how to insert the arm band. The clip itsrlf works just fine. I definitely will buy from everlast again. They stand behind their products, and their customer service is top notch.

Everlast is easy and let’s me get away with no excuses in workouts. I have 2 now-one for my home gym and one in a wetpac for the pool for swimming laps/ rest. I can get the timer down to times rounds or a stopclock. I like the rounds best where i can time a round/rest, with bells +vibration. I can take this and put it wherever. It only got 4 stars as it can be a bit challenging to get used to to learn how to set it. Once you do it once, it’s easy. Set up can be a hassles and i do wish it had a magnet someplace to put on the door hinges. It easily keeps me moving from exercise to exercise station for crossfit.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Everlast versus miniMax
  • falling apart but functionally sound

I do like this timer, but it is just so cheap. But since i knowingly paid for a cheap timer, i’m not going to give it less than three stars. Problems:1) batteries must be removed before tossing it into your gym bag because the large ‘start/stop’ button presses easily. For me, if i didn’t take the batteries out, the bell would go off and on until i rummaged in my bag for it and silenced it with a steely glare. It probably needs a glass or clear plastic cover to keep this issue at bay. 2) the covers that keep the batteries hidden break easily. I’ve lost one, and the other is about to break. Also, read the instructions. I had to learn how to operate it without reading the instructions, but i’m a genius of course.

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I ordered this because the gym boss that i was using conked out on me. If you are debating over this or the gym boss, i would recommend that you consider this. First of all, the settings are easier to change than the gym boss; the display is much easier to read; it has a vibration setting that can be used instead of the audible beep; it has a start/pause bar on the front that is very easy to manipulate – on some exercised i place this on the floor and start the device by lightly touching it with the toe of my shoe. No problems with it whatsoever at this point and i have been using it on a daily basis.

I have owned this timer for about two years and have used it weekly for my heavy bag workouts. Easy to use and great features like the silent-vibrate mode and control lock (which i only discovered after repeatedly hitting the stop button mid-round). Very durable and can take a beating (dropped it quite a few times and only popped off the battery covers). My only gripe with it (for which i took off a star) is that the elastic velcro arm band slips down your arm during intense rounds which is annoying and stops you dead in your tracks (can’t fix it with gloves on). Other than that, it’s a solid round timer that does the job.

I needed a simple timer to help me better track my cardio interval times (one minute high intensity, two minutes rest). This gave me everything i needed and more. You can program interval times for as many sets/rounds as you need (i’ve only tested it up to 6 sets for my needs but have seen others program it at 20 or more). You can also program interval ending alarms (none, 10 seconds before round ends, 30 seconds before round ends). The alarms themselves can either be audible, vibration or both. All in all a wise but affordable investment, and quality isn’t too bad either.

This product (everlast interval timer) is everything i expected. It does a great job at everything it is supposed to do. I like other reviewers wish that the alarm was something other than the boxing bell, you can turn it off for a vibrate only mode though. Controls are very intuitive and it was easy to set up with the instructions.

I wanted a timer for crossfit, hiit, and other workout timing for use at home. Digging through the reviews didn’t help, except it seemed like a lot of people liked the minimax or the everlast interval training round timer. I have two workout locations so i bought both. If you want to do clever combinations of intervals (e. 5 min work, 50 sec rest, 4 min work, 40 sec rest, 3 min work, 30 sec rest etc. If you have many interval combinations you want use (and store into memory) you need the minimax timer. But it is somewhat complex to program, there is no end of round warning beep (if you want to have a warning beep 10 sec before the end of a 1 min work interval you have to program it as a 50 sec interval followed by a 10 sec interval), the loudest beep setting is not as loud as i would like, and for a given program you can only have one beep sound (not distinct for warning or rest or whatever). In the middle of a workout this can get confusing. If you only need one or two interval durations (for instance 20x 1 minute rounds, or 5 minute rounds with 1 minute rests between, or 20 sec on, 10 sec off tabatas) you need the everlast timer.

I train alone most of the time. It helps that i can press the start button without removing my boxing gloves. The numbers are big enough for me to read several feet away. I like how you can customize the time, number of rounds, the kind of alarm (sound/vibration or both. ) and if you want to start the timer yourself, you can put it on manual mode. When i train alone, i like putting it on automatic with several rounds set already so that my training is not interrupted. I just wish there’s a better way to attach the strap to the timer. I just couldn’t get the strap through the back. I’m sure i can hook it to something so i can string it through but i am just not that patient.

Batteries don’t last very long. The buttons are slow to react after about 5 uses. I was using it for an interval training class and had to stop using it after buttons completely stopped working.

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