Can’t tell the difference between these and the name brand ones that come with the device.

Edited: i’ve had these for a couple of months and i love them. The light pink/rose gold is my favorite but got a bit stained after daily use from the edges. However it did last a good 3 months. The notches actually work great once you get them in the first time. Arrived in a timely fashion, loving the colors. Not a 100% sure in the notches, they seem like they can come off easily.

Love, love, love these bands. I can change them to match my outfits and work scrubs.

Some colors were more bright than expected and a bit tough to snap them on than the original.

Love the assortment of colors. The little strap holders are difficult to use, you cannot easily put the strap and band thru it.

The bands arrived in a timely manner, which always makes me happy, the bracelets are bright with beautiful colors. My fitbit device fits quite snugly into the bracelet, with no fear of it falling out. The bracelet it is a tad smaller than the original fitbit, but i barely notice the difference. The clasp is exactly like the original fitbit, which i love. The bands also come with colorful, matching square rubber loops, which can be placed over the clasps, to make sure the bracelet, never falls off your risk. I bought other bracelets, for my flex 2, but they were thicker and cumbersome. Overall i think these bracelets are great and at a great price.

GinCoband 10PCS Fitbit Flex 2 Bands Replacement for Fitbit Flex 2 Wristband No Tracker

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • 10 color available,Personalize your wristband to match your daily style with this brand new color choices
  • FREE SIZE Adjust by the button,Comfortable for sporting time
  • SIZE CHART Large Size:6.3-8.3 Inches / 161-210 mm. Small Size:5.5-6.9 Inches / 140-176 mm
  • High Quality Material,Comfortable and Fasion Made from durable and waterproof materials
  • NOTE:No Tracker or other parts! For Fitbit Flex Band only

Not all the holes are quite big enough for the latch, and sizing is a bit off (larger than expected).

So many colors to choose from and can wear them with different outfits. Bands seem very strong, too. They all came with an attachment clasp, too, which i was really surprised about.

These worked great for my fit bit flex 2. The only thing was that they little bands that can go on the straps to keep the strap in place is not necessarily the same color as the band. For instance, i did not get a band to match the yellow, hot pink, or the teal color. When i inquired about it, the supplier answered stating ‘the straps all is the gift for this packet, the color is not the same as the bands’. It does not bother me enough to send them back, but i thought consumers would want to know.

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These are just like the original quality. Would repurchase for sure if neededthey all came with the silver pieces that allows the band to lock in place- so you get more than one.

Super comfy and i love the colors.

Although they are the same size as original they seem a bit slimmer. I use them everyday and match my outfits. Since each has its own closure i don’t have to switch it out which was not always easy and time consuming. The lights are much easier too see compared to the original. They haven’t stretched out, at least not yet, like the original.

Great assortment of colored bands. I was just going to get a replacement (one) but i’m glad i got the 10 pack.

Love the selection of colors.

Exactly as described just as good a quality of name brand except this brand has loops so bracelets cannot come off if main catch comes apart.

Great products for the price. They fit great and close properly. There is a clasp and loop for each band (most loops match). I bought the small size and it fits wonderfully. Note: this is not the same material as the original soft fitbit bands. It’s a hard bendable plastic. But they are very comfortable and durable. Only downside, some of the lighter colors start to darker over time. But for the price i paid, i don’t mind. I highly recommend these bands.

At first it’s very difficult to get the clasp through the holes, but i love the colors. I’ve only had one come undone while i was at work.

GinCoband 10PCS Fitbit Flex 2 Bands Replacement for Fitbit Flex 2 Wristband No Tracker : Colors are great and it’s a good deal for $15. But the clasps are so hard to close and it’s hard to get them to stay. I’ve only managed to clasp five bands together. I have five more that are being really difficult and just won’t clasp no matter what i do. I compared these bands to my authentic fit bit band and the fitbit one was much easier to close because the holes are a tad bigger. I think if these bands’ holes were bigger, then it would be much easier to close as well. If you’re having trouble, here’s a tip- stretch the band as you’re clasping it together. It will stretch the holes making them bigger and then the metal clasps will firmly go in them. This helped me with a few, but some still won’t clasp. Pic: right is my authentic fitbit and left is the gincoband.

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Extremely happy with the bands. I use a small size originality, and i ordered small too. The fit is good just one pin hole away from original. Has the same feel as the original band. The chip is nice and snug in it’s place. Seriously thinking about buying the colors that i’m missing.

I like the versatility of colors.

My only regret is not purchasing the 10-pack, because now i want more colors. I got the 3-pack of navy, black, and gray, and they are all excellent. Love how i can switch out colors anytime i want. Can barely tell the difference between these bands and the real fitbit flex 2 band – perhaps these are bit stiffer but it’s really not significant. Also, these bands include a small loop (like on a watch) to hold both ends of your band in place, as opposed to the fitbit flex 2’s original band, which doesn’t – nice feature, but i found myself not needing it because i don’t want to take the extra step to thread both ends of the band through the loop – takes a bit of effort because of the silicone material. I am sure i will not be able to resist the temptation to buy the brighter colors soon. Very reasonably priced and of course, with amazon prime, right to my door in 2 days – can’t beat it.

These work just as well and are the exact same as sold with the name brand device although not stamped like the name brand. Great quality, beautiful colors and works perfect.

I am amazed how much these are like the original fitbit band. Exact size, material is almost identical (slightly stiffer, but barely noticeable). Same length, flat part where the fitbit sits is the same. Love the extra little band that slips over the button closure (though i don’t think it is necessary). My original was the lavender color and the lavender in this pack is the exact same color. No problems snapping the bands together. The spaces for the lights line up perfectly (they are small diamonds not circles like the original) and the fitbit piece actually feels more secure than my original band. I was nervous about purchasing a set of bands but am very happy with these.

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I’m so excited to have one to match all my outfits now. I wish they had some print ones available but i got my package on time and everything looks amazing.

I ordered the large not sure if medium would fit so had to cut them off. Pretty good quality for the price.

These are great – look and feel just like the original fitbit band. Will be buying other colors for sure.

Been using these for over 6 months now and no issues. The colors are cute, and i loved that my package came with a little bag of matching sliding loops for extra security – these have saved me a few times when the band has come loose at the gym.

These are ok and i will keep them. The pink one is more of a flesh color, not very pink. They are much stiffer than the original band i got with my fitbit flex 2. I would recommend to a friend because the cost is very reasonable.

Shared these with my 2 granddaughters. Especially like the little band that holds them in place.

I order both large and small and both sent were large and although they work. I was disappointed to not get the small. They are not as flexable and or as comfortable as what comes with the fitbit flex 2.

They’re just like the band that came with my fitbit. My dog chewed my other one so i’m happy to have some replacements.

I got the ten pack when i got my fitbit a few weeks ago. I have to say that these look and fit just the the fitbit brands do. They are a little thicker and a little harder the claps but it also means that it is harder for them to fall off. The colors are bright and fun. I would highly recommend them. They also come with small rubber loops that you can slip on the band to make it more secure. Only down fall is that there is they don’t have a bright purple one.

For some reason, i thought the price was for one of these bands, but it is for 10 different colors. These are actually extremely sturdy and comfortable as well.

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