The original lasted two years. This one lasted just 5 months. I use it 5 days a week about 1. I will try to get a replacement through the garmin one-year warranty.

Garmin re-engineered their strap from when i bought my watch many years ago. I’ve actually avoided replacing it in favor of a polar strap. I never liked the original garmin strap and experienced bad hr data. While browsing amazon i noticed that this strap is different, so i ordered it. This strap is 100% better and is providing reliable data. I’ll be sticking to this one now on.

I bought this to replace the strap that came with my forerunner 610. This is a nice update to that strap. Easy to adjust, accurate readings. 3 sensor areas for improved readings.

This last strap lasted several years. Garmin finally seems to have figured it out. I never wash mine in the washer.Simply rinse out under water and let dry flat. I lick mine when putting on, and that seems to be all i need for contact. I also wear mine cocked over to the left just a bit, seems to give better data that way. 2014 update; my last strap from garmin has finally seemed to last more than a year. knock on wood, but hopefully they have resolved the issues they have had in the past. I’ve raised the stars to 4, since there is always room for improvement.

Provides excellent information. Helped me focus on form while running. Only issue is that the panels that send info to your watch degraded and fell apart after some use.

Straps work well and feels comfortable. I workout daily and use it everytime however, the downside to this is that every six months i have to purchase a new one due to the inside face of the electrodes starting to peel away from the strap.

I like this strap, adjusts pretty easy, feels good. Def a good investment and more comfortable than all the older straps. Its no premium tri or run strap, but a good alternative if ur on a budget.

Key specs for Garmin Replacement Soft Strap for Heart Rate Monitor:

  • A replacement elastic strap with electrodes for the Premium Heart Rate Monitor
  • This soft elastic strap provides a comfortable fit for your heart rate monitor
  • adjustable
  • Replacement Elastic Strap With Electrodes For The Premium Heart Rate Monitor
  • Soft Elastic Strap Provides A Comfortable Fit For Heart Rate Monitor
  • Adjustable size to fit everyone
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Comments from buyers

“Upgrade your broken heart rate monitor
, It’s been improved and is reliable.
, Works great but falls apart within a year.

Excellent service and fast shipping from hrm usa. Happy also with the deal 👍.

My original garmin hrm strap stopped working and this replacement works perfectly.

Hrm worked flawlessly today with the new strap.

Not sure if this is an upgraded version of the strap that came with my garmin fenix2, sure seems like it.

Worked perfectly in place of my old garmin strap which was no longer working. Fit the old transmitter and worked right away.

The replacement soft strap worked as expected. My original strap was having problems maintaining the data. After changing the battery on the transmitter and resyncing the sensor, a phone call revealed how fragile the hrm straps can be. Washing the salt and sweat out of the strap, it probably got went too much with time. When the replacement arrived, i put the transmitter on, went for a spin and problem solved.

The new design incorporates anti static fabric similar to polar hrm straps. This has helped eliminate some of the hr spikes that occurred in older designs. I’ve used gen1, gen2 straps and this one by far works better and has more consistent readings without hr dropouts or spikes.

Wish i could find a more reliable strap.

I have to replace this strap again. I bought the last one in december 2016, now it’s june 2018 and the strap is worn out again. That’s about 1300 miles of running over 18 months. This was the 3rd strap since i bought the garmin in 2014. I wish the straps were as durable as the watch and transmitter. When the readings get flakey, it takes a few weeks to determine that the strap is beyond cleaning and you need another.

My first one last little over a year before the glue broke down between the elastic and sensor strip.

I was looking for a replacement strap for my garmin 910xt. The last strap just wore out, the only problem i have found with garmin. It was impossible to get another one from garmin like you may hear, but this seller was perfect for my impatience.

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I was using the older version that was cut off by an paramedic due to an epic crash. I picked up this updated version and it is far and away better. This one gives solid readings all day – maybe it is because of a new design on the contact area?. Not sure, but it works well.

Got a solid two years of training in hawaii year round before needing a replacement strap.

This heart rate monitor strap was released in may 2013. You can use it to upgrade your old garmin premium heart rate monitor (soft strap) to the latest version. This new strap has three skin electrical contact points instead of two, and it is clearly marked to distinguish left from right. You should purchase this product (without the transmitter) if you want to repair your broken garmin heart rate monitor. Anyone requiring a complete garmin heart rate monitor would be advised to purchase the new soft strap with the transmitter. The old garmin strap has a design defect that causes it to stop working after 2-6 months of use, and unfortunately the new one is no better. Mine stopped working after a few months of very light usage. So if you’re not willing to treat this $30 strap as a disposable item, here are two solutions. The budget solution is to use an electrode gel, like this one spectra 360 electrode gel – parker laboratories – 8. Apply the gel to the skin electrical contact points in the strap, and then secure the strap to your chest. The gel is inexpensive – a single tube could easily last for a year – and in my experience makes the heart rate readings more stable. Unfortunately, it only lasts for 45 minutes or so. If you go for longer or sweatier runs, the electrode gel won’t solve your problem. The high-tech solution is to use one of the newer optical sensor heart rate monitors, like the $80 scosche rhythm+ or the $100 mio link.

Perfect replacement for the garmin heart rate strap. I had the older version which was giving odd readings. I replaced the strap with this one and re-used the transmitter (part that snaps on) and it works perfectly.

This particular strap was purchased to replace the strap that came with a garmin forerunner 610. This strap is much more comfortable to wear, has a great deal more stretch to it and is much less abrasive against my skin. Keep in mind that this is just the chest strap without the monitor. I’d definitely purchase this strap again should i have a need.

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I have to replace this about once a year or so, but it’s reasonably comfortable and it works, which are the two primary criteria for something like this.

This hrm works better than a wrist based hrm that i had. This is the 3rd strap that i’ve had. First one came with the watch, a garmin fenix 3 and lasted about a year. The second one lasted about 8 months. I’ll see how long this one holds out. The rubber starts delaminating on the back (oval over the pickups) first. The straps work great but just don’t last that long. I do typically run 40-60 miles a week.

I know the first versions of this product had widely-reported reliability issues, but i never found out, because they were too darn small to even use. I’m a bigger guy, but far from the biggest i see riding or running with garmin products. The only issue i have experienced was after a saltwater swim. I had intermittent heart rate readings the rest of the race, but that was probably due to my ignorance, rather than a design problem.

Breathed new life into my old hrm.

This was my third garmin strap, and the other 2 had always had times when they would drop out, or read very low, or even read excessively high at times. From my research into it, everyone attributed the erroneous readings to static between the shirts and the straps and wind caused movement between the two. This strap has technology to cut down on that, and seems to have corrected it. The other 2 straps finally got to the point of being unusable, so hopefully this one doesn’t suffer the same fate.

I bought this for my wife as her orange theory strap was too small for her. She’s been using it since christmas with no problems.

Worked great as replacement band for my garmin hr monitor. Durable and works as expected.

It looks like the original chess strap and it works perfectly.