Very easy to use, was able to fix my watch strap in minutes.

Perfect fit made it easy to install.

Just exactly what i was hoping for. Super easy to swap out and an identical replacement. Will absolutely go back to buy more of the same if the need arises.

Belt was able to easily exchange.

Received the band on time, and i had the band installed within 5 minutes. I could not be more pleased.

Easy to put on the watch and reliable.

I bought an off brand replacement band it the past. This is much better quality and was easy to swap out.

  • Very quick, but fragile.
  • Easy to replace
  • Good quality band

Garmin Replacement Band Forerunner 225 Black

  • 3″ high
  • 3″ wide
  • Adjustable band for Forerunner 225
  • Band comes with spare pins, 2 screwdrivers for pin removal and instructions

Item shipped exactly as described and worked well as expected.

Perfect fit, just like the original. My husband was very pleased with this replacement band.

Good replacement to the original, it has kind of a chalky feel to it but hopefully that will go away with extended wear.

Set came as shown and worked perfectly to fix my watch.

Fits perfect probably because it’s a factory replacemt. Just hope it last longer than the original.

This is perfect – easy to install, comes with the tools you need, just like new. Tried a knockoff with no luck – you get what you pay for.

It was especially nice that they included the 2 tools necessary to change the band.

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Very easy to uninstall the old and reinstall the new band. I was put a bit too much force and broke a screw head off. Only caveat i have is be careful and tighten slowly.

The picture that came with the replacement band while helpful, would have been easier if some explanatory wording was included in the picture that illustrated ‘how to replace the bands’.

Worked great, came with everything needed to install and fit imperfectly.

Worked like a charm took literally 2 min to replace the strap.

Perfect replacement band for my forerunner 225.

Husbands band broke and this was exactly what he needed to wear it again.

This is better than the original – especially in that it is more flexible and comfortable. The only issue was that it was a bit of a pain to install – no fault of the band i guess but there it is.

I actually bought this for my garmin 220 hoping it would fit. The 220 has an inner layer of red that dry rotted after less than a year of use, so i wanted a better quality band. This is better quality it seems but the base where the pin is inserted is broader on the 225 over the 200. I just used a razor blade to cut down the thickness and it then fit just fine and now it fits just fine.

Doesn’t come with written directions but it’s pretty self explanatory. Fit perfectly for my forerunner 225.

Exactly what i needed for my forerunner 225. Easy instructions to replace, and tools required were also given.

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Easy replacement, comes with the tools you need to do it too.