Will dress my fitbit up nicely so i can wear it to a dance. It came with an adjustor tool so it can be tightened if your wrists are narrow. Mine fit right out of the box.

Its not bulky, its pretty and doesn’t look like you are wearing a fitbit. The customer service is awesome. I had a question about it and they helped me out pretty quickly and resolved a personal issue without hassle.

One of my favorite features of the alta fitbit is the ability to change out the bands. I get dressed up a lot and i like the different options. This band is really cute and sparkly. The price is good and it’s not such a large investment that i am worried about knocking it around. I have another one in gold tones and it is just now starting to show wear but the stainless steel or silver finish seems to last longer. I actually bought two bands and gave one to a friend.

This band is so pretty and really dresses up my fitbit alta. I like to wear it every day so it is nice to have pretty bands to go with it. Customer service is very good as i had a problem removing one of the links.

I actually love what this bracelet looks like. But i am very disappointed that i cannot wear it. It is too big and i am unable to make it smaller. It came with a tool to adjust the size. I was unable to change the size as well as several people who tried. I really wanted to wear it so i brought it to a watch repair, and hoped that they would be able to make it smaller. They looked at it, said they would try but couldn’t guarantee that they could do it. And when they told me what they would charge, i decided not to leave it with them. They were charging more than what the bracelet cost. So i am very sad that i have this pretty bracelet, but cannot wear it. **update** i have been in contact with their excellent customer service. They are sending me a new bracelet and have told me that i do not have to return the first one. They have been a pleasure to deal with and i would highly recommend them.

I have very small wrists so i had to take link out, but it came with a way to do so.

It makes my fitbit look like jewelry. It was easy to adjust as well.

Key specs for Famobest for Fitbit Alta HR Bands Fitbit Alta Bands for Women Men, Stainless Steel Alta Fit bit Bands Alta Fitbit Bands Fitbit Alta Replacement Bands Wristbands Small Large:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Perfect fit: specially designed for your Fitbit Alta and Alta HR, Match your daily style and outfit.
  • Comes with a tool to remove the links and resize the band, usually fits for wrist size: 5.5″ – 7.5″ .
  • Metal Bands Only. The Fitbit Alta Tracker is not included.
  • Premium material for added comfort and durability.
  • Make it a gift: If you are looking for an affordable gift – look no further and surprise your wife, sister, friend, or a colleague. Just make sure that they are already rocking a Fitbit Alta.
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Comments from buyers

“Very Nice!
, and fits perfect with all links taken out
, Perfect

The link remover tool included didn’t work, so mine is quite loose on my wrist but fitbit still works while wearing it. Will spend a few bucks to have jeweler remove a link and it’ll be perfect.

I love this bracelet and have received compliments on it. I did have an issue with this product, but the company responded quickly to resolve the issue. They were very easy to work with. I would purchase from them again.

It looks pretty and dresses up the fitbit so it doesn’t look so sporty. It fits the well on the fitbit.

Changes the appearance totally. Very happy with the purchase.

I got the replacement bands for myself and my wife and daughter. Our bands were kind of crudity, and we did not like the rubber ones just because they were the same. The bands we got from you great, i am wearing the black band and my wife also are wearing there’s. The bands are great, even better than i thought they would be. I think they are the best bands on the market today, i would endorse them to anyone that is looking for a new brand.

This is fabulous to be honest. I originally bought it as an occasional band, but after my primary became unwearable, i just left this one on. I’ve been wearing it nonstop(with the obvious recharge,wipedown,shower time off) for about. 5 months now, and it has held up remarkably. No wear down, clasp still tight.

I wanted a nice looking band for my fitbit while at work or going out. This band is so nice and people didn’t even realize i was wearing a fitbit. I’ve received so many complements and i’ve only had it for two day.

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This band is very pretty and feminine, while also being comfortable. It comes with a tool to remove any links you may need to to fit your wrist better. The finish is a polished shine and the little crystals on the side give it just a touch of sparkle.

This works perfect when you want to dress up and still want to wear your fitbit.

The band is very attractive and many people are surprised when i confirm it is a fitbit band. I have now bought 2 of the bands, the first one had the finish turn green and my skin got irritated after the finishing had worn off. This took about 8 months to occur. I wear the band all the time to work, to the gym (obviously take off for bathing/swimming etc). Imagine everything has a lifespan and this product is 8momths. The second band i bought has been having problems with the clasp since about the second or third month i had started wearing it. (read after the return window).

I always get a ton of compliments on my fitbit band. I wear it at work and people can’t believe it’s a fitbit. It just looks like a really nice watch with this band on it. Sizing the band to my wrist was easy.

I purchased this in february 2018 and can no longer wear it because i am afraid of losing it. The two ends that attach to the fitbit alta have loosened with use. The band has detached from the fitbit alta several times and fallen off of my wrist. Each time i have tried to tighten the set screw that holds the latch in place, but it continues to loosen and falls off again. The finish on the inside of the band has also worn off. I love everything about the band but just don’t trust it. I wish i could give it the 5 stars it deserves because it really is pretty. It just doesn’t work for me famobest for fitbit alta hr and alta bands, stainless steel wristbands/jewelry bangle/bracelet/replacement bands/accessories bangle with greek key rose goldsince i posted this review, i received a new band from famobest. They were easy to work with and i love my fitbit again.

I’m on my third one of these- the design is gorgeous and i can’t count how many times i’ve received compliments and questions on this bangle accessory. It is much more my style than any other fitbit bands out there- but i do wish that the quality was a bit better since the white paint fill seems to come off about 3 months in and then the gold gets a little funky in the 6 month period. Please make this last longer. Also- i have fairly tiny wrists, so sometimes the bracelet turns round my wrist when i don’t think it is supposed to. Based on this, the bracelet can either pop open at the latch as my wrist bone rotates, or can sometimes opens up at the fitbit device and bangle joining point. Both always make me nervous about losing it.

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Get lots of compliments and people don’t think i’m wearing a fitbit. I have a professional job, so the regular rubber band wouldn’t look too good. This band dresses us the fitbit. I will buy another one, so i have it on hand.

I really love the looks of this band. I have pretty small wrists and was hoping to remove the links and be able to wear it. But it was really impossible to figure out how to take the links out of it. I was going to send it back, but after seeing i’d have to pay return shipping charges, i decided to give it to one of my sisters – she has bigger wrists than me. It looks very nice – just is impossible to figure out how to remove links.

I have small wrist, and fits perfect with all links taken out. It was very easy to remove the links. Plenty of links for larger wrist.

I thought i could get away with wearing this on a daily basis, but it isn’t really made for durability. It is plated and not a solid metal piece. Still looks nice even though the brass is showing beneath where the silver should be. Definitely a sometimes piece.

This band has held up through it all. I purchased it back in early july, thinking i would just wear it on special occasions. Three months later, it still looks like new. I spent a month at the beach, swam in it (both ocean and a chlorine pool), sleep in it, shower in it, etc. The band hasn’t turned or shown any age at all. The only time i take it off is to charge it. I have a very small wrist and took most of the links out with the tool that comes with it. It’s a tough, very feminine band and i highly recommend it.

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