No problems other than remembering to start it wen ur ready to swim.

Easy integration into pc and i-phone. Gives yards (or meters), time, calories and many other metrics.

I was looking for something to encourage me to swim alone as i was used to swimming with a team when i was younger. The ability to watch my stroke count decreased as i felt my endurance increasing was awesome. I would recommend this to anyone.

Just one complaint, the watch band closure is not secure enough. Had no problem setting the data and syncing. Still need to work with it to ensure my entire swim is recorded as i fidgeted with it quite a bit in the pool. Reading manual again is helpful.

There is a lot to love about this swim tracking watch. First and foremost it captures distance, time, stroke, pace and calories very accurately. The screen is bright and clear, making it very easy to read. It’s also simple to get started and use during a work out. The buttons function well so your data is a quick push of a button away even if you are swimming on a tight interval. The downside for me, is the size—it is a bulky device. While not too wide, the height of the watch is equal to the diameter of my wrist so it is a nuisance to swim with. Even after several workouts i still find i can not ignore that i am wearing it, it creates extra drag in the water. Ideally, i would love all the functionality, plus everyday steps/sleep so i can get rid of my fitbit, on a sleeker watchupdate:while i still think this watch is too big, i have gotten used to it’s size and it does not bother me anymore. It’s tracking capability is really outstanding so i am willing to give it a pass on size.

I was looking for an affordable swim watch to count my laps as i swim. I needed something durable, waterproof and most of all, dependable. I was using a finger counter from another company and it worked but at times i would forget to click the button to count my laps and started the hunt for a watch that i could wear swimming for over an hour and not have me worry about losing track of how many laps i have swum. You have the high-end watches like the garmin, apple, samsung etc. But they are very expensive and if you have the money to blow on a watch that is going to be subjected to water for long periods of time. You better hope that the warranty is up to date. This watch though is affordable and it works very well. Setup was a simple task and using it is even simpler. Jump in the pool, a few button presses and you are swimming. There are only 2 minor annoyances one being that it is a bit bulky for a swim watch and two that the watch doesn’t sync right away to the app.

Works exactly the way i wanted. Easy to see readout, long lasting battery. I love the magnetic charger and wish my iwatch charger connected the same way. I have a small wrist and it’s a bit bulky for me, would like it even better if it wasn’t so thick and heavy. It’s a bit hard to fasten and sometimes it doesn’t fasten completely. Its system is to push a hole over a small peg and the peg is a bit shorter than the hole. I also have trouble getting it to sync with my phone and usually have to try several times before it works. Overall, it does want i want and seems fairly indestructible.

Key specs for FINIS Swimsense Live Watch:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Waterproof watch that uses proprietary algorithms to record the most accurate swim workout data.
  • Provides a detailed analysis of workout data including total laps, pace, calories burned, distance-per-stroke and SWOLF (efficiency score).
  • Using the FINIS Live application, users can view and share workout data from multiple devices.
  • Able to identify all four swim strokes: butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle.
  • Ability to customize pool distance, preferred measurement settings, gender and weight.
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Comments from buyers

“There is a lot to love about this swim tracking watch
, Great affordable swim watch
, I wasn’t able to feel the water with my left arm like I can with my right

Does not track accurately and since it does not display on going activity i have to keep track of my laps by counting, not good when i’m swimming.

This is really like a fitbit for your swims, and i thought it might be too good to be true. It tracks stroke counts, total distance, time/pace, and more. Enclosed with the watch was a detailed tech sheet with instructions for use. They’re also available online. It’s bulky but you get used to it pretty quickly.

Used this swim watch for the 1st time today. It did exactly what i hoped for, keep track of laps, distance etc. Clearly displayed on screen. No more trying to count laps. Synching with the app was seamless. I did not even notice it on my wrist once i got going into my workout.

In use, i had no problems with the accuracy or durability of this watch. Additionally, switching between programs/settings is straightforward and easy. For this to be a 5-star product, i would have liked the following:1. Heart rate sensor; maybe this is a pipe dream and just isn’t possible because it is immersed. Overall fitness tracker, (step counter, mileage, etc). It’s hard to forget about this manacle when you’re wearing it.

This watch has some pros and and some cons but the pros definitely outweigh the cons and this is a solid four star product. I’ve been swimming in our pool daily for the past few days using this to see how much i’d like or dislike it and i really actually like it a lot. First let’s go with it’s strong points:- it’s very accurate. – love the fact that it captures distance, stroke pace, and time (calories too but that’s not as important to me personally)- very easy to usenow for the drawbacks:- it’s really, really big – (almost uncomfortably so)- for such a big device the readout is really dang smalloverall the pros definitely outweigh the cons and i honestly think this is the best swim tracker on the market. If you’re looking for something to help you track and improve your time in the pool this is definitely the product i would consider.

Great way to track your swim data especially if you need your data for the swim team like my nephew. This product perfectly fit his needs in swimming. Of course, during the actual competition, the watch can’t be worn as it’s a bit too bulky to wear. Overall, it’s a decent swim watch that is durable and at a reasonable price.

This is a very innovative tool for swimmers to keep track of their workout. Wondering how long that swim across the lake really is?. Have an accurate reading with this waterproof watch. It charges with a usb cord that can plug in to all normal usb slots. It charged fine from the usb plug in on my computer. The band is made of a tough rubber that is extremely comfortable. The only difficulty was the plastic snap sometimes pops out of the hole. It may need to be worked a bit to get a snug fit. I latch with a rubber band for now to make sure it doesn’t pop out and i lose it in the lake.

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Read outs would serve better if vertical.

This watch is pretty incredible that it records your swim workout so accurately. It’s smaller than the competitor watches (garmin) which i really like about it. It is extremely accurate as well. I wish the screen was a tad bigger and the writing is a bit tiny, but i guess that comes with the feature that it is sleek and small in design. Obviously waterproof and the battery last a very long time as well.

I gave this the old college try but i found that i was unsuited for it. I used to swim miles several days a week, laps in our community pool. When i first tried this, it gave me information that was kind of bewildering to me, and which i wouldn’t follow anyway, because people could literally be shouting at me, like a swim coach and i just do whatever i want — because as everyone knows, i can’t hear anyway. Then i was mostly swimming in lake michigan and i go out until i get tired and come back in. Yes, i do know that this is stupid. However, while i found this to be capable of a lot of information, it turned out that i was not receptive to the information.

The finis swimsense live watch does what it is supposed to do. It tracks laps more accurately than the fitbit flex2 but is rather large and bulky. I wasn’t able to feel the water with my left arm like i can with my right. If there was a way to make this device smaller, it would be a 5 star tool. I think this watch would be good for those looking to track their swims but as a former swimmer and current high school coach, i can count my own laps as i’m usually doing sets, not just swimming back and forth.

I like its a great and accurate way to track my swimming work outs, my only complaint is the watch feels a little bulky and if you have smaller wrists its not exactly the most comfortable thing ever. Overall it’s a decent product and does as advertised but maybe for ver. 2 it should be slimmed down a bit.

Had to wait until the dog days of summer to try this. It does exactly what it says it does. I am very pleased to be able to accurately track my time in the pool, whether laps or just swimming, without having to do it by time. I am not on a strict exercise regimen, but i do track my steps, etc. , and i am a fanatic about getting it right.

I came from garmin swim, while it is also a excellent swim tracker it does not has bluetooth connectivity thus you can only sync with your laptop and not your mobile phone. Finis can sync to both platforms. As it is a dedicated and focused product for swim tracking it does its primary job very well. I means counting laps, as i hardly use the more advanced features found in my garmin swim. Ideally, i like my swim watch to be able to make phone call and stream my music wireless when i am in the gym before my swim session. Apple watch came close, but because it uses e-sim that did not have the advantage of a physical sim, so i jumped ship and went with those with physical sim. Now i own 2 watches which fulfilled all my requirements.

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It begins with a personal touch. A handwritten thank you note included in the package by team finis. This is a company and brand that isn’t just making products, but building loyalty. If you have experience using smartwatches and fit bits and are a swimmer – professional or recreational – then you will be impressed by the myriad capabilities of this watch. If you want to accurately measure the positive health benefits of swimming exercise or are competing professionally, this is an excellent choice. I took and dip and a test dive with the finis live at my local fitness club and was amazed at the results and accuracy of data rendered. No technical issues or malfunctions. Swimsense live is customizable by inputting your personal settings such as measurements, weight and gender. The app was easy to download from google play and is compatible with windows, mac, android and ios devices. Note: read and follow the instructions carefully and to the letter. After your app is set up, swimsense has the ability to analyze stroke specific data and it is in this function that we dive deeper into just how smart this watch is by analyzing arm movement, butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle, calories burned and more. When i was in high school the swim coaches had stopwatches… we’ve come a long way since then. You can also share the workout data on multiple devices.

This is quite an impressive swim watch. So impressive, i quickly realized i don’t need anything this fancy for swimming. It does a great job at what it does, but i think you need to be an avid swimmer or competition swimmer to really put this to good use. The basic features are tracking stroke count, total distance swam, and lap pace. It does all of those fantastically. Through the app, you can get the calories burned and stroke data. The watch is sleek in most of the fit, but bulky in its thickness. This is a swim specific watch, you will not want to wear this around while you are not in the pool. The band is comfortable and very secure, so you don’t need to worry about it coming off. In order to get the best results, you should make sure the watch is snugly in place, if it is loose enough to wobble around on your wrist you will get odd results from the data.

I have their old version of the swimsense watch and i loved it, but the buttons are getting sticky and it time to replace, so i got this one. It easy to setup and use, and the size doesn’t bother me, but with my old swimsense i would upload my workout to the web site where i could see all the swim metrics; lap times, strokes per lap, etc. Also, i could upload my workout to training peaks. The only info i can see on the phone app is total swim time, number of laps and average lap time. Where is all my other swim info??. Need to update this software.

Really a very dated product. Very bulky and the bluetooth connectivity is unreliable. But that said: it works remarkably well for tracking swim laps and pace. Gives good stats once it does finally sync with your phone. For the price is actually decent. If you don’t want to spend on a fitbit or apple watch but need a swim tracker, this works.

This finis swimsense live watch is pretty good for keeping track of laps, but not really much else. So, yeah it is basically okay.

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