It does work well except at night while sleeping it is easy to activate and it is very bright in the dark. Does wake me up quite often.

This think has son many functions after a week i have just learned how to link it to my social media. I like that the screen has different settings depending on how you want to view it. It links an app to your phone and can save the information or you can just keep track day to day of your activity. It has really been helpful to monitor my heart rate, calories and steps. With so many choices out there this is the best one i have found and the easiest for me to use.

 i never had this kind of fitness tracker before i only use in my phone. Its my first time to have this thing 😅. Its accurate, long battery life and it’s easy to use to monitor my health,exercise and its affordable price. I like the features and the functionality. It’s amazing how little thing can make our life easy 🙂it’s cute in my hand too.

This product is good for daily wear, thin design and durable battery. Great software and hardware make it worth this price. Will buy another one as birthday present in the future.

This is a nice little step tracker and heart rate monitoring. It’s ip67 waterproof so no problem taking shower with it. It’s decent for simple step tracking and heart rate monitoring.

It lasts about a week or so. The heart rate is accurate and fits well. The sms doesn’t go away until you press it which is a good feature. But the app heart tracker doesn’t seem right and it’s hard to sleep in, but that could just be me.

All functions work as claimed, easy to use and comfy to wear with an adorable appearance. For battery life, it’s been four days since the last charge, and it’s now 83%, so i believe battery life is quite good.

Key specs for Fitness Tracker, Step Tracker Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Monitor, IP67 Waterproof Smart Watch with Sleep Monitor, Calorie Counter, Pedometer for Kids Women Men:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • The activity tracker with 24/7 continuous heart rate monitoring. Sleep monitoring record your sleep, showing the times when you were in light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep.
  • Fitness tracker with all the features you really need, running, active minutes, heart rate, sleep, calories and steps. It also send smartphone notifications to your wrist, such as call, calendar, SMS and SNS.
  • It is splashproof of this smart bracelet watch, you can keep your fitness tracker on all day.
  • The calorie tracker as a wristwatch for women, men and kids. It is light weight, stylish design with changeable straps, build in USB plug, week-long battery life, easy to operate.
  • Well-designed app with bold colors, clean typography and charts make you easy to understand your data. The wearable tracker support with iOS 8.3 or later and Android 4.3 or later.

Comments from buyers

“low cost Fitness Tracker
, Very convenient and easy to understand.
, Better than a Fitbit for a Fraction of the Price.

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The heart rate monitor is not working correctly, but that is not why i bought it. I like the small size and it is light weight, the battery life is good – a whole week without charging.

It seems like they’re trying to make this look like a fitbit, but maybe not. The display is very readable outside and all of the functions work. The build quality is good and the materials feel nice as well. The app that goes with it is easy to navigate and had good statistics. For the watch itself, i did find that the heart rate measurement took 5-10 seconds to stabilize so it might not best for interval workouts. The charging method of this tracker is kind of interesting, the way you have to detach the band to access the usb port, but i’ve had one of these trackers before and it does get easier as the material breaks in.

Good alternative to fitbit but at a much cheaper price. Connect easily to my smart phone and it charges fast.

Ive been searching for a fitness watch for quite a while and finally found one that i really liked. I wear it all the time except when i need to charge it which is maybe every 3-4 days. It connects various apps including whatsapp and facebook. One feature i really like is the water reminder. I set it to what i prefer and it buzzes when its time. It gives me a quick buzz when i also have messages or phone calls. The app itself is very easy to use and you can select what you want for notifications. It’s very lightweight and fits comfortably. I recommend this to anyone looking for a fitness tracker.

When i first got it i was nervous that it wasn’t going to work but it works perfectly. When it takes your heart rate though you have to wait a little bit but it does do it. There are so many cool things that it does for you. It even can remind you to take your medicine. It may seem a little hard to figure out but if you play with it for a little it becomes easy fast. And i love when it tells me i receive a message or a call. The watch does not come with a charger to plug it into. But the battery life is amazing.

In 2016, i bought a fitbit charge for $140. It had a couple of huge flaws. First the battery only lasted a couple of days, it was constantly trying to sync with my phone, but always seemed to have difficulty syncing. When the battery died, you had to have a special cable to attach to the watch. The cable could then be plugged into a usb port for charging. This fitness activity tracker seems to have a longer battery life and has no syncing issues. The battery lasted about 5 days. Another huge improvement over the fitbit is that if you have any charger with a usb port, you can charge the watch. The usb plug is located inside the watch band. Make sure the charging symbol is showing or it’s not charging.

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Overall super happy with this!! after having a baby, i grew fatter and fatter. So i ‘m trying to be more active and have been curious about how much i am working and my heart rate. I have had this watch for about 1 week, so it would be premature to say it is wonderful. It’s pretty small, accurate and easy to be charged.

 love how easy this is to use. Not the greatest video but i wanted to make sure to show you that it does monitor your heart rate which is a big plus.

It is for my mom who’s 65 years old lady’s gift. After i set up the band, it is simple enough for her to use. She is very happy and think it is very important for her to keep checking on her, especially she want to do exercises everyday. I am so glad that i brought this for her.

Bought this for my daughter who wanted an apple watch she is 8 so that’s not gonna happen. She plays select softball and will need a phone in the near future but wanted her to show me some kind of responsibility. This watch is more than what i expected and she loves it. I also wore it to get use to it and figure it out and i was impressed.

 i bought it for my son and he was very happy with it. It ‘s easy to use and easy to use. It’ s really nice, useful, and a great gift for my son.

The fitness tracker is very helpful in my journey to a healthier lifestyle. I like that it is waterproof and the battery lasts for several days without charging. Also, knowing my sleeping pattern is very helpful. Most of the time i forget that i’m wearing it.

I’m walking a lot in a day as a waitress. This watch is perfect to tracking my step, my heart beat, my food and my water that i take and many other things. And the battery is last longer too.

Low-cost fitness tracker for me had a lot of low-cost fitness tracker. This one just 26 dollars, not bad with heart rate monitor. When i get a new fitness tracker, i always test the heart rate monitor. It is up and down a few compare to my home heart rate monitor. And that will depend on how do you wear your watch. Wear it took shower, wash hand.

Once time, a lady told me she got the same thing on amazon only 30 bucks. I try to look online and found this. This fitness tracker is accurate and the app is easy to use. I highly recommend this, worth money.

I got this as a christmas gift to myself and love it. I got the pink band, which is true to picture. I like that i can keep track of steps, distance, my sleep schedule, calories burned.

Thin in size perfect for a woman’s wrist.

So i got one of these non-fitbit, alternative brand fitness trackers for myself some time ago. I found it to be an acceptable replacement to the main ones on the market. This one was no exception and it went to my young daughter who likes to use it to count her steps and track her sleep. She loves checking it through the day and when it says ‘goal achieved’, it gives her a sense of accomplishment. The heart rate function also works well for monitoring your stressful activities like swimming or walking.

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I do like my fitness travker. The watch fits my wrist just right and not too big. The screen is easy to read digital screen. Instructions are explained well to get on app store to download. It is easy to set up and you are able to read instruction manual without frustration. This is my second fitness tracker and this is better than my other one. I like the size not big and bulkey. It has all the functions i need.

Good companion for my daily walking. Easy to install app to monitor my walks, heart rates, and so on. I’m impressed with its multi functions with this affordable price. I purchased this to monitor my daily walks.

It is skinnier than other fitness trackers, so it fits her little wrist nicely. It would be nice for petite women. It is a pretty color purple. The face of the watch is nice, and easy to see.

Well i have wearing this new fitness tracker for almost one week, overall it is working well. At first i was a little bit hesitating because the price is much lower than the famous brand. But after receiving it, i found it is, to my surprise, better than i thought. It can either work just as a normal watch, a steps tracker and heartbeat monitoring. It turns out a good buy at a good price.

I am very happy with this fitband. It is exactly what i was looking for. The app that is used with it is very easy to use and i have not had any problems with it pairing or freezing.

This was a gift for my wife, who really likes the ease of keeping track of her steps, sleep and heart rate. Set up was easy and you can follow your fitness information on the app.

This is my first fitness tracker and i chose it because it has all the bells and whistles of the more expensive ones. It keeps good step count and has heart rate monitor and the thing i really love about it is that you can receive a vibration for an incoming phone call and a text on the monitor for incoming texts. I will keep this on 24/7 until i need to charge it. You can’t go wrong with this fitness tracker.

I purchases for my father to encourage him to start doing exercise with me. And he says it is beautiful iterm.

I charged it to 99% a few hours ago and it’s already at 77%. Battery life doesn’t seem to last a full week, like it’s been listed. But over all i’m excited to have this.

I received this less than a week ago and it worked pretty fine. But now i have been charging it for an hour and i don’t see any lights came out or can’t turn it on.