It’s nice looking, but unfortunately, rather uncomfortable. It’s nice to have it to wear for nice occasions, but for every-day, i’ve reverted back to my plastic bracelet. The metal container is square and blocky. But it does successfully record my steps.

Great service and response from the company when i had a size issue. Product is stylish without being overbearing. Works great for my small wrist. There was some rattling initially when i placed the fitbit inside, but i added a tiny piece of tissue and problem solvedthe one qualm i have so far is that the piece on the buckle/clasp (that you put into the hole to close around your wrist) sticks up just enough to catch on my sweaters, scarves, etc. I’m going to get some pliers and squish it down a bit to see if that solves it. Very happy with it, especially considering the price.

This is cute, it is a little chunky as other reviewers have mentioned. It was not very comfortable to sleep with.

I was envious of my coworker’s tory birch bracelet for her fitbit, but not about to spend $175 on top of the fitbit itself. I came across these and decided to give them a try. I got the tan leather and gold one and i love that it blends with my other jewelry and isn’t obviously a fitness tracker. I like it so much i think i’ll get another full metal one so i can wear my tracker on more formal occasions.

I bought this as an alternative to the typical rubber band to make my fitbit look more office/social life appropriate. I have received so many compliments on my bracelet/watch & often have to remove the tracker as proof that it actually is a fitbit. You can see it in my brother’s wedding photos and it just looks like i’m wearing a bracelet. I don’t workout or sleep in it because the rubber one is just more comfortable for those activities. Sizing: i wear the large rubber band with the smallest three notches empty. I bought the large size of this as well, but have to use the smallest hole for it to fit. Wear: some discoloration has happened on the flap that sits against my skin, but none of the other metal has done this. I have a slight metal allergy (can only have 1 piercing per ear, can only wear sterling silver or better for long periods of time), and i have won this every day for almost 2 months with no problem.

I just have to exchange it for a smaller size even though i wear m/l for the fitbit flex. The vegan leather stretches a little with use. The bracelet is very pretty.

FUNKtional Wearables Fitbit Bracelet for Fitbit Flex Fitness Activity Trackers – The Kate Single-Strap Brushed Metal and Premium Vegan or Genuine Leather Buckle Fitbit Bracelet

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • S/M – Inner Circumference = 5.5″- 6.25″ inches, Width = .6″ inches *approximately
  • M/L – Inner Circumference = 6.25″- 7.9″ inches, Width = .6″ inches *approximately
  • Sizes Similar to traditional Fitbit Flex Silicon Wristband Sizing.
  • No one will ever know you’re wearing a FitBit! Never lose your FitBit Flex again – Super secure!
  • This product is not an official product of FitBit Inc. Activity Tracker not included.
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Its nice, wanted a fitbit cover that would go more with work outfits, its a little bulky but it works.

Getting closer to something a little fancier than the rubber bracelet for my fitbit.

I loved it because i can finally wear my fitbit ‘socially’. I use with some other bracelets on the same arm and it blends perfectly. Some people complain it’s too bulky, but for me it was fine. It looks like jewelrythe leather could be of better quality though, it’s already starting to ‘brake’ (and i have been using it for only 20 days, and i don’t use it for sports). It’s a little hard to open the compartment (i have to use a sharp tool in order to maintain my nail polish), but that keeps the fitbit very safe inside. Of course you can’t feel its vibrations when you hit a goal, but for me that didn’t matter. Update: i contacted the seller about the quality of the leather and they were wonderful. They answered saying they developed a new product with a different type of leather and they sent it to me for free. It’s even better then the first one.

I have it in tan & gold and plan to buy it in black & gold. I receive a lot of compliments. I have small wrists and don’t find it much bulkier than the rubber fitbit bracelet. It’s obviously a bit bulkier because it is metal, but not much. Great for work and going out.

Not as chunky looking as i expected– just the right size, and the band is narrow, watch style buckle in matching metal tone, and can dress up nicely. The fitbit bits snugly, no sounds or pinging around in there once it’s in. Overall, i’m happier with it than i thought i would be.

Love wearing it out rather than the rubber fitbit flex band.

No more latex burns from the original fitbit band.

For the price, i expected better quality. The initial looks of the piece were very pleasing and it coordinated well with my work outfits. I was able to wear my fitbit discreetly and fashionably. I liked that the metal piece had a good weight to it and securely held the fitbit. However, within 2 weeks of wearing it daily, the second leather fastener that holds the strap down ripped apart. I wore it only around the office and at home so the most action it ever saw was contact with my desk or a table. I always removed it whenever i did any chores that involved water. I believe my taking it off quite often put some wear and tear on that lower fastener and it easily ripped apart. If it were a thicker quality leather, i don’t see this happening. There was very little structure to the leather when i inspected it after it came off.

I got the tan and gold with the studs on the sides. I was getting so tired of wearing cute bracelets or not being able to wear my watch with my black fitbit band. This bracelet makes it so much easier.It is really comfortable and looks so cute. The only con is that it sits pretty tall off of the wrist but honestly it’s not that big of a deal. I have super tiny wrists and it does not look weird or anything. I am so happy with this product. The shipping was really quick also.I definitely recommend this bracelet.

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Got this as a mother’s day gift and i’m super happy with it. I have been :::waiting::: for someone to come out with a cute affordable alternative to the rubber bracelet option. Hallelujah – i can track my steps and wear a ‘grown-up’ bracelet. Style: i got the gold with tan bracelet and not only is it -much- classier than wearing a rubber bracelet, it goes with everything. Especially with heading into short-sleeve season – i’m looking forward to having something that looks cute. Functionality: the box is a little hard to open – which i actually prefer, as i’d rather be confident that my $100 fitbit investment is secure. The fitbit fits snugly in the box – no rattling around, which i’m very happy about.

Before the bracelet even arrived, i was already considering returning it for to buyer’s remorse since i had just recently spent a lot on vacation. But when it arrived, i completely changed my mind completely. Upon receipt, the packaging had a cute little heart sticker as a finishing touch2. Inside the package, the product label was marked with a decorative ink stamp and a hand written message from the seller saying that they hope i enjoy the bracelet3. An additional gift, another decorative bracelet face attachment, came with the purchase unexpectedly4. The bracelet was not as bulky as i imaged and all around even cuter in person than in the picturesall in all, not only was it the actual product nice, but the little details and personal touch that the seller put into the order that made the difference for me. It proves that they actually care about their customers and take pride in their great customer service and product. Unfortunately, they were out of the side i wanted in the beige and rose gold so i got the m/l and it was a little big even though clothing wise i’m an m/l but again because i really liked it, i was just going to add another couple holes so it’d fit. But i’m an idiot and lost it after the first time i wore it (i think it slipped off) lol.

FUNKtional Wearables Fitbit Bracelet for Fitbit Flex Fitness Activity Trackers – The Kate Single-Strap Brushed Metal and Premium Vegan or Genuine Leather Buckle Fitbit Bracelet : It is adorable and much more affordable than the similar tory burch option. I wanted a way to wear my fitbit with dressier outfits and it not look like i was wearing a rubber bracelet on my wrist. It did actually break when i first started wearing it, but i called funktional wearables and the owner called me back within an hour and apologized and said that i must have received a defective one. She immediately sent me out a new one and threw in an additional charm braclet and another piece that you can attach to your normal rubber fitbit band that makes it look more dressy and cute. I haven’t had any problems with the new one she sent.

I love their stuff so much i’ve now purchased at least 5 pieces. Finally i look professional instead of wearing a poorly coordinated gummy band for my fit bit. This once is very classic and beautiful.

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Looks a lot better than the rubber bracelet the flex comes with. I blend mine in with another bracelet or two to make it work for business casual outfits. The metal box is taller than i’d like, but overall its very comfortable to wear and i got used to it in a day or so. The leather straps gets more comfortable after a few wears as well. Tracking seems the same as when wearing with the original band.

I’m really happy with this product. The bracelet is good quality, the metal is a nicely toned silver, and the quality is good. The area that holds the tracker is secure, so i don’t worry about it falling out. I like that there are two loops to hold the end of the strap, so the length of the strap won’t flop around. The color is true to the picture shown on the listing. The edges or the strap and the back is very smooth, so it doesn’t chafe. It’s also very light, despite the metal box. I really like that it buckles, too, because i have problems getting the little pegs through the holes in the normal fitbit bands. It’s a lot easier to get one one-handed this way. Great for wearing to work when i don’t want to rubber band showing.

This bracelet is such a wonderful find. Most importantly- it is very comfortable. Second most important- very chic looking. It looks like a normal bracelet from a high end trendy brand- people are shocked when i tell them that it is a fitbit holder.I love how it looks and how it feels and best of all i love that it is adjustable (just like a normal watch band closure) so that i can get the perfect fit. I am very picky and i dont hand out 5 star reviews all the time so trust me that this is a quality piece of jewelry you will love to wear- i have found that it look really great with everything from jeans to formal attire. It is so minimal that it also layers and blends nicely with other jewelry- you know how that whole arm stack look is so in right now.

This product looks exactly like the pictures show. It’s comfortable to wear and i got complimented on it all the time. It’s very easy to put my fitbit in the bracelet and it feels secure so i’m not worried about it falling out. I love the leather straps because it is easy to adjust because i have fairly small wrists and most bracelets i get are usually too big for me. The packaging the product was shipped in was very nice. It made me feel like i was getting an expensive piece of jewelry. I loved that i was able to wear my fitbit in a dressed up setting because i feel like the normal fitbit bracelets don’t look appropriate when i’m dressed up for special occasions. I did notice that after a while of wearing this, the oils from my skin started to turn the medal a different color on the bottom, but this isn’t anything i’m too concerned about as it’s just a part of natural wear and tear.