It’s kinda hard to get the fitbit out of the band when trying to interchange between colors.

I got the black, dark blue, and turquoise bands, love them all.

Difficult to pop the fitbit out. Would be great if you don’t want to change the bands often. Also came with a bag of multicolored secure straps, which i thought was kinda neat.

Good replacement for fitbit flex bracelet.

I’m very happy with the quality of these bands. The colors are as they are shown here. Delivery was very quick also.

I really like the quality of these for the most part. My favorite band with the hearts fell apart pretty fast though.

Bands are smaller than the fitbit size small.

Fast shipping product as described.

Love the color options and price. Im really excited it also came with 3 metal clasps as well.

The replacement bands themselves are very nice, and i really appreciate that the metal pieces were included (one for each band). What i do not like is that the little pieces of plastic they sent to hold the end of the band down do not match the color of the bands. They’re also very cheap feeling compared to the bands. Otherwise, the bands are a great product.

Replacement bands are just as advertised.

The plastic is a bit stiff, but i am sure it will soften with use. Got the small size for my 7 year old and they fit her well.

One snapped within 3 times of taking it on and off. Loved that they came with the metal clasp instead of the dinky plastic. Overall you get what you pay for.

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Nice that you received 3 of them, but they break faster than the fitbit branded ones since the material isn’t as flexible.

I wish that fitbit had included the extra clasps. While i’ve never permanently lost my fitbit, i have knocked it off in the house, and i’ve also found other fitbits as well. It’s a design flaw that henoda has corrected. And, yes, i do need to replace the bands pretty regularly as well. If you love your fitbit flex as much as i love mine, you will want this product. I will say that the replacement bands don’t last as long as the ones supplied by fitbit. However, who cares when the replacements are this inexpensive. And the security clasps are a real lifesaver.

Works well for fitbit sensors, but the metal bit popped out easily for the first few days of wear.

But the band is not as flexible/comfortable as my original fit bit band.

Henoda Fitbit Flex Bands Small for Women, 3PCS Replacement Wristband Accessory for Fitbit Flex Sport No Tracker : I’ve been wearing these replacement bands for about a week now. They fit just like the fitbit brand band. I did have to use my metal clasp from my orignal fitbit band. The three this set came with wouldn’t tightly secure. Other than that, these are perfect.

Low my new bands especially the pine with the white hearts.

Three bands were what i ordered. Fitbit fits just like with original bands.

Only complaint the lighter color gets dirty and looks gross.

The colors were accurate and they fit nicely.

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Clear plastic part doesn’t line up exactly with the lights on the fitbit, but it’s hardly noticeable. Main issue is the clasp is harder to close than the original.

When they say small must be for a small child. I have a small wrist and would not fit.

These are nice and bright and fit perfectly.

These were bought as a replacement for my daughters flex they are not cheap looking. We are both pleased with the quality.