I keep this one at work and i love it. It charges from almost completely dead to full in about 30 minutes, plus is kinda cute looking too.

Fits easily on a bedtime night stand. No issues and would recommend.

A bit funky to successfully cradle the fitbit into it. I went back to the original charger that came with the fitbitthe band gets in the way so you can’t wrap it around the cradle and so you have to stick the band to side, which causes it to pop out of the cradle.

The good things are it arrived on time, looks nice and feels like it is well built. The charging cord is long so that’s a plus. The negatives are it isn’t that easy to charge my fitbit. I have to place it just right and hope it stays connected. The band doesn’t lay like it does in the picture. Maybe the small bands do but not the large. I’m not going to return it but i wouldn’t buy it again.

If it’s not charging, make sure you find the switch on the stand because that was an issue we had at first. Once we got that figured out it has worked perfectly ever since. Looks great on a night stand and is very convenient.

I used to hate charging my fitbit. But this charging stand makes it do easy. Fit nicely on my side table and i don’t have to worry about misplacing it when it’s not in use. Fitbit should actually include this stand like this when you purchase it.

Makes charging my firbit charge 2 effortless.

Key specs for Fitbit Charge 2 Charger, GOOQ Replacement Charger Charging Cable Dock for Fitbit Charge 2 Smart Watch …:

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • Fitbit charge 2 Charging Stand With New Design. And Also Equipped With Anti-Slip Silicone Base. Easy To Use.
  • Convenient And Quick To Charge. With 2 Charging Ports, Choose Either Side To Put Your Fitbit Charge 2 on the Charger Station.
  • Up To 5V/1A Input. Short Circuit And Overloading Protection. Make Sure The Safety Of Your Fitbit Charge 2 During Charging.
  • Constructed of ABS And Silicone, The Mat Surface of Charging Station Is Polished With The New Manufacture Technology. Pressing The Button At The Bottom Would Show The Charging Status.
  • Package: Fitbit Charger 2 Charging Stand, Charging Cable And A Manual. (Please Note That Fitbit Charger 2 Is Not Included).

Comments from buyers

“Small Footprint, Works Easily, Doesn’t Interfere With Screen Protector.Buy This Now!
, So I bought this charger and it is great for my Charge 2 – I wish that they
, Good for small maybe?

I bought this item because every time i tried to charge my old fitbit charge, i had to put the charger on just right or it wouldn’t charge. Most of the time it never charged. So i bought this charger and it is great for my charge 2 – i wish that they had made one of these chargers for my old fitbit.

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I was really hoping this would be awesome however it was a let down. Maybe someone with more patience than me may enjoy it. I found it to be somewhat of a challange to keep it charging if the band is in the slightest off position it would make the charging stop.

So much better than the original cable charger. Original one it was iffy if i ever got the charger and points properly connected even if the fitbit units battery briefly showed. With this, know immediately if connections properly made. Plus can check on the progress of the charge.

This quickly charges the fit while i’m in the shower. It’s easy to use and makes charging the fit super easy. I’d highly recommend this product, i have at least 3 of them around the house at this point.

Overall i am very happy with my purchase. It holds my tracker in place well (size small) and charged just as quickly as the factory charger does. The only con, which isn’t a huge deal for me, is that you do have to make sure to ‘click’ your fitbit into place, and double check that it is charging. But, with that said, i always have to do the same with the factory charger, so it’s really not really an issue.

This stand makes it so much easier to charge my fitbit.

I bought one of these some time ago for my fitbit charge 2 and it worked nicely. I bought two more for my son and his girlfriend. It is easy to use and i love the button on the bottom to tell you the charging status. I also like that my fitbit sits on the charger rather than lying on my desk. The charger that came with the fitbit is handy to have in the car.

I love everything about this item. It doesn’t take up a lot of room which i love. I keep it on my bathroom countertop so i can charge while i am showering. I love that i no longer have to lay down my fitbit on the counter where it can get scratched like with the regular charger. Just remember that the cord that this comes with is a usb cord so you will need a wall plug adapter with a usb slot to plug this unit into a regular outlet. The cord is longer so it doesn’t have to be right on top of the outlet. I installed a screen protector on my fitbit and with the old charger, it always managed to pry the screen protector off over time with the constant clipping and unclipping on the edges. This new charger eliminates that problem. When you’re putting your watch onto the charger, just make sure you push down a bit so it ‘clicks’ into place for charging. If you don’t see the battery with the little lines on it, it’s not charging so keep that in mind. This is such a great product.

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You can charge your tracker either way which is a plus. Larger bands need to charge upside down. I learned this with the help of the seller who reached out to me when i rated this item poorly. They provided me with complete instructions and pictures to help me resolve my issue. Their contact of me was a nice surprise since i never reached out to them about my difficulties. They did everything in their power to make me a satisfied customer and it worked. If you come across this seller in the market place buy from them.

Charges quickly, however you have to make sure it’s on correctly, very touchy. If you push it all the way down it doesn’t seem to charge. You kind of rest the top with the bottom pushed down and it’s fine. I had to play with it a bit to figure it out.

Fits my charge hr 2, however it is a very slow charge. The cord my fitbit came with charges at least 10x faster than this guy.

The first time i put my fitbit on it i had a hard time but now i just pop it on it and go. I charge every other day when i am in the shower. Unlike the original charger, this one is easy to find. That’s why i brought this kind rather than the inline cord kind. I gave a co-worker one as well and she loves it too. I know my watch band looks grungy in the photo.

This is a very handy charging stand. It worked out nicely that i charged the device up once over night, since then i’ve just had to charge it while i’m in the shower. The watch pops right on, easy peasey.

It’s made better than expected, it actually has some weight to it, not just cheap plastic. I love not having to try & get my fitbit turned the right way & make sure the contacts are making good contact in the one that came with it. And i like that this one holds it up off the table & looks nice doing it. You just place it over it and press it down onto the contacts. And i love that you can press the button to check the battery status. It’s recommended this to anyone. Came so carefully packaged and what a great price.

The product was easy to use. Only reason i gave it 4 stars was that sometimes the fitbit doesn’t connect. I think it has been charging and it hasn’t. I had that issue with the original charger which is why i bought this one. I like that i can just push a button to see charging status.

It came within 2 days and all i had to do was plug it into a usb charger and put my fitbit on itit does take a little finagling to make sure the fitbit is sitting correctly, but it actually comes with 2 connection prongs so that depending on your watch band you can sit your fitbit on it and connect from either direction.

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I like this charger because it has a three foot cord so i can plug it into a shared power strip and set it on my bedside table. But i only rated it medium because it is a little tricky to make good contact and be sure that my device is actually charging. On one attempt i checked it after about an hour and it was only half charged and the display was solid white instead of the scrolling black lines that it shows when it is actively charging.

You do have to fiddle with it a bit to make sure it is actually charging but overall i like it.

I like these item but the reason i give it only 3 stars is you have to make sure that it is charging even when you put it on it will show that it is charging but to come later to find that it is not so i put it on wait a minute and recheck it would be better if it clicked in better. It is a great idea for charging but it still needs some work.

I would and i would recommend others to buy this. Just plug it in to the back of the stand and the other end into a usb port then put your fitbit charge 2 on top so that it fits right in to the charger and to turn it on just push the button down below and it is ready to go.

I bought this because my wife has something similar for her apple watch. She puts the watch on the stand at night and in the morning it’s ready to go. I thought this would be the same thing but noooo. It says you shouldn’t leave the watch on it for more than 2 hours. I can only put my watch on it when i know i’ll be there 2 hours later?.

Before i would often forget the device because i couldn’t see it on my black desk. This elevates it enough to be seen and rememebered.

I find this very useful to charge my fit-bit on my work desk. It keeps it above the pens, papers, mouse, etc. And being able to check the charge status with the push of a button is convenient. Good design, keeps contact with the fit-bit and charges quickly.

I like that it does not crack the face of the watch, unlike the charger that came with it. I do not like that it is difficult to get the watch to connect to charge. Many times i’ve put my watch on the charger, it shows that it’s charging, then i go to put it on the next morning and it did not charge at all.

Great way to charge the new fitbit.

This makes charing my fitbit much easier and the button on the bottom let’s you check the progress of the charge.

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