My fitbit wasn’t charging so i ordered this one. Then i scrubbed the old charger end with a clean toothbrush and got it working again. They both work so now i have a spare.

Tried the off brand ones first and they didn’t work w the fitbit. Save money and time and just get the one from the company.

Short but works reasonably well.

I lost the cable and was looking for the original replacement. This item came in fitbit’s retail packaging and worked same as the one that ships with the ionic box.

Very surprised to see it was a fitbit band i thought i would be getting generic very pleased.

Fitbit Ionic Retail Charging Cable

  • Plugs into USB port
  • Ideal for travel or to keep at the office
  • Designed and manufactured by Fitbit
  • The minimum and maximum circumference range between 140-206 mm

I keep losing them but have to have it.

I appreciate how well this ionic charging cable works.

Satisfied with delivery and quality, no complaints.

This is an actual fitbit manufactured item. Replaced a lost item when traveling.

Genuine fitbit cable, fast delivery and fair price.

It works perfectly, i wish it was a tad less on the price point but, i wouldn’t trust a third party charger. Been there done that it’s worth the extra couple bucks for compatible products. Have been using this charger regularly after mine was lost (i think the dog hid it honestly) while visiting family in california at the end of november, now we are in january and she is the real deal works like a charm.

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I am really happy so far with this as a replacement after my cat destroyed my original charger.

I ordered this cable and another charger. Based on reviews of other non-fitbit made cables, i decided to at least have one that worked – and it did. The non-fitbit charger did not.

It’s really the fitbit retail version charger that comes in the original packaging. There were other cheaper 3rd party brands but had really bad reviews of doa. So just decided to go with the fitbit version hoping it was actually the real version, and it was. Works wonderfully, quick charge.

It charges my watch, so that’s nice.

I had lost my fitbit iconic charger cable and my iconic was almost dead. Picked up the cable from the amazon locker and started charging it from my cat and an hour later my iconic is ready to go. This cable came in a fitbit box and was ready to go. Did so well i ordered another one.

Fitbit Ionic Retail Charging Cable : Its the perfect length so you can charge it from multiple power sources.

It’s cheaper than buying direct from the manufacturer.

Bought this because i lost my charger. Found it but i am glad to have an extra now. Works as good as the original, i see no difference.

Item was as advertised and delivered on time.

I keep this second watch charge cable with my battery pack in my briefcase, so i can charge it anytime it’s needed.

Just like the ones at the store. This is my third charger that i buy off amazon because my cat keeps eating mine and they work perfectly.

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