I tried some of the other 3rd party wrist bands, and they all irritated my skin. I paid more for the real mccoy, but i’m glad that i did.

The white gives it a super clean look. Great with the silver fitbit. I’ve been wearing it for about 3 months and it’s never stained or had any discoloration. I was worried it might attract dust but it doesn’t. Goes with any outfit except a dress lol. Every few days, i take the straps off the fitbit and give them a good cleaning with warm water and soap to keep any germs at bay.

Received in a timely manner and was exact replacement.

It was absolutely what i was looking for.

All in all i really like the band. It’s a classic style that i feel compliments many of my outfits. I have the cognac version and pair it with my rose gold versa. I really like how the small sports band fits, but the small horween is shorter. The sports band is roughly 1/4′ longer on both ends. So when i put it through the straps it there isn’t much band on the other side of the second strap. I personally like a little band to show, it’s not a deal breaker, but something i think is important to know.

Really nice blue leather wristband. Assembly was easy once we figured out what was going on. Wife says it’s a little wider than she was hoping for.

More comfy than the one cone with the watch. I learn long ago only but things original.

Fitbit bands are a bit pricey but definitely worth getting because it’s durable and lasts longer than the low cost bands. I got the white band and have worn it for about 3 weeks and it hasn’t gotten any dirty stains. I wear sweaters so my band gets really linty but it’s easy to clean.

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Replacement for my first i cut by accident.

Love how smooth it feels and how easy it is to switch up.

A little smaller than the classic band, but it’s all good.

More comfortable than i thought it would be. The standard sports band was irritating my skin. Here are the specifications for the Fitbit Versa Family Accessory Band:

  • Official Fitbit accessory designed and tested to work with Fitbit devices
  • High-quality leather band provides a clean, classic look that’s easily dressed up or down
  • Lightweight, full grain leather is hand-crafted with premium oils and dyes
  • Leather accessories are made of Horween leather and other material
  • Natural materials mold to wrist and develop an aged patina finish over time
  • Smartwatch sold separately

Classy and comfortable on the hand.

Very nice look and it’s comfy, but however if you get a cover to go around the watch for protection, you cannot put the watch in the charger, and the design of the watch mounts that hold the band in is terrible. Recommend leaving whatever band you have put on and do not remove it otherwise you might bend or break the mounts.

Looks great, fits perfectly.

If you’re looking for a large band, move along. I’m a male with large wrists, and needed to move the clasp all the way to the end in order for it to fit. Additionally, it doesn’t pick up wrist movement when trying to read the time. Instead of it showing on the screen, i need to tap the screen a few times in order to read the time. Not thrilled with this product. Craftsmanship is ok, but if you need a bigger band, don’t bother with this one.

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Great leather strap for the versa. Very easy on off using the quick release pins. I’m not sure what the other reviewer was doing, but it takes about 3 seconds to attach or remove the strap. It’s probably actually easier than the rubber one that comes with the versa since the leather is more compliant. Definitely makes the watch look more professional for work and horween leather is great looking and will break in and wear very well.

Required to wear stainless or black leather straps at work so i simply ordered this one. Like the fact that it’s original from fitbit itself and not from the third party production.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Nice!
  • A little shorter than sports band, but dresses the Versa up nicely.
  • Great strap, easy installation and removal.

Seems like real fitbit product. Holds up way better than the off brand ones.

The texture is very good because it is genuine, but it is too expensive.

The band looks and feels great, and was easy to attach to the versa.

Bought one of the cheap bands to replace the one that came with my fitbit and it was terrible. The money i saved was not worth the quality. This one is nearly 10 times the price i paid but it fit’s flush to the versa, it feels and fits better on my skin and it’s not going to get any color transfer from clothes rubbing against it like the cheap one did.

Good band, hasn’t broken yet and i have put it through a lot.

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Exactly what we wanted and for a great price.

It is a good band, no issue with it at all, works as intended made by fitbit.