It’s a neat idea and works well.

I really like this device as it keeps the coords to a minimum. I would have given this 5 stars but as other commenters have noted it can be challenging to find the exact position to place this so that the fitbit charges. I am sure i will get in a groove of finding the exact spot as time goes on.

It’s easier to charge, but doesn’t have the small button needed to reboot the fitbit. The charger that comes with the fitbit has a small button you use to reset your fitbit.

I like the design and ease of use.

Very easy to get the watch on and off.

This is a meat little charger.

It is small enough to keep plugged in but hidden, and every few days (at night) i put my fitbit alta hr on it to recharge. Snaps in snugly so you get some feedback telling you it connected. It’s very hand, and i have no issue with it whatsoever.

Very handy when charging the fitbit alta hr. It clicks into the stand and the button to check the charging progress is a great help.

I love this stand, i put fitbit in and it charges it up it sets on my night stand and is ready when ever i need it.

It charges up my fit bit quickly.

The product itself, does what it says and the speed of it arriving in the uk was superb. That good, that i bought another one for the bedroomby the way fitbit, if you happen to read this, they do sell fitbit alta hr in the uk and lots of other countries, so why not bring out these items at the same time as the usa. . That comment will fall on deaf ears.

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Fitbit hooks very secure to the stand its a lot better than just laying the fitbit on its side offers a little more protection by keeping it elevated.

I got this in october 2018 and it was great while it lasted. 6 months later, and it broke in a way that makes it useless. I’ll try to patch it with some electrical tape, but i guess i’ll shop for a new one if i can’t get it replaced (i’m not sure if there’s a warranty).

Great charger for my alta hr. Some reviews thought it was hard to line up the connectors but i didn’t have a problem. When is it correctly placed on stand there is a slight vibration to let you know it is properly connected.

I received this a few days ago, but, hadn’t needed to charge my alta hr until yesterday. Probably took less than 2 hours to charge from low. I say probably because i forgot it for a little while. I have it plugged into the wall. The only difficulty i had was it took me about 6 tries to seat the ahr properly to charge. I’m sure as i do it every week, it will become easier, but, it wasn’t enough to take any starts away. Very happy gooq has made this charger as it makes the process, for me, much easier.

This charger is just perfect for my fitbit alta hr and so much easier to use than the charger that came with the fitbit. I keep the original charger for my travelling and this stays on my counter ready to use when i need it.

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It doesn’t just snap in to charging mode. You have to play with it little first.

GOOQ Fitbit Alta HR Charger, Replacement Charger Cable Stand Charging Cord Cradle Dock for Fitbit Alta HR : Really love the design of this item. However, mine takes some effort to align the watch with the charger and get it started charging. It’s harder than the charger that came with the watch.

I made a mistake and ordered this charger for a fitbit alta. This charger works with a fitbit alta hr but no the previous alta model. I cannot assess how well it works since it does not work with my alta device.

I like that the cord is really long, it also charges very well. I think the only bad thing is that it doesn’t have very good grip on the bottom so unless the surface it is on is very solid it could slide around.

Great alternative to the charger that comes with the unit. There are no moving parts, so there’s nothing to break, like the charger that’s supplied. I originally purchased the fitbit alta. I went thru 2 fitbit chargers. They broke after charging a few times. When i lost my original fitbit, i bought the fitbit alta hr. I immediately ordered a fitbit alta hr charger from amazon. Didn’t want to use the charger that came with the unit.

Works awesome πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ.

Perfect teplacemcharger for my fitbit alta hr.