This is my second fitjewels- (first one was for a different fit bit) and i absolutely love them. Well worth the extra money to have something i know is not going to fall apart in a week.

Band comes with adjustment links so that it will fit a variety of sizes.

I’ve only worn it one day, but loved it. I am a middle school teacher and several students and teachers complimented how nice it was. My wrist is small so i’m not using any links, but there are 4 links, that each add almost an inch to the band. I love the gold/silver/leather/metal combination. It goes with most everything in my closet.

My only concern is that it arrived with a scratch/gash on the part where the fitbit attaches right in top. Disappointing, but overall happy with the product. Would purchase again i like the style so much.

Love it, beautiful, has extra links for bigger wrist, nice quality.

It’s gorgeous, and better than i expected. Definitely the best alta replacement band out there. It is very stylish, and i love that i can wear it with other jewelry.It doesn’t look out of place like with the average silicone bands. Packaging was great, and i received my package on time. Would definitely buy this again.

The leather and metal are attractive and good quality. The clasp system makes it easy to customize your fit and to take the band on and off. It felt heavy coming out of the box, but feels light on my wrist.

The band fits very nicely for a small wrist. I wish there were more colors for the gold band. Also, it is very comfortable. Will probably be my every day band. I like it so much i did get another color.

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I was hoping this band would be worth the money. And after wearing it for almost 2 weeks, i believe it is worth the money. It still looks great, it’s well made and it is easy to get on and off. With that being said, i wish it wasn’t so much money because i’d like to have another color.

I liked it, my dog liked it even better. It’s beautiful and stylish, and makes my fitbit more of an accessory than an activity tracker. Unfortunately, it has one flaw: more than once i caught it as it fell off of my wrist because the clasp failed and came undone. Even more unfortunate, the last time this happened, i didn’t notice as it fell off and onto the floor, but my puppy did and the next time i saw my tracker was when i pulled it out of his mouth, damaged beyond repair.

Pricey but great quality and craftsmanship.

Love the look of the bracelet so far. I have had it for a couple of weeks and it is comfortable. I gave it four stars because when it arrived, the silver part next to the face of the alta has a small pinhole dent, not smooth, but it is on a side that i don’t see so i decided to keep it. Also, i have a small wrist and so i am on the lowest of the silver clasp. Most times it is hard to get the clasp hooked onto my wrist. If i add an extension, the bracelet flops around and is too big. All in all though i enjoy wearing it once i get it on. Need to create a different clasp that is easier to manipulate. Here are the specifications for the fitjewels Alta – Alta HR – Bands – Aurel Leather Replacement Band:

  • Handmade from stainless steel and real leather. You get a high-quality product!
  • Available sizes S-M (5.5-6.5) and M-L (6.5-9) inches (circumference of your wrist)
  • Adjust the size: add or take links out (links are included)
  • Works with Alta HR and Alta trackers. Alta HR heart rate tracking may not work with this accessory.
  • No tracker included!
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I liked that both gold and fitbit silver were incorporated into this band since i wear a lot of gold jewelry.

My boyfriend gave me one and since then i have purchased them as gifts as well.

I think this is my first product review as i never leave feedback, but i was so impressed with this item i had to do it. The quality of the band looks and feels very well made. My fitbit locked into place easily with no issues.

This is my third wrist band from this artist. Very stylish and we’ll made.

Fits my small wrists perfectly with no extra links (tho 2 links were included).

This bracelet is of the highest quality and looks like jewelry. Can be worn casually or as a business dress item. All the hardware is top notch and comes with additional links for a great fit.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Great look
  • Pretty
  • Beautiful product!!

Beautiful band but not very comfortable. The metal links should be fabricated with a smoother edge so they don’t scratch. I will wear the band because it is lovely. It would just be great to see them make a change to improve the comfort.

Love the look and size options.

It dresses up the fitbit if you don’t want to take it off going out in the evening.

A beautiful bracelet to compliment my fitbit alta. A very elegant look if you want to wear a sportswatch and show it off as a piece of jewellery. So easy to adjust, just unclick the extra shackels and done. Extremely happy with my purchase and was delivered fast to my friend in the usa. Hence the feedback being late as i only got it a couple of days ago (i live in new zealand). Thank you fit jewels, i like this bracelet very much.

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The side ropes are a little cheap looking. It’s like a twine painted with silver.

Beautiful, well-made fitbit alta band.

This band definitely classes up the alta by 10 folds. I was a little skeptical when reading other reviews before ordering about fitment on this. A few tweaks on this bracelet would make it go a long way, but the style by far makes up for it. I will definitely be working this into my wardrobe when headed out on the town. The piece is just pure sleek. Because it has a metal buckle (as stated in other reviews) it has a little weight to it and won’t be as light as the oem silicone band. Overall a great addition to the already amazing alta.

Arrived in a nice box with two additional links. I added one link to fit my wrist. It’s very pretty, but i am a little concerned that the center band may not wear well. It looks a little fragile like it might damage easily.

This bracelet looks great but the clasp is flimsy and difficult to attach. Its an easy ‘two-person’ job but if you are on your own clasping and removing this bracelet is a challenge. 00 product i expected higher quality. Once on, however, it looks great.