I absolutly love these interchangeable bands. I’ve been able to color coordinate my fitbit alta hr daily with my outfit choice. The bands fit my fitbit perfectly, but the clasp has loosened occassionlly, not to the point of it falling off my wrist, yet. This was a good purchase choice.

I just purchased a fitbit alta hr to replace my old charge hr. The color bands were here before the alta hr. When the hr arrived, i set it up and almost immediately changed to one of the new henoda bands. The quality of the band appears to be as good as the band that was on the alta hr from fitbit. They change very easily and i have already enjoyed some of the new colors. I highly recommend this colorful addition.

I was very excited for this item and it looks/works great. The only issue is that my skin did react to whatever material was used to make the band and i had to stop wearing it. If you have sensitive skin i would not suggest purchasing this item.

The colors are never quite as i imagine them from looking at the photos but still pleased with the variety choices. Ive been wearing my last band for about 6 months and it’s still just like new. (minus the fact that it’s dirty. ****update**** metal allergyafter wearing these bands i have developed a sensitivity to the small section of metal that connects the band to the fitbit. I am guessing it is nickel or small amount of cheap metal as i have an allergy to that. This was easily solved by painting a few coats of clear nail polish on the metal peices. Still a great buy but there should be a metal allergy warning in the description.

I read the ‘bad’ reviews before i purchased this but i have had none of the problems with this product a few others found. I like the clasp much better than the original which came undone easily. Although i wear the black much of the time, i like having the change-up of colors. I printed out a size measurement tool that i found on the internet. My wrist circumference is about 61/4′ but with the tool, i seemed to come just barely into the ‘small’ range. Therefore, unfortunately, i ordered a large package. It is too big, however, if i put it on the last notch it is ‘ok’ because i like that i can slide it up my arm when i wash my hands etc. And don’t have to take it off. If i had it to do over though, i would order the small. My original band was a small and fit perfectly; i just thought this product might measure differently.

I change bands for my fitbit depending on what i am wearing. I really like the look of this band, and it is easy to put on the fitbit, but it is a little difficult to remove. I am glad that it fits tight enough that i don’t have to fear losing it, but i have scraped my thumb on more than one occasion removing it. I have not had that problem with my other bands. Other than that i am satisfied with my purchase.

These watch bands are perfect. I have a small wrist and the small fits me just like the original band fits on my fitbit alta hr, plus they look and feel like the original. Like that these come in small or large. Some are one size so they are too big.

My fitbit alta band broke, and i needed a quick replacement. I ordered these and love them. They have a buckle tie instead of the (for me) difficult ‘peg fastener’ of the original. They are durable and great colors.

  • Adds color to compliment your outfit.
  • Great value!
  • LOVE LOVE the quality of these things

Henoda Compatible with Fitbit Alta/Fitbit Alta HR Bands, Soft Replacement Band Adjustable Sport Strap Compatible for Fitbit Alta/Fitbit Alta HR/Fitbit Ace Fitness Wristbands for Women Men Kids

  • High Quality TPU Material:ade of flexible, durable TPU material, DO NOT contain the harmful substance, Easy to Clean & No need to worry about Fading. Lightweight and comfortable, brings comfortable experience when you exercise, sleep and beyond.
  • Multiple Choice : There are different popular colors available for alta hr wristbands, such as black, gray, blue, pink ,brown, etc. Two patterns ( Classic and Elegant ) are as same as the patterns of original bands. Buy multiple and change daily to compliment your entire wardrobe. Dress up alta and highlight your unique taste
  • Wrist Size : Two sizes designed for most of people, no matter teenagers, men, women or the aged, for wrists size 5.5″ – 6.7″ (Small) and 6.7″”-8.1¡± (Large). Precise multiple alternative holes allow you adjust the suitable size, very comfortable touch feeling on your wrist.
  • Valued Pack : Contrasted with the original band, you can save much to purchase our alta hr band without any coupon. You will get the 30-day-money-back guarantee and 12-month-quality guarantee so as to provide you a wonderful shopping experience. So if you have any problem, please contact us without hesitation.
  • Notice: Please DO NOT wear this band for long time in high temperature places. It is recommended to put it in the ventilated place after you exercise sweat. This Fitbit Alta HR Bands is sold exclusively by Henoda and fulfilled by Amazon.
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This is a good, inexpensive alternative to the really expensive fitbit bands. The black goes well with my black fitbit, though the brown is a bit too brown. My only complaint is that the paint on the buckle is chipping a bit and i’ve only had it a couple of months. Better not to paint it or just have darker steel, but still, it works well, easy to get on and off the fitbit.

Good variety of colors and the clasps are better than the metal push clasps on others we’ve bought that broke my wife’s wrist out. These do no bother her and are perfect.

Looks like the original band that my alta hr came with. The color choice is good, however i would’ve liked to have a red band in the mix. I’ve tried several of the different colors & they all interchange with ease so the quality appears to be top notch. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for replacement bands for any reason. They are quite reasonably priced too.

I like the colors it fits perfect to my fitbit alta. About the quality they look as good as the original band. I don’t know yet but since the fitbit is subject to sweat, super hard conditions sometimes under a blazing sun and also to constant cleaning; i guess this is not supposed to last a lifetime, actually this is why i am replacing the original band. So i think this is a good buy. Only regret not buying the whole set of 10.

Colors are accurate to what was displayed on the screen. Looks just like the band that came with the fitbit alta hr. Not quite as easy to put on and take off the fitbit, but that wouldn’t stop me from buying the product again, if there was another series of colors i liked. The bands are actually easier to adjust/open and close at the buckle, and the little loop that hold the excess strap moves more easily than the one that came with the fitbit.

Item arrived exactly as described and fits easily onto my fitbit. Comfortaable fit, but i bought large and it is much larger than the leather band i purchased previously. Still works but just have to use all holes for snug fit so quite a bit of band left hanging and only one loop to hold it vs two loops on old leather band.

It is so nice to have these bands compared to the fitbit band that have prongs not buckles. Finally i don’t have to worry about losing my fitbit. These bands attach securely and the buckle holds and does not pop off or let go. The colors in the pack are pretty and i now have grey and brown which i didn’t have before.

Looks exactly like my original fit bit band. Material felt a little more stiff at first from my fit bit one, but same as far as comfort. Unfortunately, it still picks up stains from clothing like my original fit bit band did. I forgot & wore a navy jacket with it and it rubbed off onto the band. I just need to remember to put on a darker band when i wear darker colors. The color was an exact match to my fitbit one.

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My original fitbit band broke so i ordered these. I love most of the colors (the tan/brown and white ones just don’t do anything for me). They fit great and i like the clasp better than the original. Good price for the number of bands received.

I’m a week in with these new bands and am happy to report that they’re working out well. The colors are vibrant and the clasp has held. The quality seems the same as the original fitbit and are wearing well. I have a fairly active lifestyle and these bands seem to be doing a great job at looking good and keeping me from losing my fitbit. I’ll be sure to update if anything changes.

These are good quality for a good price, however they aren’t exactly as shown. The ones i received don’t have metal buckles, as shown in the pictures and stated in the description – the buckles are sturdy plastic. I think this makes them a little cheaper looking than the original band my fitbit alta hr came with. Also, i was disappointed in some color differences: the brown is lighter than shown, the orange is darker/brighter (not the peachy-coral that is pictured) and the one that looks lavender is really more pale pinkish-mauve. Overall, a good purchase, and they work very well, just be aware they are not exactly as shown.

These are a little harder than the original band to attach to the fitbit, but they stay in place like they should. I’ve only had them a short time, but hopefully they hold up well. I will update my review accordingly.

Save yourself some potential heartache and don’t bother with the cheapos. They need to have a good bucklein the past i’ve purchased bands for my fitbit alta hr, and several of them wouldn’t attach to the unit and were trash. The ones i used had o buckle but little nodules that fit into holes. I’ll never use that type again, as something failed and i lost my fitbit. (purchased another/)these, however, are sturdy and perfect.

I spent some time searching for the perfect bands, great color selection and based on the other reviews decided on these. They are almost identical to the band that came with my alta hr and i love the fact that the buckle matches the band, one color. The color selection is great, and quality is good.

It is a little bit softer than the factory one but very comfortable to wear. The price with three different color, can’t complain. I purchase this because my original one is broken.

I was skeptical at first but i love this band. It’s very sturdy and doesn’t look cheap. It looks just like the brand name fitbit bands and clips onto th alta band very well. It fits true to size and the grey is true to color too. Very very happy and will be buying other colors.

These have no metal, only plastic clasps, which i love because i’m allergic to nickel. It seems a lot of other products have nickel in them. The bands fit perfectly on my fitbit alta and i love the wide array of colors to choose from. Update:i’ve been wearing these daily, and although work ok, they seem to fall apart wayyy faster than the original fitbit bands. The price makes it worth buying the set, but be careful when you wear them. They tend to break at the connection point on the fitbit device face, and when that happens it can cause your device to fall off randomly without you realizing it.

My original band didn’t last 9 months. These are identical to my original only i now have ten for the price of one. I love being able to change colors with my outfits. I haven’t yet worn them all, but the ones i have tried work perfectly. I would definitely recommend them to another.

These bands add a lot of variety to my fitbit. I love the fact that i can change the band to match my outfit. I accidently bought the large rather than the small. It turned out that because of the slide on the band, i was able to tuck the band into it and i have a lot more room. I would definitely buy this product from this vendor again.

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Was a little skeptical of bands because have never bought replacement bands before and wasn’t sure if it would clash with wife’s gold alta. Well, i had nothing to worry about because bands are well made and she loves that she has options. The clasps are the same color as the bands so there isn’t a silver clasp to clash with gold alta which was one of her musts. Has only had about a week or so but so far i feel they are made well.

Love love the quality of these things. Fits my fitbit like a glove. They don’t do that weird color transfer thing like some of the cheaper bands do. I had a cheaper white one that had every color of every shirt i would wear along with dirt ground on it.

I’ve worn these bands in hot weather and cold weather, and they are comfortable in both. There is no smell to the bands. I was borderline on size, so went with the large size and it fits fine. It’s a little bigger than the original band. They snap on the fitbit easily, had no problems there. I wish i could have chosen my colors. I would have picked red instead of pink, and i probably will never wear the turquoise, purple, or orange. Actually a pkg of 5 colors would have been perfect.

I bought 2: matte black and misty rose. I love the sleek, clean design of the matte black band, especially the fact that it doesn’t have the texture. My wrist circumference is 6. The original fitbit band size i wore was small. However, after reading many reviews, i purchased the large size. When clasping it to the last notch, it will fit securely but a little too tightly at my wrist, making it difficult to bend. I personally like to clasp it at the 3rd from the last notch, so it will fit my wrist comfortably and can be moved under my wrist bone while i workout. I loved the misty rose color and wanted something similar to the rose gold leather band without paying the price. Unfortunately i returned the band because it didn’t sit properly in the socket and protruded.

I could not fasten the other type of fastener- i guess i just needed the regular watch band. Lots to choose from- that should make them more popular also.

Although there’s a choice of sizes, it looks like it’s only one adjustable size. It’s like a watch strap or belt with a buckle.

I can’t really tell the difference between this band and the original fitbit band except this one is slightly shorter than the original. However, there is not enough difference to be a problem unless you are right on the line between a small and large band. Nice selection of colors and plenty of bands in case one breaks as my original band did.

These are great and i’m experiencing less wear than the expensive replacement bands provided by the fitbit company. I’ve only experienced light color wear on the light purple band, otherwise these have been a great and cost-effective replacement.

I purchased these bands to “switch it up” from time to time with my fitbit alta hr and to also coordinate band colors with my outfits. They are quality bands, just like the one that comes with your fitbit and are so easy to change. The best part is the price you pay for the assortment of colors and the number of bands you get. I will be telling all my “fitbit friends” about these bands.

Nice looking band with no ridges (unlike the original fitbit bands). Color looks just like picture and true to size. It also comes with several ‘clasps’ (not sure what they’re called with the fitbit) that go over the band to secure it together.

These bands are a great bargain. I had a couple of small issues. I ordered a large because that is what my original fitbit band was. These bands were a little larger so i am using the second and and third holes closest to the fitbit which is fine but it leaves a lot of band i don’t need. Also, i have a bit of a problem attaching and detaching them.

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