It perfectly fits with the pokemon go go-tcha bracelet. These are a slightly larger size so they are perfect for me.

These bands are the best replacement for the pokemon go+ accessory. They can be used to connect to the pokemon go+ using either back. The ones from the other reviewers use the clip back. I decided to cut the factory wrist band and use that back. Because of this you have a much lower profile. Time will tell if the bands hold up to being stretched.

I really like that they were so inexpensive with lots of great colors.

They are perfect for the pokemon go plus, thats the only reason i bought this idk how it would work with the misfit shine, by the way it came with a weird looking piece of plastic im not sure what it is for but is there lol.

This review is for thehellosyreplacement band for misfit shine -10pcs sport wristband replacement/wrist strap fitness band/ wireless activity bracelet with clasp+a free giftperfect fit. These are very nicely made and are much stronger than the original band that came with the misfit. The metal clasp is perfect and it does not seem to be made of nickel. Great price for these and a quality product.

Works great with the pokemon go+ accessory.

Purchased for the swarovski misfit shine. Initially i was very pleased with the bands. The tracker fit perfectly and the colors are beautiful. I even made a watch box to hold them. But i nearly lost my tracker today because the green band broke my first time wearing it. Luckily the crystal got caught up in my sleeve. Now i’m worried about wearing the others.

This does work for the swarovski activity crystal. Please note that the papers that come with the crystal actually call it the activity shine. Almost better than the band that came with it. Needed more variety than the white and sparkly bracelet it came with. Great color selection and awesome price for quantity you get. So far, this was a great buy.

  • Works perfectly with Activity Crystal
  • Perfect for the Pokemon Go Plus!!
  • Perfect as Pokemon Go bands! A must have!

hellosy Replacement Band for Misfit Shine Only -10pcs Sport Wristband Replacement/Wrist Strap Fitness Band/Wireless Activity Bracelet with Clasp

  • Make sure this fits
    by entering your model number.
  • ✅Includes 10pc Wristband Replacement/Wrist Strap Band With Clasp for Misfit Shine Only /No tracker.
  • ✅For Misfit Shine Wristband replacement Only! Not for other models.
  • ✅Full use of body safe TPU made, you can rest assured wear.Water-resistant so you don’t have to worry if you wear it in the shower or are caught in the rain.Fitted wristband in fun colors.
  • ✅Easy-to-wear, Slim, Comfortable Wristband match your daily style, Perfect fit for your Misfit Shine activity tracker and comfortable wearing experience.Create the perfect Replacement Band for any occasion with accessory bands from our Classic or Luxe collections.
  • ✅Package Contents: 10pc Wristband Replacement/Wrist Strap Band With Clasp for Misfit Shine Only ( No tracker )+10*Metal Buckle.We pride ourselves on responsive and quick solutions to any issues that may arise with hellosy products. Your 100% satisfaction is what drives us to be the best, we guarantee it! (^_^)
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Perfect replacement bands for pokemon go plus. Much better than the fabric bands that come with it.

First one broke within 3 weeks. I’ve been more careful with the second one. It has lasted me well over a month. Fortunately, i got the ten pack, and these were really inexpensive.

I have the swarovski crystal and it fits great in these. My original band broke and misfit doesn’t offer replacements at this time. Don’t forget to swap out your small crystal from your old band and put it in one of your new ones. I had a black crystal clasp and it fit perfectly in my new black band.

The fit is great but the colors are a little bright. I would like to have a better color selection, such as a brown or muted yellow. It is fun to change the hands and not have the same one every day.

Using these for pokemon go plus. I have a teeny tiny wrist and the band that came with it is just too big. These also feel more sturdy than the original. Big plus is all the colors too.(although my daughter stole about 1/2 of them :d ).

. And no idea what the little standy-uppy thing that comes with them is supposed to be, but these are indeed perfect replacement straps for the pokemon go plus — secure, colorful, easy to use.

I had concerns initially, because i thought it would be easier for the tracker to fall out of this band, but it hasn’t so far, and i’m not gentle at all with this thing. The bands are nice and long, so if you’re like me and have a bigger wrist, it’ll probably still fit. I really like being able to coordinate the tracker band with specific outfits, and the bands don’t get grimy like i expected other rubber arm bands to do. Most importantly, the band itself doesn’t catch my hair. The part where you install a small metal part that holds the bands together will occasionally yank out a hair if i’m wearing it while i put my hair up, but the band itself doesn’t grab, which is a problem i’ve had with other arm bands. All in all, it’s a good product for a good price, and does exactly what i wanted it to do.

Bought this ‘family pack’ for the 3 pokemon go plus users in our family.

I use these for my pokemon go plus and it works really well. Use the clip part of the go plus and just clip it on the circle on both sides.

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Nice color assortment and easy to change the look of your misfit to go with your outfit.

Got these for my pokemon go plus.

Worked perfectly as alternate straps for a pokemon go plus. I’ve been wearing it daily for months and though the white strap has gotten a little dirty (no surprise there), the rubber is still going strong.

I have a swarovski activity crystal and wanted extra bands. These fit my crystal perfectly; i am very happy with this purchase.

I bought these for the pokemon go plus and it works perfectly. I know this isn’t design for that but it gets the job done. What i like best about this you can slip the plus on amd off very easily.

Used it for my pokémon go plus. More importantly it stays on my wrist and doesn’t come undone like the one the plus came with. I also used it to attach to the driving wheel in the car. I can feel it vibrate and it’s much less distracting to use it this way in the car.

These bands are stronger than the ones that come with the misfit. Not once has my misfit shine fallen out of one of these bands ever when wearing in the pool.

 this works perfect for the pokémon go plus. I know it’s not what it’s meant for, but it’s incredible.

Works great for pokemon go+. Much more comfortable than the stock band. You put the clip back on the go+ and slip it into this so the loop goes around the clip, and you’re good to go. I was worried about the clip being uncomfortable on my wrist, but i simply don’t notice it at all. These are great because you can simply pop the go+ out if you want to use it as a clip, without needing a screwdriver to change backs on it. I do not have a misfit shine, so i have no idea how well this works for that.

I wore the purple one to bed and when i awoke, the band was broken at the thin area around the crystal, and it was in my bed. I went back to my original band and will only wear these when i want a color match, and i will be very careful to check that i still have my crystal.

These bands are perfect as a replacement for the pokemon go plus watches (all you need is the clip portion that came with the box), it fits in the small hole perfectly. I will defiantly recommend this to all of my friends that have a go plus.

Fits both the official pokemon go plus and the unofficial datel go-tcha. High quality material, definitely recommended.

These bands work as a perfect comfortable replacement for the pokemon go plus wristband and it doesn’t slid off at all. The bands are super flexible, light, and comfortable. It is very easy to switch between bands if you want to change what color you’re wearing for the day. They even fit very small wrists (mine is 6′). Definitely worth the purchase.

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I am in agreement with the other reviewers. This is a great package deal. The bands do seem to be much sturdier than the original but just as comfortable. I was concerned about the button as it is made of metal and i have an intense nickel allergy – i can tell within twenty minutes if there is nickel in a product even if there is some kind of overlay. I have been wearing the new band for six days now and have not had any reaction.

Work as well as the original for my swarovski crystal misfit. Love having a bunch of different colors to fit my mood.

Use for misfit swarovski crystal. Love being able to change out bands. Compared to original band and they are the same.

My misfit band broke when i was overseas in asia. I couldn’t stand using the little magnet piece and clipping it on my bra and still worrying about losing my misfit, so i finally broke down and found this great deal for 10 different colorful bands. It’s great because my 6 and 9 year olds have misfits as well. As soon as we received these bands, i can tell they are made of better quality than the original band. It feels sturdier and thicker than the original. Now i don’t worry about losing our misfits. My girls also like to color coordinate with their daily outfits. I originally was going to buy only one band but i am so glad i purchased these. Shipping was fast and products are really great.

I decided to try these as a replacement for my broken misfit shine band, and so far so good. They are a fraction of the price and work just as well. They hold my misfit securely, and i love the assortment of colors.

If you have a pokemon go plus and hate the band it comes with, this is a wonderful alternative that allows many color choices to suit your mood or personality. I cannot say whether this is good for what it’s advertised as, but it’s a pleasant surprise for my pokemon go plus. Simply screw the clip accessory back onto your pokemon go plus and put it through the hole of the band. It stays in places and doesn’t slide around. There is also no loose hanging slack that the pokemon go plus band had. My wrist band that came with my plus also broke and i’m very happy i found this alternative. I’d highly recommend this to anyone who has a pokemon go plus.