Strong chain, long enough to hidentify which is what i wanted.

I had to return because the case wouldn’t close all the way and the necklace kept sticking when i tried to put the case on it. It was very pretty and i would have kept it had the case closed correctly.

Great build quality, light weight, and fashionableit was not exactly what i expected but it looks like the product images and it but feels a little cheep for like 30$ i would place this around 18-24$.

At first, the fitbit one didn’t fit in the pendant. But after a few tries, it finally fell into the right spot. It does hold my fitbit one perfectly and i have received so many compliments when wearing it. My charge hr broke and i had to rely on the fitbit one until i decided what to replace the hr with. Decided not to replace the charge hr and ordered a silver loma to alternate with my regular jewelry. Would recommend this product to others.

I do not like things on my wrist since i am on a computer most of the day. Clips have a tendency to be in the way. Easy to take the fitbit one in and out. Showed it to friends when they commented on my new pendent necklace and first reaction was ‘great idea’ and second was where can i get it.

Necklace Loma – One Jewelry – stainless steel – GOLD

  • Made in USA and Imported
  • sterling silver frame
  • Handmade from stainless steel – 18K gold plated
  • fitting stainless steel chain is included- 30i nches (76cm)
  • The pendant holds the One tracker perfectly
  • The design of the pendant allows you to see the indicator lamps all the time
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I would recommend this product. It is hand made and beautiful.

Fits my fitbit perfectly and i get a lot of compliments on it.

Pros:this necklace is very pretty. It’s exactly the look i wanted; stylish yet functional. I can dress it up or down and not be obviously wearing my fitbit. I have gotten several compliments on it. Cons:this does not record anywhere near the number of steps having it on a wrist or ankle does. I wondered why my numbers were so low the first several days. On my waistband or bra it records more steps than on the necklace, and on my wrist or ankle it records even more. It also didn’t quite fit the fitbit when it arrived, and my husband had to adjust it a little too make it fit. Overall, i’m not sure if i’d buy it again. It is pretty, but i hate seeing that i’ve walked 3500 steps in a day when i know my wrist would have recorded 8,000.

Loved the pendant as soon as i saw it online and when it came in i realized some of the reviews about the fitbit not fitting were true. The pendant clicks when closed but did not do so when the fitbit was inside it. I did not want to force it shut, since i did not want to risk breaking my fitbit. I actually took a hammer to the pendant to try to curve out the covered back part which seemed like it was just too flat in order to get the curve part of the fitbit to fit. The fitbit slipped right in and it clicked shut. The back of the pendant did get a little scratched after my hammering but not a big deal. I love italso, the necklace in the pictures i posted is my own, the necklace that came with it is in one of the pictures next to the pendant. The one that came with it says ‘stainless steel’ on that little label.

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Necklace Loma – One Jewelry – stainless steel – GOLD :