Although i’ve only had this for a few days, i could really get used to it. It’s comfortable and has the same features as a fitbit but a fraction of the cost. I like knowing hows many calories i burnt throughout the day.

For an inexspensive fit watch it does well. I personally thing the step count is off a little, my samsung note counts much less. On a positive side because i live in a smaller appartment it takes bangs against the wall and door frames. Still works after countless showers and hand washes. Heart monitor is a strong feature for me because of my high blood pressure i can monitor my heart better.

Great product, so far love it.

This tracker seems accurate and comfortable. The only problem is replacing the band when it breaks. If replacement bands where available it would get 5 stars.

Do like it, however i have noticed that it tracks steps that i haven’t taken. So that is a miss, everything else seems ok.

It has worked okay, but constantly needs to be paired with i-phone to work and keep track of fitness. The crystal has now cracked after 6-months use, which will likely cause the watch to get sweat or moisture inside. Think the crystal cracked when removing the watch from the band for charging. It does fit the band tightly, which is good, but requires a lot of care when removing for charging. Replaced a fitbit with this for the heart rate feature, which works well on this watch. Note that the fitbit does not need to be removed from the band, and this one does. This item could be improved by using a similar charging method to the fitbit. Mine cracked in the middle of the face from one side and looks like it will continue to go across the face. Not sure i will replace it with another one since this one only lasted 6-months. Hopefully the vendor will replace the watch for me.

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Taking my wife time to learn. I don’t know if she thinks it is easy to use. She is still working with it.

Comments from buyers

“Crystal cracked after 6-months, have enjoyed it until now.
, I like the calorie count feature
, Not that happy

I really like this product, but the band needs to be sturdier. My band broke after a year and i had to replace the whole tracker because there were no replacement bands available. Otherwise the product works very well.

A little difficult to get to what you want to de on it. Tried switching to fahrenheit, but it didn’t work. I like the calorie count feature.

I love it, however i don’t think the pluse is correct by any means. Is that supposed to happen or should i be getting a new one?. Please advise, but besides that i love it.

Does everything i need a fitness tracker to do, which admittedly isn’t much. Didn’t want to pay unnecessary $$$ for features i won’t use.

After getting and i realized that the only feature i really looked at or seemed to care about when i bought it was walking. Now i wish i had something that would also measure cycling. So for the features it has it works well.

Does what it claimed but the app takes a bit of time to figure out.

My husband and i each bought this and have been using them for quite some time. Works great, charges quickly and is a great price. We even purchased extra bands in different colors. I strongly recommend this product.

I bought two of these at christmas for my 10 and 11 year old kids. They love them and i couldn’t be happier with the ease of this product and how busy it kept them during their holiday break. They even challenge me with their steps. Best gift i bought this christmas.

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Very easy to set up and use.

Does what i expected it to do.

The sleep function has never worked, but i didn’t get it for that. I need to get more exercise and this keeps me aware of where i am on my daily goal.

I bought this tracker to pretty much keep track of how many step i do each day but it turned out to be so much more. It reminds me to get moving if i have been inactive for over an hour, tracks my sleep habits which has helped me realize why i always feel so tired, helps me monitor my heart rate and keeps me motivated. My daughter wants one now and i will be ordering one for her also.

Im very happy with this fit band. It was very easy to hook it up to the app and to use. This has so many different thinks you can do.

This is not the first fit bit like i got. But it will be the first one i keep. It’s easy to set and regulate.

Perfect for a beginner like myself. Once i lerarned all the neat features it offered, l was amazed. I would recommended the runme fitiness tracker that performs just as well as a apple or samsung that sells for big bucks.

This item is hard to believe. I am trying to watch my heart rate while i am on my elliptical machine, the first problem is it does not stay lit up for very long so i am always fiddling with it. The next problem is as i work out and the resistance gets higher and my pace stays the same it shows my heart rate go from 124 down to 90. This seems a little backwards to me. I also wish the instruction manual would explain more details about how it works.

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Works ok to track steps, all other options do not work all the time.

A decent option for the price. Works okay as a pedometer – has some interesting approaches to reducing erroneous counts of steps – but generally works. Heart rate isn’t the most accurate – but that is true of other higher priced wrist-based monitors as well. Again, for the price, this is a good option to keep track of what you have been up to. Don’t expect a lot of sophistication or flexibility.

I just wanted something to count my steps each day. May be just me i’m not tech savvy.

I picked this product up a couple months ago, and setup was a breeze, it is comfortable, battery lasts longer than advertised, and unlike fitness trackers from other brands, this one does not irritate my skin. I take it off only to charge, & when i shower. I have had absolutely no problems with this devicei would highly recommend this to everyone, at a fraction of the cost of a ‘fitbit’ you get every bit the quality & performance.

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