Works just like the original. Comes with all the necessary tools to make the swap too.

5x + the cost of the knock offs out there, and it’s hard to justify the cost for what it is, but it lasts. . The knock offs ive tried are a different material (not as comfortable) and can not take the same amount of “bend” or “flex” as this oem product without cracking or breaking. Save yourself money in the long run and get this one.

I picked up the grey for a slightly different look fron the back and blue i had. It is a perfect fit, genuine garmin band. It comes in generic packaging but that doesn’t matter to me. It has all of the required tools and hardware. It also fits on the bike quick remove attachment i have on my watch.

Looks like the original, but not broken :).

Works just like the stock bands.

  • Quality Product
  • Pricy for what it is but with it compared to knock off quality
  • Works perfectly

Especially liked that the tools needed to change were included.

Needed to replace the strap after one of the side ripped. Comes with 2 replacement screws and rods for the band to attach to the watch itself though you can use the existing ones and keep these as a spare. The screw drivers come in handy as well and fit perfectly. Exactly what i was looking for. Watch band has the piece to lock it in when you run it through the buckle and keeps the strap in place while wearing.

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Only had it a few months but seems solid so far.

The garmin branded replacement band is worth the cost in order to enjoy the durability.

It came with everything needed to replace my broken watchband.


Perfect match for my garmin 920xt. Don’t consider aftermarket junk.

I purchased a replacement band for my garmin 920xt when it broke, just short of having the watch a year. It hasn’t even been 3 months and this band (in the picture) has broken too. I am not using this in harsh environments (salt water) and i wash the band in the shower each night. For a watch that is to endure the hardships of triathlons, i’d expect something more durable.

I recieved the 920xt from a family member who had purchased it but didn’t use it much. I knew the garmin bands get very thick and durable, so instead of buying a cheaper brand, i just decided to buy a garmin brand band. Comes with the two screw drivers you need.

Looks the same as the original.

I bought this band after the oem band broke. This replacement seems identical to the original garmin band, and lasted about the same – almost two years.