Overall, i’m not crazy about this watch. I’ve used a lot of other garmin gear — namely the edge 810 and forerunner 405cx. I feel like this watch, while it’s pretty nice, does not stand up well compared to their other stuff. The accuracy of the built-in wrist heartrate monitor is atrocious. No matter how you position it or how tight you put it on, it’s all over the place and completely inaccurate. Do not rely on it for serious training. The fact that the watch integrates with garmin connect but inexplicably does not support programming workouts is incredibly frustrating and short-sighted. I’ve also found that the connectivity between the watch and the app is spotty. The watch will show as connected under the bluetooth settings on my phone, but the app won’t see the watch or let me try to sync with it.

I bought this activity tracker for my wife as she likes to track her workouts and activities. I’ve previously purchased a fitbit charge hr, samsung gear fit2, polar loop and several others that i can’t remember for her but they have all fallen short in some or many respects. The garmin isn’t perfect and from my experience with these devices none of them are but this one does has some advantages. The garmin syncs data automatically with your smart phone, unlike the samsung or fitbit which you had to sync manually. The garmin charges quickly and effortlessly unlike the samsung which had charging issues. The fitbit didn’t have charging issues but the battery was much smaller also. The menu is fairly easy to navigate and the touch screen is responsive. There are a number of different workout and activity options such as “inside” vs “outside” running which allows you to track the difference when running on a treadmill or on the open road. The one negative that i have found with the garmin is that the screen is dim when inside even at the highest brightness setting. Apparently it is a known issue with garmin or it was designed that way to conserve battery life, not sure which is the case but the screen is noticeably dimmer than the samsung screen when indoors.

Update: ( my opinion and observation) i have had this watch for a few months now and still functions like a charm. I keep the sensors clean and now have a screen protector in it. The battery still lasts 5 to 7 days before needing charged. The only issue i have found thus far, climbing stairs, it’s not very accurate. Steps and heart rate are only off by a very small percentage, maybe 2% up or down i feel. As a personal trainer myself i know that none of these watches are 100% accurate, however this one is at the top of its kind in performance in my opinion. So i am still very happy with this product. Pros: very functional, loads of features, continual heart rate, multi alarm clock settings, lots of clock faces to download, forwards notifications from yr phone as well as calls, smoothly swipes up and down, vibrates, shows date, very easy to figure out and use surprisingly, theres a do not disturb feature nice, its actually more comfortable to wear then the gear fit by samsung, its water proof thats a plus, batter life is great ( i recieved it on 9\18 started using it right after it finished charging about 5pm the same day. It is now 9\20 at 8:30pm and the battery is at 60%, my samsung would need to be put on the charger about this time, the band double locks so no bumps and faltl off issues at all. Nice featurecons: the colors are not very vibrant.

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My boyfriend loved his watch when he first got it. After a few months, it started to freeze and needed a hard restart every so often. After 6 months the hinge connecting the band and the watch itself broke completely on one side making it unwearable. We haven’t looked into replacement bands yet, but after normal use in 6 months we are disappointed it already broke. Hoping it is repairable otherwise it won’t be usable in it’s condition.

Bought it for my daugther (we both have a vivofit2). Garmins a hell of a company with great products. Anyway my daughter loves this and it gets her motivated to walk more with me. Got more going for it than others i found at a much better price. Would recommend highly to anyone.

I am a swimmer, so this works really well. That is all i really like about it, for the price i don’t expect it to be very accurate with tracking my heart rate, but it does a good job tracking my swimming when i am doing laps. For the price this is great for a swimmer who wants to be able to see how much they are swimming.

Review update:less than a year of use and the screen broke under the tempered glass screen protector. With a cracked screen the touch screen will not work. I replaced with the garmin vivoactive 3 which has a gorilla glass screen and i love it. Original review:great smart watch. I suggest buying a glass screen protector as this doesn’t have a glass screen. No need to keep my phone with me when running. Completely waterproof for all the activities i do. I haven’t had the opportunity to done with it yet but so far so good.

I bought this watch after 5 fitbit failures (delamination of band to watch face). I absolutely love this watch. Yes, it’s a little bigger on my wrist, i’m ok with that. It’s water proof (i love that too), it’s holding up nicely to my daily activities (no band breakdowns) and if i want to, i can change the band and band colors. I sent back my first vivoactive watch because i really like monitoring my heart rate and keeping it up during my workouts, this one does a great job of that. I would highly recommend this watch. I’m going to upgrade my husband’s ifit to garmin vivoavtive hr for christmas. Just, please don’t tell him😉.

  • Garmin Vivoactive review
  • Wow, I’m impressed!
  • This so far is a good purchase, very happy

Garmin Vivoactive HR GPS Smart Watch, WW, Regular Fit – Black

  • 24/7 HEART RATE MONITORING – Elevate wrist heart technology gives you heart rate all day and night -no additional strap required
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE – Up to 8 days in watch/activity tracking mode
  • INTENSITY MINUTES – Monitor your progress against aerobic activity goals recommended by health organizations like the American Heart Association
  • CUSTOMIZATION WITH CONNECT IQ – Download free customized apps, widgets, watch faces and data fields
  • SMART NOTIFICATIONS – Set any notification from your mobile device to come over

I’ve had mine replaced twice, so i can’t give it 5-star review. But, it’s a pretty great watch for the price. I like the notifications i get when i sync it to the phone. The gps accuracy is very good. Getting gps signal is fast in my area. However, i’m not sure it’s waterproof because the 2 times i have gotten it in water, i’ve had to replace it. Garmin has been very good about replacing it though.

I like it better than my fit bit that quit working. I can’t wait to log all the swimming i’ll be doing this summer. I like that it tells me when i’ve been sitting too long and need to walk. I can view my text messages right there on the screen. I can answer a call if i have problems getting to my phone in time. I still need my phone, but it allows me to answer before it forwards to voicemail. I like that it tells me when it disconnects from my phone (so if i leave my phone anywhere it will notify me before i get too far away. ) i like the color screen and the butterfly watch face that i was able to download. I like the fact that i can change the band for something less bulky.

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One of the main reasons i bought this watch was because it showed the seconds on the watch face. I previously used the fitbit surge and liked everything about it except i needed the seconds and they seem to have no interest in any updates for that feature. This watch has pretty much everything the surge has but one thing i found very annoying is the vibration. My surge would vibrate for any alarms or notifications from my phone and nobody but me would know about it. With this watch, every time it vibrates, everyone knows about it since it sounds like a buzzer going off. It’s almost a deal breaker for me. I even changed the vibration setting to low and it still sounds like a buzzer. Now i have to set the watch to “do not disturb” when i go into meetings so i don’t draw attention to myself if my watch notifies me. I’m thinking of going back to wearing the surge and dealing with no seconds on the watch face since that one vibrates without sound. The other thing i found was the number of floors climbed is not accurate.

I’ve showered with it and wear it all the time. I have yet to make it to the pool but i have no doubts that it will hold up. The hr feature is nice and it doesn’t look overly bulky on my wrist.

Birthday gift best price anywhere .

Pairs well with the and fitness apps.

The watch is incredible and does so many activities from golf, to swimming, to regular old cardio. It seems very accurate, holds a charge for a long time ( maybe 1 week, depending on activities recorded) and you can even change the look of the watch face by uploading from many apps online. I’ve used it swimming so its waterproof and does the distance fairly accurately.

I bought this to replace my garmin vivoactive after it failed twice in two years from swimming laps. Garmin’s customer service was always top notch and even sent me a replacement after my warranty expired(bought one, two months later it died in the water and they sent a replacement. That one died right after the original warranty expired but are still sending me a new(refurbed) one)). This has been great so far, i just hope it holds up better than the vivoactives i had before. Will update if something changes.

I love my garmin vivoactive hr gps, my wife purchased it for me as a gift a little over a year ago & i rarely take it off. Notifications, heart rate monitor, step-counter, gps, sleep tracking the list goes on & on. . Today it broke in the middle of my workout & i’m not sure why. The housing for the band isn’t very stout but it’s held up this long. There couldn’t be a tougher way to end the day. I just hope there’s a warranty that covers situations like this. I’ll report back after i get some feedback from amazon.

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Hi, i’m a 50 years old and do triathlon training on a daily basis as well as construction work. I consider myself a very active person. With that being said the vivoactive hr is a great watch compared to its rivals. Holds a charge for five+ days. Its really amazing technology and incredibly comfortable. Much only issue is the face cracked while doing yard work. I’ve owned several other fitbit type training watches and this has been the best.

I have not got the custom alarms to work ad of yet but i did get the once only to work. I have replaced three fitbits and i am hoping this last more than one year.

Comparable to the fitbit surge. Does some things better; others, not so much. The fitbit has better sleep tracking. This one has a better display and some more detailed statistics per exercise (also some not as good, like steps per isolated event). Also, the charging cable is better on this one, as well as battery life, but the fitbit [again will isolate an activity’s step count in relation to the rest of your day, which this will not. Useful if you want to analyze your stride length or compare “today’s stride” with previous workouts. This one is awesome with the bluetooth connection to the phone, and provides better smart watch functionality. Overall, you can’t go wrong. They are both good hr fitness watches. I’m wearing this one right now, but have both. ]

This watch really does everything i want and connects easily to the garmin connect app on my phone.

Excellent features, fantastic band (wide, soft, comfortable), all functions that i tested worked flalessly. It breaks my consumer’s heart to be returning this band for one and only one reason: the lcd screen is hard to read in a room. It is very easy to read in bright sunshine, but with normal indoor lighting, i have great trouble reading the smaller print. I set the backlighting level to the maximum (9), and still.

This is my third smart watch, which i like most for ;light and compact but has most functions i need. My previous ones and other ones i checked out are too bulky and uncomportable when i exercise. Battery lasts so long that sometimes forgot to charge for days, but still remaining enought to work. Then recharges much faster then previous ones.

I upgraded from a fitbit to the garmin. I really needed something that could help me in the water and this has been amazing. I am no longer guessing my distance or time swimming. I highly recommend this for anyone training for a triathlon.

The garmin vivoactive hr gps smart watch does everything that i wanted. Being able to monitor heart rate allows me to maintain my target heart rate during workouts.

Keep having issues with the time. It is frequently not syncing with phone.

I’ve had the watch for about 2 weeks. I love pretty much everything about it and the connect all features. I do wish it could make sounds rather than just vibrate. Give me a beep or something. Any and all notifications are just “buzz”. I’ve had one instance where the watch and phone just lose their s**t and refuse to recognize that the other exists. Were physically there but nothing between us and no communication. Unlike my marriage tho, i could get the sync working again. I had to delete the device from the phone, reboot both, then re-add. I literally spent a morning trying other things. This was the only thing that worked.