Quick shipping and the cable works properly. Perfect replacement charger.

Original and excellent item.

It’s the oem charging cable for the alta hr. Note: this doesn’t work for regular alta’s, and regular alta’s chargers don’t work on the alta hr. It was (around the time of writing) $8 more than knock off brand alta hr chargers, but i figured it was worth the peace of mind.

This is not the charger for the alta hr. The prongs that charge it do not match up. It works, but it should not be mistaken with being an alta hr charger. I was rather annoyed when this arrived. Fortunately it worked and so i will keep it, but it is annoying that it is not the right charger.

I’ve bought other cheaper brand’s before but they don’t work so well. It is best to get the real thing. A bit more pricey but it is worth it.

Works the same as my original that i thought i had lost. But did find after the replacement came in.

Works great and did not short out my fit-bit like the cheaper imitations do.

Key specs for Fitbit Alta HR Retail Charging Cable:

  • Plugs into USB port
  • Ideal for travel or to keep at the office
  • Designed and manufactured by Fitbit
  • This charging cable is only compatible with Alta HR (not Alta)

Comments from buyers

“Four Stars
, Yaycharged my FitBit
, Works as it should

The charger that came with my fitbit was a dud and worked maybe 2 months and stopped charging. This one works great and charges it instantaneously.

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At first, i couldn’t get it to work, so i hit the ‘reset’ button and it started charging right away.

The question: is it what you think it is?. The answer: i’m quite sure it’s what you think it is. Shopping brand-name for fitbit chargers seems like a good idea where cost-benefit measurements are concerned: toiling with an ill-fitting charger seems like a bad idea (especially given the voltage sensitivity and general fickleness of a hard-worn fitbit) plus fitbit certainly has just as much info on how the product is operating as you could imagine (trust me); thus, with things like warranty-compliance and tried and true ‘better-safe. ‘ adages in mind, go with the slightly more expensive one you can trust (and hold accountable if you need to).

Best to go with fitbit brand.

Great replacement charger and like the longer cord.

Good quality, fast delivery.

100% legit and quick shipping.

I’ve worried about having only one charger for my fitbit alta hr – and i didn’t want to try an aftermarket product. Turns out the real thing was not expensive, arrived sooner than i expected and works like the one that originally came with my fitbit.

I had lost my charger while travelling and this one was exactly like the one that came with my fit bit.

One charging cable is in our house device recharging zone; this one my wife carries with her. Ya never know for certain when your fitbit alta hr is gonna poop out on you and man, losing clicks can cause about the same emotional response as your own heart stopping. I’ve learned from my wife’s experience: don’t take your fitbit anywhere without a backup charging cable in your ditty bag, aka, briefcase, catchall bag, gym bag, purse.

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I bought extra charging cables which were not fitbit cables. My fitbit would die in a day, as if it was only charged for a few minutes. I bought this fitbit brand and it works beautifully. Now my fit bit holds a charge for 5-6 days.

I got this to use at my office, so i could have one there as well as at home. It works just like the one that came with the fitbit.

This does exactly what you would expect.

This is a perfect replacement. It charges my mom’s alta like it is meant to.

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