Worked perfectly as a replacement for my lost fitbit charging cable.

Needed a replacement fit bit charger was concerned with finding an original. This turned out to be a great buy i got it in less than 2 days and was an original fit bit product.

Works perfect since i accidentally tossed my original. They are so small to keep up with.

Great way to have extra ones in various locations.

I’ve had my fitbit one for about two years now and for better or worse, can’t imagine life without it. I had to order a replacement charger when i lost the original, so i thought i’d write a fast review of this device for the newcomer. The pros: the charging cable is small enough to pocket and forget about. It’s a usb plug, so you can charge the fitbit from pretty much any computer of any size, whether the fb software is installed or not. It also charges the unit with remarkable speed. The cons: because it’s a usb, wall outlets won’t help you, and this is annoying. If the fitbit’s battery is totally dead, it will take several minutes to register a signal. This can confuse the owner into thinking the charger is broken. It’s also grossly overpriced, which sucks because it’s very small and correspondingly easy to misplace.

  • Does the Job
  • It works, no troubles.
  • Good Product but Too Much $$

Works fine, but really should cost about half what it does. Surprised there are not any third party chargers out there considering how expensive these are for what they do.

Works perfect, found the one i thought i lost so it’s nice having two now.

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This charging cable was just as described and i had no issues with shipping. I am only returning the item because the fitbit i purchased it for does not work and i did not know that when i purchased this.

It should not cost 20% of the price of the fitbit itself. However, it does do the job.

Works as expected and looks exactly like the charge cord that came with my fitbit. Only reason it is a 4 star and not 5 is that it was more expensive than the one from fitbit website. But i was desperate and the fitbit website wasn’t working. You can always depend on amazon to help you get what you want when you need it.

Features of Fitbit One Charging Cable

  • Plugs into USB port
  • Ideal for travel or to keep at the office
  • Slim compact design

Plugs into USB port

The exact same as the one that came with the fitbit. I ordered it because i had lost mine. I found the original one when getting ready to pack for another trip, so this one is the one i pack for trips.

This works, but so does the cheaper, non fitbit one.

Nice to have a spare for my fit bit. It is so small i misplaced by first one. . Found it but a spare is good.

Great replacement since i lost the original one.

The only issue i have with this charger is the size. It can be hard to find when looking through my charger drawer. However, the size is also convenient because it is not in the way when plugged in.

Think i accidently lost my original charger while taking out the trash, and by the time i noticed it, it was too late. This unit is just like the one that comes with the fitbit one, and works just like the other one. Unfortunately the price is way too high for a replacement charger. It’s 23% of the cost of the entire fitbit one package. Good product – high price – 4/5 stars.

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Ideal for travel or to keep at the office

I needed to recharge the fitbit and lost the original charger. This small charger hooked right up to my laptop and charged it.

I know i have my other cord around here somewhere but i wasn’t locating it so i just ordered a new one. So glad there is a source for a replacement cord. It looks just like my other one, seems just as good of quality, etc so no problems. I do think it’s a big pricey for what it is but what can you do.

Not much to say – it works fine – my only problem is i keep losing it.

I purchased the item about a year ago. I actually found a fitbit on a parking lot in front of the mall so obviously i didn’t have anything to charge it with. It worked just fine, it came in in just days, and i pretty much used it every night to charge my fitbit. Unfortunately, karma hit me and i recently lost it. But while i had it, the charger was great.

Received my order a day earlier than expected which was wonderful. Plugged it in and my fitbit is now charging. Happy to recommend this shipper and cable.

Perfect just what it is advertised as, shipped and received timely and it oem.

Slim compact design

This charger fulfills its purpose of charging the fitbit. It is just the charging cable, so you will need some type of wall of car adapter to fully charge the fitbit if you are not using your computer to charge.

It does exactly what it’s supposed to do. It’s priced a bit high, but i figured i’d get the name brand, instead of the knock off.

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I bought it to replace the one i lost but then found it the day before it came in the mail.

It works, i kind of wish that it was longer, but it is okay. I bought this because i lost my first one. Only to have the first one show up the day i got this one. So now i have two, which is fine. It powers the fitbit and doesn’t heat up or cause undue power drainage from the computer.

As represented its worth paying a little more to get the real thing vs.

Works as expected, like all fitbit products.

This has one purpose and was designed by the company for that purpose, so it simply works. If you need to replace the charging cable.

It’s great to have an extra fitbit charger. I keep one in my work bag for when i am at work or traveling for work. I think it’s a little over priced but it may be worth the convenience to some people.

Perfect replacement for my original cable i misplaced.

Since i had one before this was to replace it. Works excellent and fitbit is an excellent company to deal with.