I received the chargers on time and in perfect condition. I used it immediately as my fitbit alta needed to be charged on the spot. I’ve only used the long cord so far and have had no issues. I love having the longer cord as opposed to the short cord that came with the fitbit itself. My only “issue”, if you could call it that, would be how flimsy the plastic is; it’s even more flimsy than the original charger and that lasted less than 1 year. However, given the price, i guess you can’t complain too much about the quality of the plastic.

Works as well (if not better) than oem. The 2 cords are different lengths which is convenient. I have one at home and the other at work. The restart button is useful but i haven’t had the need to use it.

These are a good value and come in two different lengths which makes them more flexible for placement than the originals. Fit perfectly and no problems using them.

I was a bit hesitant to order this item online, as i imagined them being a knock-off. When i received them, they looked and worked exactly like the one i had originally. Would recommend to a friend.

The oem charger cable of my fitbit alta is the weak spot – i’ve gotten fitbit to replace them twice for me at no charge. Because i expect that this third oem one will fail too, i was thrilled to find a replacement set reasonably priced. Love the variable lengths too. I use the fitbit heavy silver bangle bracelet so a longer cable allows me to charge the fitbit without taking the bracelet off. In the past i had to take the bracelet off if there was not enough space to set the bracelet next to the computer because the oem cable is so short.

The items arrived quickly and worked perfectly. As a nice surprise, one of the chargers had a longer cord for easy usage. This helped alot when charging by my bed.

I lost my original fitbit charger and needed a replacement. Charges just as fast as the original and with a reset button. I love having the extra long cord. I just found my original charger but doubt i will use it, as i prefer the ones i just purchased. It is really nice to have spare chargers to carry around. Now i can keep one at home, one at work and one in my purse. I am very pleased with this purchase.

My original charger fell on the floor and it was stepped on and cracked. So far this seems to work great. Charged quickly and attached easily. I love that it’s a 2 pack with 2 lengths. Also love that it has the reset button as some don’t.

  • Well, it’s better than not having a charger. Mostly.
  • Quick and easy
  • Very reliable

EveShine 2Pcs Fitbit Alta Charger with Restart Button (30cm, 100cm), Replacement USB Charging Cable Charging Cradle Dock Cable Adapter for Fitbit Alta Smart Fitness Tracker Watch

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  • Value Pack: 2Pcs Fitbit Alta Charger with RESTART BUTTON in different lengths (30cm, 100cm) offer a length ready for every situation, giving you more choice to solve the cable problems. NOTE: Please plug into the USB port onto PC, Laptop, Mac or Notebook. If you connect it to the adapter, the current must not exceed 1A.
  • CONVENIENT & FAST CHARGING – This slim charging cable easily packs into purses, backpacks and more, and plugs into any USB port, so you always have the power you need to Track Your Routine! ONLY for Fitbit Alta BAND!
  • JUST RELY ON IT – All quality and safety checked, Advanced Safety. With a reset button on both of the chargers. Quickly click the reset button 3 times within 8 seconds, your Fitbit Alta Smart Fitness Tracker will get restarted. Get that stylish band back on your wrist and start strutting your stuff!
  • MORE is BETTER – Get one for home, the other one for work, keep your Fitbit Alta Charged up and ready to track all your activities. NOTE: Don’t plug the charger the wrong way.
  • With RESTART BUTTON – How to restart your Fitbit Alta? Plug your charging cable into your computer; Plug your Alta into the charging cable; Press the button on the charging cable three times with a slight pause between each press but within 8 seconds. The button is on the end of the charging cable. After you see the logo on the Alta’s screen you can unplug it from your charging cable.
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The longer one charged my alta about five times and then stopped working. The short cable is still working. I ordered another set on the chance that it was a fluke. If any of these fail, the next review will not be so nice. I feel like someone owes me a replacement for the failed cable.

Love that there are two different lengths. I like to keep the shorter one in my car to charge while i am driving and the other at my office. I hate extra long chords in the car so the short one is perfect for that. These charge just as fast as the one that came with the product. Very happy with my purchase.

I’d initially thought this broke my fitbit, but i tried charging it again and now my fitbit is both charged and working fine. So, i took away a star because it caused some weird tech stuff initially (didn’t charge all the way but said it was nearly fully charged and then my fitbit died) and showed the battery icon on my fitbit even though i hadn’t chosen that, but now it seems to be working fine.

My original charger died fairly early on after purchasing my fitbit alta in the end of december 2016. After a few months of having to have the wire in awkward positions it would just no longer charge unless i held the wire. I ordered this set and it works great. I charged my fitbit via my laptop within 2 hours after it was completely drained of battery. I did not try the wall charger yet as my wall charger is a fast charger and i’m not sure if it fits with the current recommendation of this product. I paid extra for 1 day shipping and it was still worth it to get these 2 chargers for the same price of one original fitbit charger.

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Purchased this set after the charger that came with my fitbit alta broke. These were very cheap and did exactly the same thing. It worked perfectly from day one.

Quick delivery and a good product. I love that i have two charges, thus lessening my odds of losing my charger again. I now have one for home and one to take when i travel. I particularly like that you have two different length of chargers. This makes it so much easier to plug into my outlet and be able to have the length in the cord to set my fitbit on the table or bedside table.

I was on a trip when my charger broke – while on the plane home i ordered another one. Saw the two pack and figured it would be good to have a back up. Two days later the chargers were at my front door and i literally didn’t miss a day with my fitbit.

Lost my original charger while on a business trip. Had nearly a full charge on my fitbit, but didn’t know where i would find a replacement charger. Checked on amazon and found this terrific deal. With the 2 day shipping they arrived before my charge was gone. I really like the longer cord on the one as i have more options on where to use my charger now. Thanks, great working replacement charger.

I lost my original charger and got these to replace it. It’s just like the original, has the reset button and clamps on just the same. I can now keep one on my person if i need it and have one for the house. Would gladly get more if i needed to.

I purchased this for the long cord. It is a great replacement cord charges just as good as my original. I wanted a longer cord to run down my headboard to the multi jack i used and this gave me just the right amount of cord.

. Had problems syncing my fitbit but once i was able to “restart” it everything was back to normal. I would never buy a fitbit charger that did not have the restart button.

I love that this came with two chargers of different sizes. I use one in my car to charge my fitbit on the way to work, and the other one in the house on the weekends. Being able to utilize a longer cable is great for me so i can hide the fitbit from my cat who likes to chew on it.

I really like my fitbit, and was so disappointed when my charger didn’t work. I ordered this two charger package, and then received it exactly when they said it would arrive. My battery is now full and i am stepping away.

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I read the other reviews but was in a desperate situation and needed charging cord for my fitbit when i was in california visiting family and had accidentally left mine in oregon. These charging cords work beautifully. I talked to fitbit they said the only reason someone’s fitbit would be reset is if you hit the button on the cord.That is a feature that all fitbit charging cords have. Low and behold i got home and looked at my original fitbit cord and guess what?. So if you don’t push the button on the cord your fitbit won’t get reset and you won’t lose your data on it. I was super happy these cords came in two days and that they were wrapped really securely. I would definitely purchase again.

The fitbit original charger costs around $20 for one so i obviously went for this. My first order was promptly delivered but somehow the shorter cable stopped working. When i sent a message to the seller they promptly replaced it. I also love the longer cable because as you know the original charger is too short and the bands tends to fall off if plugged at a higher socket.

Seems they charge the fitbit ok. Only time will tell if they are durable. I purchased a similar non fitbit charge cable and it just stopped working for no apparent reason. The charge cable attaches to the fitbit fine and charges. Have not used the reset button but this is a key feature if your fitbit needs to be reset.

I lost my original charging cable and was looking for a good replacement. The 30cm cable is almost identical to the one that came with my fitbit and works well. The 100cm cable is even better, since it has the additional length and is more versatile.

I never had any trouble with the original charger, but the tiny thing got lost, so i needed a replacement. I found these and was glad they had a longer cord available. Sometimes i will let my fitbit charge for a few hours until it says the battery is fully charged, but when i take it off the charger to put it on, it actually isn’t charged at all. Other times, i take it off the charger and it’s charged just fine. It’s annoying how unpredictable it is, but i suppose it is a budget solution until i have the extra money to buy one at full price from the manufacturer.

Worked great, was able to reset my girlfriends fitbit with this one. Beware, make sure you buy the cables with the reset button. I bought the cables without it first and couldn’t reset it and i couldn’t send them back without paying what i paid for the item for a refund. Luckily they are fairly cheap and there are 2 cables so if one fails you do have a backup. So far i’ve had no problems with the cables at all and they seem to be made well.