Nothing but positive things to say about this watch. Took a bit to learn all of the functions (who reads the manual?). Being my everyday watch, it’s now an important part of my effort to stay/improve my fitness level. Having fun with the tactical functions. Wish i had this 20 years ago.

Garmin products have always been extremely useful and durable. This is no exception awesome product and applications. Thank you garmin for an exceptional product.

This watch is what the bravo should have been. The bravo added steps and a couple other things that the original tactix did not have. However, bravo did away with the ability to upload maps 🙁 you cannot really it call a gps watch without maps, ya ya but it showed coordinates. Then garmin came out with fenix 5x and charlie. I was super skeptical about tossing money at it after wasting money on the bravo. I went for it and i am glad i did. The maps alone are the best selling point for a gps watch. It has “around me”, pois, topo and full routing maps with turn by turn instructions.

Everyday i love this watch more and more. It’s much lighter than i thought it would be. I’ve read a couple of critical postings about the band – i’ve not experienced any negative issues with the band. I started saving a year ago (large family on a gov salary) to buy the fenix 5 and when i had enough i found the tactix. Hands down, the best watch i’ve ever owned.

Gps muy preciso, aún en condiciones poco adecuadas. Lo más completo que he visto hasta hoy.

First one i ordered came defective and i had to wait for a restock but when it finally came i was pleased. A great watch, closely comparable to the fenix. Only feature i wish this one had is the oxygen meter but other than that it surpasses the fenix. Battery life is exceptional, customizable/downloadable watch faces available so you can have only the features you want on the face.

My first foray into the smart watch game was in 2015 with the motorola moto 360. It was an ok watch but i really didn’t see a benefit at the time to having and using a smart watch. It was nice but in my opinion, a novelty. Fast forward to 2019 where i decided to give the smart watch another try. I did tons of research and decided on the garmin tactix charlie. I chose this version for a number of reasons, but the most important one was the topo maps. I do a lot of hiking, both on the trail and off the trail, and i wanted the ability to have maps at my fingertips. Many of the maps i’ve used on my phone do not have the detail that the maps on this watch have. It comes with the full us topo map but i also purchased several higher resolution regional maps. You will not be disappointed with these maps and the gps location abilities of this watch.

Everything looks great except the price, why is it twice as much on amazon as it is on garmin’s web sit?.

  • Worth the money.
  • Lightweight is awesome, wished it had the oxygen sensor as in the Fenix5X plus.
  • Garmin Tactix Charlie is the Best!
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Garmin Tactix Charlie, Premium GPS Watch with Tactical Functionality, Night Vision Goggle Compatibility, TOPO Mapping and Other Tactical-specific Features

  • 1.2” high-resolution, sunlight-readable display with domed sapphire lens; switch between daytime use and night vision goggle compatibility
  • Includes preloaded TOPO mapping plus routable map navigation
  • Rugged design includes a black diamond-like carbon (DLC) coated titanium bezel, black titanium rear cover and stainless steel buttons — plus built-in Elevate wrist-based heart rate¹ monitoring
  • Tactical-specific features include Jumpmaster, waypoint projection, dual-position GPS formatting and preloaded tactical activity
  • Built-in navigation sensors include GPS and GLONASS plus a three-axis compass, barometer, altimeter and gyroscope
  • Up to 12 days battery life in smartwatch mode, up to 20 hours in GPS mode and up to 35 hours in UltraTrac battery saver mode

It was a lot of money to spend but i think that it is definitely worth it in the end. The watch co shipped it even earlier than was estimated.

For me, the step is not as good as the one on the bravo.

I love the watch, it has a great battery life and lives up to its expectations.

I have had this watch for four months. The pros:it’s compass and navigation are awesome for runs and hikes. The battery life last for weeks if just used for time and workouts ( no gps)the sapphire glass doesn’t not get scratched. Cons:it is heavy and takes getting used too ( i had a fit bit and was very light)the band does leave me rashes from time to time. The biggest issue i had with this watch was the wrist heart rate monitor. I had my first one exchanged because i thought it was defective. The second was somewhat more accurate but would state my hr was 80 bpm when i was in on the elliptical. The elliptical’s hrm showed me at 150 bpm.

I’m using the watch for walking hiking and biking. I have been in search for a good watch for the last year returning 4 other watches, this is by far the best choice. Other watches i have tried is the nokia steel, which is good for steeps and style, buts lacks any other activity tracking. The fitbit versa was absolutely horrid with its phantom 3 to 4,000 additional steps a day for sitting at a desk, which was returned. I than tried the new garmin vivoactive 3, which is actually a very good watch but the battery life is terrible only lasting 4 days. Being that i really liked the garmin software i decided to purchase this watch and it’s absolutely fantastic. Using the gps to track biking for about an hour 4 times a week i’m averaging 8 to 10 days on battery life which is just great compared to other watches i have had. Strap is very comfortable the durability of the watch is excellent having a sapphire glass in the titanium trim. Some people may not like using the button operations i actually prefer it as i don’t like touching the screens as i have to constantly clean them.

I tried the 5x, and it was good, but the tactix charlie looks better and feels much lighter on the wrist. The extra features of goggle mode and robust materials make the charlie my preference. Coming from pebble (first gen and steel), huawei watches (multiple first gen, the classic 2 and sport 2), lg (watch r, g watch), and asus (zenwatch gen 1), the 10 plus day battery life is just awesome. I am not a big fan of the oem strap though. Is is too tight, or too loose. There are tons of aftermarket options though. The canvass ones are cheap at about $10 and are one of my favorite feels. They require the special star nut screw driver; make sure you have it or the one you purchase comes with it. There are also a lot of custom watch faces to be had in the garmin connect iq application/website. Most have free functionality, but there are numerous ones that charge to customize further.

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Same watch as fenix 5x, could not spot any differences since i dont use the night vision features nor jumpmaster activity, but i would reccommend it by its weight and the fine finishing (black dlc makes a total difference). The price is now same as fenix 5x, but for a better finished watch. I’d buy the fenix 5x plus due the music playability, but i didn’t want to pay around 500 bucks more for that feature. Those 500 bucks worth keeping my ipod during my runs or gym. That are some things you should weight before buying a watch unless you poop money.

The features of this watch for my military son are perfect. Looks very durable & hope it holds up to his standards. He says the battery life is superb and likes the comfort. He is intrigued by the features which includes air jump distances, topo map, gps, fitness training, waterproof, and many other military related functions. So far he loves ithe just received it for christmas, so we will have to assess the durability over time. We have the warranty with the company and with square trade.

Watch met all my expectations. Still learning how to use it and would recommend to any military counterparts.

It’s a pretty good product. He has scratched it a few times already, which i feel shouldn’t have happened yet. I was thinking it would be a little more durable since he’s only had it a few months. I think it should have the ability to talk through it using a bluetooth connection to your iphone. I think that is something that should be included in the future. Otherwise he’s pretty pleased with it.

I’ve been considering getting a smart watch for the past year or so. I looked at the apple watch but it lacked the battery life and ruggedness i need for serious outdoor activities such as hunting and camping. Suunto has some nice offerings but at the end of the day it had to be garmin. I liked the fenix 5x but then when i saw the tactix charlie, it is basically a fenix in a tougher package, with titanium bezel and rear cover plus preinstalled tactical features. I enjoy the shooting sports and it had the look and toughness i wanted. This watch is an excellent tool that can help in establishing and tracking your fitness. I have a goal of moderate weight loss, with regular cardio and strength training. This watch has so many features onboard plus connectivity for other sensors, it has quickly become a valuable part of my training. The sleep tracking feature is pretty accurate and i like seeing what quality and quantity of sleep i am getting. As a family, we also do a lot of hiking and other outdoor activities and the gps tracking is essential for that.

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I just came from a fenix5 and suunto spartan ultra. Sold the spartan as soon as i could get rid of it and keeping the fenix5 as a backup. Love the ultra light weight and comfort of the watch. I am currently deployed so i always have a gps watch on but this is definitely full of useful settings for military. Also fits fine under the uniform sleeve. Wished the oxygen sensor was in this watch like it is in the fenix5x plus. Cannot get over how light the watch is and current mgrs position in just 2 button clicks.

I love the battery life and all of the functions of this watch. I have used it to track: running, hiking, biking, and indoor rowing it has been great. My only complaint is that i have already scratched the bezel of the watch and would have thought that with the dlc coating this would have not been a problem.

I got it for my birthday and i’ve been wearing it for weeks. It isn’t overly complicated to figure out, although not simple either. Its sturdy, cool looking, and has a massive variety of watch faces that actually let you configure the data fields, far more so than my samsung watch. Yes, developers, some of us want actual useful data and not just fields for counting our steps or floors climbed, like a bunch of idiots. It was a snap to hook up and once it connected with my phone, i started getting notifications on my apps, even phone calls. I have only two gripes about the watch. First, the chargers connection is proprietary, which is very irritating. There is no reason at all that this shouldn’t be a standard usb connector.

The first smart watch i have had that is worth the trouble. Worth the money and the time to set it up. Truly adaptable to your life.

Once you get the hang of how to work this thing it is hands down the best gps operating system of ever used. The topographical maps are almost to the equivalent of google maps. Ignore the tool bag that left the two star rating. I already reported his review to amazon and you guys should report his review also. It has nothing to do with the functionality of the product he is just complaining about the release date.

Its an awesome watch with so many functions. I learn something new about it daily. Its kindof pricey but its awesome.

This is a constant use item, and i’m so glad i got it. I also use the “garmin coach” feature. Gps works perfectly outside, but occasionally has hiccups when in large buildings. Overall this is an excellent watch for someone wanting to get more fit. I love (and use daily) the swimming feature on the watch. Great product & fast shipping.

The only thing is the bezel. It’s on my wrist everyday.

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