Better than the stock band in every way. More flexible and softer on the skin. The honeycombs design have already collected collect skin. I expect it to need frequent washing. Oh, and it doesn’t have that bear trap of a clasp that the stock band has. Who decided to reinvent the wheel on that one anyway?.

It takes a little time to adjust to the locking mechanism of the band.

Black is neutrali do have slender wrists and is a tad bulky.

I wish that fitbit would have more bands for ionic.

I bought so many ionic bands. Usually the insertion/connection part of the band breaks easily. Even the original one from fitbit broke after half a year. But this band is very durable. For your reference, i wear the watch almost all the time and during exercises (gym and swim) regularly. One thing to improve is i hope they offer a smaller size for female wrist.

Bought this to replace the standard band after it started coming apart at the edges. The sport band is actually quite a bit lighter and since it has more holes it’s much easier to get a snug yet comfortable fit. Because it’s more breathable it doesn’t get slimy when i sweat and dries off way faster when it gets wet too.

Looks great, feels great, easy to swap out and clean. Great addition to my fitbit ionic.

This band is very light weight and allows your skin to breath. Perfect band for your workouts or sports.

  • Easy to install, lightweight, comfortable
  • It’s worth the price.
  • Great band that does its job very well!

Fitbit Ionic Accessory Sport Band

  • Two-toned band creates a sporty, stylish look that’s ready for anything. Band is made of a flexible,durable elastomer material
  • A brighter shade inside the band delivers an extra pop of colour that’s both fun and eye-catching
  • Signature hexagon perforation design delivers breathability and comfort
  • Water-resistant band is ready for rain, sweat and swims
  • Available in Small and Large

These were easy to apply and look great.

This watch band did the trick for a while. I thought this was the fix for the fitbit ionic errors in heart rate detection and also the times of non-detection and it did that for a few days and then the watch went back to having errors in reading heart rate by as much as at least 75bpm to not reading at all where it just displays two dashes — or back to errors again. The fit of this is very nice, it allows the watch to be flat against your wrist without tightening it as much as the standard bands. And i really like the look of it, sweating less in it too. Personally i have heard a lot of people having trouble with other brands than fitbit tearing, but i can’t say if this fitbit branded one is better or not because i have officially given up and retired the watch and am on to a new fitwatch.

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Airy and perfect for running.

I very much like this sport band for my fitbit. It’s a lot more breathable than the one that comes standard with the ionic. Best of all, it doesn’t have that annoying hook-like clasp design the original has, though the guide does have two rubber prongs to secure the excess, unused part of the band once it’s tightened. This can make it only slightly tricky when it comes to unfastening the band to adjust or remove, but nowhere near the frustration levels of that damn original ‘it feels like a trap’. The hexagonal pattern on this band lends a somewhat sporty, futuristic feel to the design of the device itself. I really like the colors (black outside, grey inside) and although these hexagonals can and will collect dust/dead skin cells/lint, it washes and dries quickly.

Installed easily and appears to be made to last.

This new band replaces the stock ionic band that i broke. (actually, the little piece that holds the end down fell out rendering the band useless) just push the grey buttons to remove, and click the new one into place – easy peasy. Far easier than the tiny spring-loaded pin bars on old watches. This one is lighter than the original – and because it is a bit thinner, it is also more comfortable. The holes are spaced closer together so it adjusts in smaller increments to your wrist. This is really nice because the other one was either a bit too tight, or a bit too loose for me. The piece that holds the end of the band down will not come off like the little insertion post that came off the old one. I was not happy about the ridiculously high price of this (and it is a ridiculous price given that it is just a little hunk of molded plastic) but then again. It works perfectly and makes wearing the watch a more tolerable experience.

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The genuine fitbit bands are much better than any of the third party bands available out there,so they are worth paying more for. This band looks fantastic and it is super comfortable. If i had to find something to complain about, it would have to be the retainer clasp that holds the excess band in place. It can be tricky to get the clasp to let go and secure the excess band because the notches on the clasp are not rounded at all to facilitate the excess band sliding in and out. Hopefully my explanation makes sense. All of that being said i don’t regret buying this at all.

Ordinary and a little too plasticky to me but it works. I feel they can make it look more lux with that price.

I wish i went with this band first, would have saved alot of time. I had a problem with the stock band regarding sizing, it seemed like it needed more holes in the band for my wrist size. It was either too tight or too loose and the snap feature never layed flat, very annoying. This band is much more comfortable and practical than any 3rd party bands on amazon and even the stock band that comes on the ionic. I agree that $30 is overpriced and $15-$20 is much more realistic, but it’s hard to out a price on happiness. It is very comfortable and i believe this perforated band will help cut down on any skin irritation. Also goes together very nice with a black case which was also purchased on amazon.

I love how breathable this band is compared to the stock band. Only complaint and it has nothing to do with the product just wish they had a medium size band. Small is a tab but small with not much wiggle room and large gives too much slack.

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The band that came with my ionic was bulky and i didn’t like the color, so i ordered this sport band. I almost bought one of the many cheap, off-brand alternatives, but i’m so glad i didn’t. It is very well made, light, and way more comfortable than the stock one. I hated paying 30 bucks, but i’m glad i did. It was super easy to replace.

Fits perfectly and comfortable. Using this in place of an off-brand band that failed after a few months. Reason for 4 stars is that it is way over priced.

Fits better and more flexible/breathable than with original.

It may be overpriced, but it looks great and fits my ionic perfectly. The blue metal buckle is a nice touch. The holes eliminate any issues with sweat build up. I’d probably buy another one of these if they had some super cool and funky colors.

Perfectly fit with my fitbit.

Lighter than the one that comes in the box.

The fit feels better than the original that comes with the fitbit.

I had the original band that came with my ionic, but it was starting to break due to the connector piece separating from the band itself. Decided to get this sport style band and give it a try. After using this new band, i’m wishing i would have gotten it sooner. It’s super comfortable, breathable, and looks better than the original. The locking mechanism is also better on this band compared to the original. Would definitely recommend to other fitbit ionic users.

My husband wanted a darker band for his fitbit ionic. This was priced well on amazon and is the same as on the fitbit website. No issues and was easy to swap out bands.

Good deal and i love an oem product.

However, it keeps coming disconnected from the iconic. I went back to the original band that came with the watch.

So far so good, only used it for one day, but it is very pricey for plastic.

Much more comfortable than the included band. Much lighter and easier to wear daily.