Awesome tool to drink more water got the pink and yellow app is also great.

No issues so far and i hope it will keep performing same way. Technically it is doing what you think it should but at a personal level. I have to get a habit of not ignoring the reminders.

So, my dietitian has been bugging me to stop drinking diet soda. I’m still not entirely convinced by the research but it was as good an excuse as any for a new toy. I’ve had it for just over a week and am very impressed. I don’t like plastic water bottles. This is a very nice glass bottle. It’s not designed to work in cup holders which is a small annoyance. I don’t drive very much but, when i do, it’s usually long distances. The directions say you can also use other bottles of an appropriate size and weight. The app has worked perfectly. The sensor has worked perfectly.

My absolute favorite purchase on amazon yet. I’ve tried another brand of water tracking bottles that was a complete fail. I’ve been using this one for a month now & love, love, love it. I travel with it, i keep it on my desk, i take it everywhere. It works perfectly & has tremendously helped me increase my daily water intake. The bottle is glass, which is so much better than plastic & it syncs perfectly to my iphone.

I take this everywhere with me. The bottle has a very natural feel to it and the rubber makes it very easy to grip. If i did not have this bottle i would never be able to keep good track of my water intake.

I love this bottle after having weight lose surgery you have to drink a certain amount of water i thought i was keeping track of it right, but when my husband bought this for me and i started using it i found that i wasn’t drinking as much as i thought.

Got it for my wife, she loves it.

For the gadget geek with dehydration obsession.

  • The only smart water bottle (out of 4) I’ve liked
  • I love this. It works great and has totally gotten
  • This bottle works fantastically for sleeping in bed with the bottle on it’s side

H2OPal Smart Water Bottle Hydration Tracker

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • H2OPal is a smart water bottle that automatically tracks your hydration and sends smart reminders
  • Auto-adjusts your goals based on activity, weather, and profile (height, sex, etc.) information.
  • Premium glass bottle to best preserve fresh taste of water. Don’t use with carbonated water/drinks.
  • Optimized for home & office use. Doesn’t fit in car cupholders. Not ideal for biking or hiking.
  • Works with iPhone. (WARNING: Android app in early beta. Does NOT work on most Android phones.)
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This is great to keep you on track for your water intake. I try and try to drink enough water daily but let’s be real we all know we don’t drink enough. I have kidney problems so it’s important for me to flush out my kidneys daily. I haven’t had any issues with the battery, measurements or any technical issues.

After reading all the reviews i could on smart water bottles, i purchased these:h2opal: i like it. I’ve been using it for 3-4 months now as my primary bottle. You can even put a different (larger) bottle in it if you want. Note: the android app is in beta. The iphone app works well, but for 1 or 2 annoying limitations (you have to go to bed by 11pm or else i’m not sure how it measures). 5 stars, but since it’s the _only_ bottle i’ve liked, i’m bumping it to 5 stars. Myhydrate: great for $40, but the chiming got annoying. I used it for 2 days, then tossed it. Hydracoach: one of the first on the market — i bought it 7-8 years ago.

Let’s face it, it’s pretty cool to have a bottle track your water consumption as you drink and not after you’ve finished the whole bottle as some do. The software needs some work though. It shows the bottle still has water even when it’s empty. I have to close and open the app to get it to update sometimes, or leave the app open. There are long delays in getting help from the support staff. In short, i feel like the product is still in development. I like the concept but the execution is not where it needs to be to warrant a true 4 or 5 stars yet.

It works great and has totally gotten me to start drinking water. I used to go all day with maybe a glass of water. Now its a challenge to meet my daily goal. I love how it connects with your activity tracker and looks up the weather to give you a smart suggestion for how much water you actually need that day.

This bottle is expensive, but it has really helped me drink a lot more water and really stay motivated to stay on track. I’ve been using it for about a month now and have exceeded my water intake goal every day. Please consider lowering the price so your customers can purchase more than one. I’d like another one to keep at my office.

I’ve had 0 issues with it. Tracks my water intake perfectly. I think it’s a 5/5 bottle, 4/5 app. Ability to post date water intake. Sometimes i forget to manual add water to the day before it “locks out” that day. Latest that your day can “end” to reset is 2300hrs.

I’m not sure yet as i haven’t had the opportunity to try it. . So far they are only allowing apple users to take advantage of their product, but sometime the first of this year they are going to put out an android app and i will definitely give you a review at that time.

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After a while you get interested in the app, maybe because i am not athletic person.

This is buy far the best water tracker i have ever used. I have tried two other and they stopped working within a month. Great buy, worth every penny.

I sleep with a water bottle in bed with me, or leaning at a diagonal on the pillow. No water bottle exactly explains how they deal with this situation, but here’s how this one does – and it does great:when you take a drink and set the bottle down sideways, and the sensor doesn’t take a measurement (this is ok). Take more drinks and lay the bottle sideways, and the sensor waits again (again this is ok). When you finally run out of water, or you get up for the day, just set the bottle on a flat hard surface for 5 seconds. Then the sensor will tally all the water you drank. And log it as one big drink in the app. If you want precise by-the-drink tracking at night, you can just set it on the table or floor beside your bed between drinks. Because it is a weight-sensing-scale, physics dictates that it must be vertical on a flat firm surface for it to be able to do it’s measurement accurately. Also the drink level sensor can be moved to another water bottle.It’s just a weighing scale like your kitchen or bathroom scale, and it’s located in a rubber cub on the bottom of the bottle.

I know it’s expensive but personally i need the gimmicks to get into a good habit. I drink my 60+ oz a day and feel sooo much better. No more headaches, more energy. I know i could accomplish that with a plastic cup but i like to look on my phone to see how much i’m drinking and trying to beat the goal. I don’t like the screw top but when i’m home i just put one of the big slurpy straws in so it’s easier to drink.

The bottle itself is durable and the shape is nice. The way it tracks how much water you drink is awesome. The app that goes with it is wonderful and reminds me when i should drink / how far from my daily goal i am. As dorky as it sounds, it makes drinking water kind of fun lolalso: the customer service is great.

Excellent option for tracking proper hydration for any individual–including performance athletes or just people with active/busy lifestyles.

My tracker did not work in the beginning. However, after troubleshooting based on the included directions all was well. Then after about a month of using it with no problems, i went out of town and left my bottle at home. When i returned, the bottle was not working. I changed the battery, turned it upside down to reset, reset the app. I tried just about everything. I went to the h2o pall website and requested assistance and expressed my concerns. The team went out of their way to make sure i was a pleased customer and i was sent a new bottle.

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Love the multiple integrations with other health applications. Hot tip – i f you want to further trend your data- the interface with fitbit allows you to extract data so you can trend your progress and identify key areas for improvement. In addition the scale can be applied to other water vessels , such as my personal favorite- the yettie. Mine broke and they were quick to communicate and immediately replaced my broken devise. So not only are you getting an awesome product- the customer service and company integrity are a model for what other businesses should strive to achieve.

I have trouble in the winter drink water and staying on track. This water bottle helps me do that. The reminders are customizable and so is the amount of water. My only complaint is that it doesn’t fit in the cup holder of the chevy, but it does fit in the dodge.

At first i was depending on bottles, but i switched to drinking from it. Very useful and i use it daily.

I’m still trying to get used to the ‘syncing’ part with the app. That would be the down fall to the bottle and app together. But overall, i’m happy with my purchase.

I’ve only had it for a few days, but it is making it super easy for me to get my water intake for the day. You initially pair the bottle with your phone, and after that you just drink water normally – no need to mess with buttons or recalibrations or anything. It is basically just a bottle with an attached scale on the bottom — every time you set the bottle down, the weight is tracked and synched. It then knows how much water you just drank or if you have refilled the bottle. I like that there is a “pacer” in the app to tell you if your intake is on track throughout the day. Honestly i don’t think it could get any easier to track water intake.

I am a gadget junkie anyway. I love how it keeps track of how much water i’m drinking.

Makes me want to drink water all day at my desk. Definitely encourages me to skip the soda and have some h2o.