My husband really likes his fitness watch.

Pretty slick watchi ordered the gray version. The band is like a cloth wrapped rubber. Very comfortable, lightweight and breathable. The face is bigger than any of my other watches so i was concerned at first. But it is light enough that it does not feel bulky at all. Lots and lots of features packed into this. I’ve had other “bargain” smart watches, and none of them have worked as well as this. Weather pulls from the app on your phone and syncs to the watch. Shows current and tomorrow’s forecast. Stores the 3 most recent messages from your phone and displays them when selected.

I already had a fitness tracker but i wanted this one because it’s somethimg you can wear anywhere. I love the extra features my old one doesn’t have such as reading messages from the watch or even taking pictures from the watch it’s awesome.

At first, the look of this watch is what attracted me to it, but the functionality is really what will make me keep using it. I have been wanting a smart watch for a while now and i’m very happy with this one. The long press/short press functionality on the screen is easy to use and the band is getting more comfortable every day that i wear it. I can read my text messages without picking up my phone which is so convenient. I can control music as well. I love that it will do heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen saturation. It was simple to pair with my phone and the app is extremely easy to use. I’ve used it for fitness tracking during workouts and i think the heart rate and calorie burn calculations are a bit off but i can still get an idea of what i’ve done. The watch does have to fit snugly to get a good reading. Another cool feature is that you can set the background picture to one you have in your camera roll, that’s a nice touch.

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Comparing it to my wife’s fitbit at 3 times the cost. The biggest drawback is the app, which i suppected going into this purchase. But i, at least, can work around the app. If you need more procise health data. Go to your doctor or health professional.

Very pleased with this watch so far. Does everything is says it should. Love that i can download a family picture for the front screen.I’ve tried a few smart watches and this is the best and most affordable.

It’s a little tricky to figure out because the instructions are small. However i absolutely love this watch. I get compliments every day and i love all the functions it has.

This thing does more than i expected (heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels somehow). Easy function and comfortable to wear. I only give 4 out of 5 stars due to the band. The band clasp is almost not wide enough for the band to fit though. I had to trim the end of it in order for it to feed through. Overall, i’m happy with my purchase.

Step counter seems very accurate, matches my phone and treadmill’s counts. Had an issue with the first one i received and customer service was outstanding in their response time and sent me a replacement that is working great. For those concerned about battery life, go into the settings for the display and turn the brightness down a couple clicks, will add days of battery life.

Great watch, like the look and the functions.

Not touchscreen i had a hard time trying to set it up right away. I even put the app on my phone and to them but the watch did not work out for me at all. It looks really nice and i’m sure it works really well. The clock is very nice looking and i love the look of that watchband.

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