Worked great for my fit bit.

For connecting ‘fit-bit’ watch to a home computer.

He got a fitbit for christmas, but doesn’t have a smart phone. He keeps this plugged into his usb drive on his computer, and has no problems uploading his results.

Just what i needed for my fitbit.

Just what i needed to sinc my fitbit to my computer to view my progress, etc.

It does what it’s designed to do and fitbit setup was a breeze.

It worked 3 times before my surge died.

Does not always sync on first attempt, but does sync by second attempt.

Fitbit back on track and identical to the one i’d lost.

Works great with my lenovo think pad. It is very small and could be easy to misplace so find a good place to keep it. I leave mine plugged in unless i travel with the laptop.

Worked perfect connecting a fitbit to a laptop. Didn’t end up needing it though as the person i gifted the fitbit to had a laptop with bluetooth. Need to look into what else this dongle can do and use it for myself.

Worked great for dongle for my moms fitbit.

Using the app on the computer is way better than phone.

My fitbit syncs now–hope it works for a long time.

Works great for my fitbit charge 2. I wanted to run my fitbit through my computer instead of a phone.

Great replacement for a lost dongle. My fit bit connected right up.

Use it to sync my fit bit at work. Glad i looked this up, is easy to use works good.

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I keep losing my dongle so am happy to be able to replace it.

It works great with two different fitbits and a windows 8. What i like least is that it is easy to misplace, which i have done. I’ve about given up on finding it. But i will re-order the exact same product.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Works when even bluetooth wouldn’t
  • Works Great!
  • It is things like being able to replace my wireles dongle without breaking

It works perfectly for syncing my fitbit alta hr to my laptop. It’s hard to believe that until a week ago i had never even heard of a ‘dongle’.

I have several computers, both mac and pc — adapter was plug and play on both types. I had problems syncing my various fitbit devices (charge 2, blaze, ionic) using bluetooth 4 le on my computers – i plugged this adapter in on my mac and it was immediately recognized. My ionic synced to my mac for the first time ever (all previous attempts had failed)just for giggles, i plugged the adapter into my toshiba laptop; once again, plus and play, once again, worked flawlessly with no effort. Finally i was able to transfer my music to my ionic using this adapter. If you sync your fitbit to your computer for any reason, and have had problems with bluetooth, this is the solution for you.

I lost my fitbit bluetooth dongle for my fitbit one and of course, i went to my stand by amazon and their it was. It is things like being able to replace my wireles dongle without breaking the bank that makes me appreciate amazon.

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Just like the original dongle that came with my ‘charge hr’.

I purchased this dongle because i log in with one of two computers or with my phone. My wife’s fitbit interferes sometimes with my logging in with mine, so this gave me greater flexibility and works just fine.

I lost the original dongle and bough this to replace it.

Bought these as reacements for original mfr supplied product.

I bought one of these so that my husband could connect to his fitbit and pull up his data. It seems to work just fine with the device and he tells me that he’s very pleased with it, and that to me, is worth it’s weight in gold.

So glad to have a replacement.