I love my new fitness tracker. It even tells me when i need to get up and move. I really got it so i could track my daily steps but it has so many features and was easy to sync to my phone. I am going to buy another one for my mom.

I bought this for my kid and i’m very happy with this fitness tracker, the quality is good and it doesn’t feel cheap at all, and the price is very good. The screen is big and colorful, i think i will buy one for myself too.

I owned 2 other fitness trackers and i lost the first and gave away the second because clasp design was flawed. This one is a standard watch style clasp that won’t come loose. It has every feature that the more expensive ones have.

This fit bit is amazing it reminds you to get up and be active it monitors your heart and the step counter is really accurate.

Considering how much fit bits are, i believe it is pretty good. I am not sure how accurate everything is but i do like the watch factor and receiving notifications from phone. Battery was low to start but charged up and has ran all day with still a full battery. The app was easy to install (iphone) and has worked without crashing. I have received every call and text notification. Sometimes it is easier to look at your watch while working with your hands than your phone so you can determine whether or not to stop what you are doing.

I was searching for a basic fitness tracker basically for step and calorie counting. This tracker highly exceeds my expectations. The display was very bright and clear. It’s very easy to sync with my android. The app records statistical data for reference. I have never owned a fitbit and thanks to this little baby. It shows incoming calls and texts. The only thing i didnt like about the tracker is trying to charge it.

The battery has a short lifespan between charging. I mainly use it for a watch.

I’ve been wearing this tracker for 2 days now. Likes: easy to read display, great display quality, i love all the different things i can keep track of, all my blood pressure and heart rate readings have been pretty on point. Dislikes: i will only sync the log from my current day, if you didn’t sync up a past day, it’s lost. It’s somewhat bulky for me, i don’t like that it flips back to military time really easy, i wish it had a stop watch setting, it can only charge plugged into my computer, not just any usb charging port. The apps has a lot of glitches.

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I love this fitness tracker. It was easy to setup and all features work but battery drains quickly. Drops from 100 to 50% in 3 to 4 hours. And blood pressure is way off. I was 140/90 in doc’s office and tracker said 116/89. Otherwise, it works better than i expected but will be buying a different one due to bad battery.

Purchased for my 10 year old son and he loved it. You can switch time to standard or military time which i love. You can set to find the device in the app. The charge last for 2-3 days and it charges really quickly. I don’t like that it vibrates when you plug into charge because it vibrates right out if the port. I also found you have to sync the device to your phone frequently otherwise the time will be off. It also looks like a fitbit.

This tracker is great for counting your steps. It does not display the heart rate or blood pressure on the watch but does in the app. The biggest downfall is the battery doesn’t last all day. I’m very disappointed that it doesn’t at least last 24 hours. I put the watch on at about 5 in the morning and by 5 in the evening it needs to be charged.

 my review:this smart band fitness tracker is light weight at 25g and comes with a heart rate sensor, bluetooth, pedometer, blood pressure monitor, interfaces to monitor steps, distance, calorie, heart rate, clock and alarm. In addition to the ability to select notification of incoming calls. It has a convenient charging interface-usbsimply pull off the wrist bands from the hub and plug the usb portion into a laptop, usb phone charger socket, usb hub or any devise with a usb port. I just snapped off the bands and plugged the usb potion with gold streaks into my laptop. The tracker i had before was not this easy. Fitness goals setting made easyonce i installed the yoho band 2 app from my play store, i personalized it. My profile includes the ability to set my activity goal, such as number of steps taken per day, sleep goals and weight. It gives a report of calories burnt, distance walked and shows if i missed or achieved my daily goal targets. Wrist bandsecures with a standard rubber watch like band that is flexible and durable.

I’ve never owned a fitness tracker and wanted to try an inexpensive one first. It has a nice sleek look and the perfect size for a women’s wrist. It took a moment to figure out the instructions since the enclosed instructions are extremely tiny and not written very well. You must first pull the bands from the watch to charge the face of the watch through an usb port on your computer. Mine did not come charged and it took about 2 hours to charge completely. You have to sync your watch to a fitness app in order for the time to set. I used yoho sports, which was recommended in the instructions. So far it does everything the description states that it will do. For your text and social media you can only read the notifications, you can’t respond from your watch.

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Dont bother it wont hold a charge for very long if i can get 10 hrs charge put of it that’s good and thats running nothing but time and if you are not use to military time dont cant change not worth tour time.

Will update the review once it’s been used for a while.

Very nice, easy to use fitness tracker. Easy usb charging, it connected immediately to my phone after i downloaded the app. Many power features, aside from step tracking, it also monitors your sleep patterns, can take your blood pressure, heart rate, as well as give you time with day and date as well. Small, slender and comfortable, i’ve been wearing it all day and night, barely know it’s there.You can also turn on and off, all the other features, such as reminders to get up and become active, notifications of phone calls, sms, and many other features tied to your smartphone. I only wish i had purchased one of these sooner.

Color display is bright and vibrant. Actually measures blood pressure, but not sure how accurately. Pairs with iphone using yoho sports app. Notifies of calls, texts, etc. Instructions are tiny and difficult to read but set up is smooth. Only disappointment is battery life is only about 2 days before needing a recharge.

Very informative for the price. Easy to sync with android phone. The instruction manual was printed a little small but there were numerous youtube videos that helped with the setup process. Needs charging nightly instead of every 2-3 days.

I like the way it fits, very comfortable to wear get lots of attention from people asking if it’s a fit bit and they get so surprised when i tell them it’s not and get even more surprised when i tell them how much i payed for it. Now with the dislikes which are not many it’s mainly the heart sensor, not sure if it’s just my unit but it sometimes does not read my heart rate accurately it gives me a lower read between 10 and 20 bpm lower than other readers, also the step tracker with the work that i do which requires me to move my hands around a lot, it just doesnt know the difference beta step and my shaking my hand. Again not sure if it’s just my unit but besides that great tracker.

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Reviews from purchasers :

  • Money well spent!
  • Affordable and works well
  • High quality Fitness Tracker and health monitor, at an affordable price!

I’ve been wearing it for almost one week, and here are the pros i have found so far: light weight, very comfortable to wear; good battery life; accurate step and heart beat counting; multiple additional functions, including alarm, sns , photo taking, etc. This product is absolutely non-beatable considering the price and the quality.

I bought this because it was a reasonable price and i wasn’t ready to commit to a fitness bracelet just yet- this thing is great and beat expectations. Sleek and not too big on my wrist, well designed app, and seems accurate with steps taken and heart rate.

The design is cool and so are the displayed characters; it looks good on your wrist, fits well and has several functions. These might be basic compared to other similar gadgets, but they were just what i needed. Honestly, i was not expecting a great thing but out of the box it looked fine. My main troubles have been with: (1) needing to charge it on a daily basis -which to me is kind of disappointing; and (2) having sync issues with my phone -maybe it’s my phone.

Works great, love the color screen, battery last for a long time between charges surprisingly. Overall great product for reasonable price.

Works better than i expected. I especially love the features (mmhg, bpm, kcal). I usually wear it 2 days before recharging. The app synced and works great but you do not have to use the app.

Not nearly as pricey as a fitbit, but this fitness tracker works just fine. Easy to set up and link with my iphone.

Syncs to my phone in it’s app. Haves so many cool features for the awesome price.

I bought this basic tracker for my junior high age son. It gives him simple data on his activity which he enjoys and he can easily pair it with his phone. For the price, i may purchase another one for myself. He had no issues getting it apart to charge and has no trouble with the band (he’s small in the arms).

The smart band is light and comfortable to wear. The graphics are bright and easy to read. It paired with my android after loading the yoho sports app. All functions seemed to work fine. The print in the directions is quite small but sufficient to get you going.

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