However when the fitbit flex2 vibrates, it makes a slight rattling noise inside the cage. I wanted another option from all the rubber bands.

I really like dressing up my fitbit flex. This is my 4 fitness band, 3 were jawbone and although i liked their tracing the bands did not hold up. Great that i can change the look .Would recommend it to everyone.

I got the black/gold combo, i wish the silver parts on the bracelet matched the gold cage. Other than looks good while wearing alone or w my apple watch and my other bracelets, people think is another bracelet instead of my fitbit.

I was worried the band would be cheap but it’s actually really great quality. The metal cage that the fitbit clips into is attached to the band so that the side that opens is against your skin — you can change this if you want by popping the silver buttons that fasten the band to the cage and flipping the cage over, but it keeps the cage from being opened accidentally so you won’t lose the fitbit. The hinges on the cage are good quality — it is difficult to open with your nails, but it comes with one metal and one plastic guitar-pick-shaped tool to pry it open with. I’m in a job where i can’t wear a tracker that is readily recognizable, and this is perfect. Unless someone sees it light up (or hears it vibrate loudly in the metal cage) no one would know it hides a tracker.

Band and housing are ok but not great. Leather is thin and the housing for the fitbitappears to be made out of tin. We would not get them again. 00 isyour price range then by all means get one. They are very pretty with agood design. My wife was going to return. Hers to amazon but we will save it andgive it to somebody.

Such a cute way to wear your fitbit casually, but not in a tell-tell silicone band. I’ve had so many compliments and questions about this bracelet.

This is an elegant set that seems like it will be very functional. Since i lost my first fit bit when the band fell off when i was wearing it. I am confident that the buckle will keep it on and that the flex bit will fit snugly into the compartment. Shipping was fast and the product came in excellent condition.

Decorative and barelet like, but it covers the entire front of your wrist. Keep in mind the fitbit tracks movement. When you have it on your wrist and do nothing it will track your hand movement. I clocked 32 steps when i was driving my car. I just want to up my game because i’m a grandmother. I’m not a serious tracker so this works for me.

  • Like it – but turns green
  • the band would be cheap but it’s actually really great quality. The metal cage that the Fitbit clips
  • Pretty!

GHIJKL Compatible Fit bit Flex 2 Bands, Fit bit Accessories Wristband for Flex2 Metal and Leather Bangle-Bracelet Style

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  • COMBINE MAXIMUM COMFORT AND CLASSY STYLE: If you are a fitness enthusiast, we bet that you have an activity tracker! The only thing you need is the ultimate accessory! This amazing Fitbit Flex 2 replacement band is made of finest quality, lightweight leather. In addition, its modern design is bound to catch everyone’s attention!
  • YOU GET NOTHING LESS THAN THE BEST: Stop wasting your money on cheaply made, flimsy Fitbit bands that fall apart! This must have wristband is sweat, rain, splash and water resistant! What is more, the heavy duty clasps assure secure closing, keeping the Fitbit unit in place and allowing you to enjoy intense workouts.
  • ENJOY THE PERFECT FIT: Haven’t you had enough with wristbands which are too loose or too tight? This amazing bracelet for Fitbit features an adjustable length 6.3”-7.5” that allows it to nicely embrace your wrist. Moreover, the variety of sizes makes this replacement band ideal for men and women alike!
  • PERSONALIZE YOUR FITBIT FLEX 2: You are unique and you should never miss a chance to express yourself! This top notch Fitbit replacement bracelet is available in many colors ! Pick the one you like best and match this replacement band with your personal style.
  • 100% RISK FREE PURCHASE: We take pride in the high quality of our products and we do our best to provide you with the best customer service. This is why we offer you a 1 year money back guarantee or product replacement! In addition, you are entitled to lifetime service and you can rest assured that making this Fitbit replacement band yours is entirely risk free.
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Should have read the comments before buying this. This was pretty but it fits very tight & i’m on the last hole at the end. Thought it would fit better. It is very difficult to open – but the piece included does get it open. Really wish it was a bit looser.

I love this fitbit bracelet. The “cage” does close snugly but is easy to open with the pick they provide. I like that it closes tightly so that my fitbit is safe from loss. This looks so much nicer than the rubber bracelet that comes with the fitbit. I have received several compliments on the bracelet too.

It fits so well and looks even better in person. It’s not real leather but it feels good on my wrist and the actual fit bit stays in place.

I have got many compliments from this and really enjoy it. The only reason i’m knocking it one star is because at one point the screw on the leather bracelet fell out. The only reason it is still holding together is because i saw it fall and was able to simple screw it back. But i do not know why or how it got loose. Something to keep an eye on now.

It’s very actractiv & functional. My previous bands my fit bit fell out several times & i was lucky to be able to find them. This is very secure functional i definitely recommended again i bought one for my daughter because she was having the same problem as i assume everyone is having with these rubber fitbit band holders.

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The band is not real leather, but it’s still nice and i get a lot of compliments. The cage for the fitbit opens long-ways so there’s no way it will pop open on your wrist and have you lose your fitbit. I have super tiny wrists and this band has enough notches for me to wear it tight, and it can also be adjusted to much larger sizes too.

The photos of this item do not do it justice. I am so very happy with this band, which looks like a vintage jewelry piece rather than a cheap piece of rubber. The leather band adjusts well with plenty of room to spare. I really appreciate the little tool to open the fitbit ‘cage’. I have peace of mind knowing the fitbit will not fall out.

It fit my fitbit flex 2 really easily and i am not afraid it’ll fall out as it’s very secure. Looks just like the photo and i’m happy with the thin band. Extremely comfortable on the wrist and i like how it looks like jewelry versus a fitness tracker.

This is a very cute, nice quality bracelet to hold my fitbit flex 2. I have super small wrists, so was pleasantly surprised to find that it fit me. The holder was upside down when i received it, but was easy enough to flip over. The strap is a bit narrow, but that is a good thing in my opinion. If you’re looking for something that looks nicer than the sporty band that comes with your fitbit, i think this is a good choice.

Nice fitbit holder but i prefer wearing a fitbit on my ankle. It does look really nice in the wrist.

Looks better than in the photos. Seller has fast delivery and items come in a nice jewelry bag and gift box. Gorgeous details on the bracelet. Letter is of the best quality. You will not be disappointed if you buy this. Upgrades any outfit and really dresses up the fitbit. Most people don’t even know that this lovely bracelet contains a fitness tracker.

The band fits different sizes pretty easily by using different holes in the band. It looks nice on and seems to be good quality. It is easier to adjust the band size than the metal bands, so it will be worn more i think. I got one of each, but the metal was hard to open to adjust the size for my wrist, and came open by itself while i was wearing it. I was lucky to see it hanging before it fell off, so i didn’t lose it, but could have very easily. The leather seems to be more reliable.

This is my everyday peice and i live it so much i ordered another color. I get compliments on it all the time and u can not even tell it is housing a fitness tracker. Lois one star because the screws have gotten loose multiple times and i have to make sure they are tight so i don’t loose my fitbit.

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Wore it every day and night for six months, shower, pool, bed. It started to not be as shiney after 180 days, so i bought another.

I have received many compliments on the bracelet and when i tell them it holds my fit it they are astounded. This piece is so versatile that i only take it off when showering or swimming to me keep the band nice.

I really like this accessory for my fitbit. It is the way i typically wear my fitbit, unless i will be in water. I get compliments regularly. Thinking of buying another with a black band.

I really like this band, but i’m a little worried about how long it will last. The tip of the leather is a bit worn off already (i’ve worn it twice). Hopefully it won’t get worse as i continue to wear it to work.

This is an update on the review where i gave a 5 star, i decided to change it to 4 star since the metal buckle and the two pins that hold the case are different color. It would be nice if the gold bands has the same finish on the buckle and pins.

I’ve received many compliments on this bracelet. I have a very small wrist and was able to tighten this to my size. The area that holds the fit bit was a little hard to open with the plastic opener the company sent, but a tiny screwdriver works perfectly without scratching the silver.

This is beautiful and cool looking. I love that it’s adjustable. Also, i just noticed that the cage bit that holds your flex hinges and swings open on the side that sits on your wrist so on the off chance that caged part get loose you won’t lose the flex. Smart stuff and cool looking bracelet.Oh, and the packaging is a tin, screw on top and reusable. There were two guitar picks in the tin.

This can adjust to any size wrist. Fitbit rattles a bit when it goes off but you get used to it. Nice change to the standard one it comes with.

This was a perfect fitbit band for me. I have a small wrist (6 inch) and this one is adjustable for a perfect fit for me. I first ordered black with gold and liked it so much, that i ordered another in brown with silver. The leather is very nice, and the bracelet seems to be of good quality. I think i will enjoy both of them very much.

Inexpensive and a much better alternative to wearing the plastic band. You will have to occasionally tighten the screws with a phillips head screwdriver.

Love the look and it’s comfortable. It takes a lot of tapping sometimes to see the lights blink, but it’s not a big deal. However, it will turn your arm green over time. I’d recommend immediately putting nail polish or something on the side that touches your skin to keep it looking nice. If anyone has a better solution (i used nailpolish) let me know.