It’s an authentic band and looks/fits as it should.

Positive:contains all the things necessary to replace the bandnegative:the band could be made out of sturdier material from the get-go. I’ve snapped a few of the fastener security strap so far, and it is made of sub-par material. At its price point, garmin should ship a sturdier product to accompany their fantastic technology.

Comfortable and easily replacement.

And it’s held up to the abuse i’ve put it through so far. Only reason i gave it four stars instead of 5 is due to the different type of material used to produce this band or its finish. It’s comparable to the different type of rubber used on mobile phone cases. Some have a finish that allows the material to easily slide into place, while others are tacky and provide a little resistance. These are the later and can be a blessing or a curse depending on the situation. It’s like getting a new watch.

While this is a little more expensive then some of the other garmin vivoactive bands, it is worth buying as it is quality and well worth. I swim 4 times a week and wear this watch daily so the original band eventually wore out and i have tried other replacement bands but this is the best.

The watch bad works as you would expect it to. It is still attached to my arm a year later.

  • Perfect replacement!
  • Exact Band as Original
  • Like New!

My watch is good for a couple more years.

These are great replacement bands for my garmin.

Glad it came with the tools to fix it.

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Exact replacement band of the original band. The picture is incorrect and shows a small lifted piece on one end of the band (oh well). In my opinion this piece isn’t necessary and wasn’t part of the original band anyway. The loop used to secure the band is the same as the original and has the small bubble that locks into one of the open holes on the band after buckling. Bottom line: all you need to know is this is an exact replacement of the band that came with the vivoactive watch. If you like the original band then you will be happy with this band.

Features of Garmin vívoactive Replacement Band, Black

  • Black replacement Band for Garmin Vivo active
  • Black Band
  • 8.2×1.2x.1

Black replacement Band for Garmin Vivo active

An exact replacement of the original band. I only swapped out the side with the buckle, since only the retaining keeper was broken. However, i was glad to see that the long piece didn’t have the weird bump at the end that’s supposed to prevent the strap from coming out- i feel like that would expedite the breaking of that keeper, which seems to be a problem for a lot of people. As for the installation process, it seriously could not have been easier, especially if you’ve changed other watch bands before. The trick is to use one of the screwdrivers to hold the screw in place while you turn the other one – don’t try to turn them at the same time. (the little ‘instruction’ picture that comes in the box is misleading. )if you turn a few times and don’t see movement, you’re probably working with the long pin. Turn the other screwdriver instead and watch the short pin come right out. Same strategy for putting it back together – run the long pin through, hold it in place with one screwdriver, and use the other screwdriver to drive in the short pin.

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Great value for a do it yourself. Found it easy to use to replace my old watch band.

This is the genuine manufacture replacement. Spend a little more and get this.

Fit just like the original band, no issues.

Same, durable ban that originally came with the watch. All tools needed, were included.

Garmin replacement – works like a charm.

Black Band

This is the exact band that came with your garmin vivoactive.

This was exactly what i was looking for and needed. Good price and quick delivery allowed me to only go without my watch for a day or two.

Identical to original straps, very happy.

Love that it comes with all the hardware.

Perfect replacement for my hubby’s vivo active garmin band. This was cheaper then anywhere else and the same as the orginal band that came with my hubby’s watch.

Watch band was easy to replace and install. Took less than five minutes to make the swap.


Bought this for my husbands garmin, works great easy to attach.

It would be handy to grow a third arm trying to swap these bands since you need both screwdrivers at the same time but it really wasn’t that tough.

All of the pieces needed to replace the band are here, including the two drivers needed to undo the wrist pins. The bands are easy to replace. The original ones lasted 18 months, so i hope to get that long out of the replacement.

It’s the original garmin band.

I installed in about 3 minutes.

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