I like this one so much better than the one included with your fitbit alta. I went through two of those, the clamps kept breaking. This one the alta just snaps into place on top, with or without a band. I also like that it has a reset button on the base of the stand. I’m going to purchase a second one for my office just in case.

This charger is so much easier than the one that came with my alta. Instead of having to open a clip, get the tracker situated just exactly right and hope you dont move the connection to charge your alta. With thos one you simply ‘snap’ it in, let the wrist band dangle and it will charge. Now, the reaon i even looked for this is the original gator clip charger fist poped one side. Then the other and i was essentially screwed.

Good product for fitbit alta users. Just did not look as nicely and fit properly for my larger version as i have the xl bands from fitbit. It took a little time to get used to snapping it on and removing it. I was always a bit concerned that it could scratch the unit, but it did not. I know future generations will be amazing, but this one did not work for me personally; doesn’t me it will not work for you. It beats having to line up a plug each time you charge and that’s worth it on that part alone.

I don’t have to worry about my fit bit falling off the counter when i charge it. I have it hooked directly into my computer usb and it works well. It doesn’t take up much space. My only complaint is that if you don’t get it on the charger exactly right it just drains the battery. It’s a little hard to tell if it’s on the charger correctly. After having it drain the battery once i always double check by tapping my fitbit so it will show me it is charging.

I love the look of this product, and it does work just fine… but there is a design flaw where it can feel that you’ve gotten your alta attached correctly when it is not. Make sure you wait for it to indicate charging before you walk away.

So i tried my stand last night. The only problem is once i press the button on the bottom of the stand. It does show the charging status, however, it also stops the charging. It won’t charge any more, no matter how many times you re-press the button or hold the button. The only thing you can do is to disconnect the fitbit and put it back on the stand again. So my advice is to not to use the button, just touch the fitbit interface to check the charging status. That’s why i only rated 3 stars. Everything else looks good to me.

My fitbit would never be charged because the charger it came with was so annoying. You had to make sure it was perfectly lined up with the dots inside in order to power up. It would take several tries so sometimes i just gave up. The best thing about that original charger was it died and therefore, forced me to buy this one. So easy to plug in, sits upright, it’s great. Really well made you can tell it’s not junk which is surprising because it was inexpensive. I now use my fitbit all the time.

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No more hanging while charging with the usb. Plus it looks great on the night stand.

This is such a cool looking charger, i was excited to use it. I read a lot of the reviews and unlike other chargers listed from non-fitbit dealers (whose reviews said the charger fried their devices), the reviews on this one said it caused no problems so i purchased it. I plugged it into my computer via the usb outlet as suggested, and it charged quickly. However, ever since using the charger, my fitbit app now says ‘tracker not found’ when trying to sync, and i’ve never had this problem before. Three stars for design aesthetic and actual charging abilities, but upset it has messed up my syncing ability.

This device is easy to use, and i’m scarcely worried that the fitbit will not charge. I do not leave the bands on it when i charge it though, getting them to fit around it was a bit cumbersome, and they’re easy enough to pop on and off. To get it to start charging, i put the fitbit onto the charging unit, nice and snug and then i hit the button on the foot of the unit. I don’t know if that’s how it’s supposed to work, but that’s how i use it. It’s a usb, so fitting it with a wall plug, or on a computer both work.

After using the standard fitbit charger that comes with the product, and having them break on me with some consistency, this has been a great replacement. I like having to just snap in my fit bit on top of a molded charger that acts as a watch holder. It’s a great alternative for any one who’d like something new and different.

Very fast, the fitbit stays in place (vs their oem cord which falls out), charges quickly, and nice looking. You barely have to touch the contacts with the fitbit and it goes to work. The button helps to see where the charging progress is at. I’m impressed and so glad i got one to use at home.

Super convenient and so much better than the one that comes with the fitbit alta. I purchased two of the original style chargers (clamp style) until i got fed up with both of them breaking. You just sit your fitbit in the cradle and you’re charging. Here are the specifications for the GOOQ Fitbit Alta Charger:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Special and unique design, ONLY fit tightly for your Fitbit Alta Smart Fitness Watch, Not for Fitbit Alta HR
  • Durable ABS material + gold-plated conductive contact + UV spraying technology, convenient stand supports your Fitbit Alta at a stable and comfortable viewing angle
  • One button to show the Charging Power Capacity, prevent your Fitbit Alta from being damaged by overcurrent when Connected to USB Power Source on PC, Mac, Laptop or Notebook.
  • Multiple use, both as a charging stand and a stable holder for your Fibit Alta, even a simple decoration
  • Package Includeed: 1 x Charging Stand and 1 x Charging Cable
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I received my fitbit alta charger just a few days after ordering it. It came nicely wrapped and well protected. A few days later my fitbit battery was low so i had the opportunity to use it. As soon as i placed it on the stand and plugged the cord in, it started to charge. I like that i can check the charge level by pressing the button on the front of the stand. The speed of the charge was perfect too. Maybe the least thing i like about it it (but really very minor) is if you bump it, the fitbit will fall off. It doesn’t snap onto the stand. The price is very reasonable too.

Love this charger i leave it plugged in, in my bedroom all the time. The charging cable that came with my fitbit alta has broken twice already. I don’t need to squeeze the clip i just press my alta on to the stand.

I’ve had it for about three months and had noproblems. I like how it sits on my vanity and looks nice. Only thing i don’t like is that the cord it comes with is very short. So you’ll need a longer charger to plug in to it for a while there is was using a standard galaxy s7 charger with it. The bottom the base is kind of pointless to. If you press it it will display the level or charge the atla has.

So i purchased this so i could charge my fitbit on my nightstand without having to dig the cord out each time. I like the stand concept however this one isn’t easy to use. Aligning the prongs to the watch can be tricky and if you don’t attach it just right it can drain your battery instead of charging it. (found out the hard way) after a couple months of use i decided it’s easier to pull the cord out each time then to keep using the stand. Hopefully the design can be reworked to make it easier to use. I would like to have the easy of just popping it onto a stand and knowing it would charge.

I have had 2 chargers break for my fitbit alta, someone in my fitbit friends mentioned that this happened to them as well and she bought this from amazon, i went on, bought it, it came quick, it works really well. My only wish for this is that it came with a plug, they say you have to charge it by plugging the usb into your computer only i wish there was a wall plug so that while i am sitting on the couch i can charge it by plugging it in.

Its a great product and works as advertised only wish though was that the alta fitbit attached better to the charger. Due to the nature of the bands on the alta, it takes multiple attempts at getting it to fit just right onto the charger because the bands have a way of pushing itself off. Just make extra sure you actually have the fitbit making contact w/ the charger ports before you walk away.

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Reviews from purchasers :

  • Love this charger I leave it plugged in
  • Awesome charger!
  • I LOVE this charger

My original atla charger broke only after a few weeks. I have been finding ways for months to make the broken charger work until another piece broke off. I finally searched for a charger on amazon and purchased this one. Its sturdy and super easy to connect the alta to charge. It charges pretty fast as well. I would suggest this charger to my friends and family. I also like that its a standard usb port.

I highly recommend this – this is the easiest method for charging your fitbit yet. I was so tired of short cords and ill fitting chargers. I have used this half a dozen times now and i love it. No more guesswork- you can check with the push of a button how far along the charge is. Very easy to use and reliable. I will never go back to those lousy short corded unreliable clamps again.

If you are sick of your short, awkward charger cord that came with your alta then you need this charger. The cord it comes with is much longer, similar in length to a phone charger cord. It plugs in easily to the usb port on my lap top and i can set this on my desk next to my lap top and not worry about it getting knocked around, or accidentally unplugged. I also love the button to show the charging power capacity. One push and it quickly shows the battery level. It is sturdy and yet small enough to not get in the way, or be overbearing. I highly recommend this charger for any alta users.

I love my fitbit alta, but in less than two years i went through five different chargers for it. The hinges on the tabs for the spring to hold the device in place, made from cheap plastic, kept breaking. I tried both fitbit official and generic chargers and it was always the same story. I bought this model out of desperation to just have something different that would work and be reliable and thus far it has not disappointed.Using a traditional usb port, it charges the device quickly and is a pleasing design both with and without the fitbit on it. My friend says it looks like a dragon sculpture. The button to easily check the charging status is a nice bonus.

Nice charger for my alta fitbit. No more hangly off the short charger cord from the wall outlet while charging. I recently purchased a new band and because of the way it’s styled, i have to remove it from the band to charge, but it’s still easy. From the other reviews i read, it charges well with most bands and doesn’t have to be removed.

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